Track a Phone Using Mobile Spying Apps

track a phone

Before purchasing or downloading a mobile spy app for free, you should know the criteria for selecting it. A cell phone location tracker is a great service to determine the location of your target phone. You may track a phone of your children or other close people all day long. It helps to find the lost phone via GPS location or photos taken from the camera.

How to Decide on the Best Android Mobile Monitoring Application?

It is time to see which apps are available for free and compare their features. Spy on your friends safely after choosing one of the possible apps. Several services (ability to track/locate target phone, store information, view text messages) were tested. Finally, customers worldwide have selected these phone trackers to help with their business and family.

This page includes information that proves the importance of tracking mobile phones of your close people.

Track a Phone of Other Android Owners without Leaving Home

  1. Highster

track a phoneIf you have a tablet/Android phone, you can start using a free/paid version of Highster Mobile. It is easy to get accurate GPS location in real time. You can see every step of the target users. It allows controlling mobile and online activities.

Tracker/spying tool from Highster developers does not require rooting a phone. You may either connect the smartphone to your personal computer or use its web browser to:

  • Get access to mobile camera
  • Lock the device remotely
  • Uninstall suspicious apps
  • See map, contacts, calendar
  • Monitor call logs
  • Track a phone location
  1. PhoneSheriff

track a phoneAnother great app for restricting your child’s phone. Parents might want to track GPS location in real time. This step will prevent kids from the dangers of surrounding world. Try demo version before purchasing PhoneSheriff.

Also, you can limit social network account access or online activity with the help of the software. People need these services:

  • Multi-device management
  • Back-up & store personal information remotely
  • Save contacts forever
  • GPS location tracking
  • See SMS and call activities
  • Apps control features
  1. The Truth Spy

track a phoneThe main goal of this app is to control kids through checking their online activities. Read social network messages to decide whether you want to limit Facebook access. Type in messages on your own to strangers. You may delete suspicious contacts to protect your children.

The features of the tracker are useful for:

  • Raising kids
  • Storing personal information
  • Controlling employees
  • Restricting hours spent on the internet

Track Phones of Other People to Keep Your Life Safe

  1. XNSPY

track a phoneA great alternative is XNSPY. It is a good way to monitor online accounts. To make sure that your kids do not use restricted keywords on the internet.

However, the app has its disadvantage – parents cannot set time limits on the target phone usage. Nevertheless, many people choose the software thanks to easy installation. Mobile activity shows up ASAP. XNSPY works fast on both Android and Apple devices.

  1. mSpy

track a phoneBeing one of the top spying apps, this solution will bate your curiosity. mSpy has united a number of useful features, such as:

  • Phone tracker
  • Call monitoring
  • Text messages/e-mails control
  • Access to media files (videos, photos, etc.)
  • Ability to see contacts
  • Stealth camera

No jailbreaking is required. Track a phone with the help of advanced GPS location easily!

  1. Mobile Spy

track a phoneDo you need to track somebody’s phone? It allows recording incoming/outgoing calls, monitoring WhatsApp/FaceBook messenger, sending/editing messages, etc. Each registered user gets 48 hours of free trial. Then you can buy a full version to have all services included.

The access to Mobile Spy services shows necessary information. You may open a file on the target device without letting the owner know. You can click on the message and read it.

Sometimes, it is not enough to track GPS location. Parents want to know what is going on with their children. This application allows listening to the surrounding. Keep in touch with your family and employees at any time of the day!

Using the app, you can add more features for your Android and Apple phones:

  • Monitoring online activities
  • Recording app usage
  • Using key logger
  • Controlling from home
  • Alerts + notifications (e.g. battery level)
  • Seeing contact history
  • Great support options

Spy on Your Victim without Letting Him Know

  1. Bosspy

track a phoneIf you need a free spying software for your Android device, Bosspy is a good alternative. Current GPS locations may help to find out whether your beloved one cheats on you. Using Bosspy account, you can get services that allow monitoring your business activities remotely.

Real-time data monitoring is not a single service. Bosspy works with all types of text messages. Read them if you wish to know the truth. Log the call details. You can delete the suspicious number from the contact list later.

Prevent dangerous internet activities by setting limits on specific websites from browser history. If you want to know what they are talking about on social networks, use the key logger.

  1. Spy Era

track a phoneSpy Era is a service that can replace a map. In real time, it is possible to see the location of the target phone. If you lose your device, the app helps to find it. Business people get paid version to monitor the activities of employees. The app is also showing when your partner cheats on you.

Mind that you can track a phone location if the user’s device is on. The mobile app is worth installing as it stores private business information within the company. Spy application works just as a good psychological service. Get personal information of your friends and kids who use Android, iOS, Symbian or Blackberry phones.

Find detailed information on phone trackers on this page. It is time to get control over your family, friends, and kids – pick your best spying app in Google Store or other mobile places!