Parental Control Apps for Android: 10 Best Offers

parental-controlsThe Internet is an amazing source of information, but often young people use it incorrectly. It is not that bad if your child uses its Android phone or tablet to cheat on the exam – at least it increases the chances to pass. It is far more dangerous when your kid gets involved in the suspicious talks with strangers on such intimate issues as sex, drugs, or suicide. A loving parent must use all existing approaches to protecting his children.

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Ten Most Popular Android Parental Monitoring Apps

The method discussed below involves working with parental control apps. They are compatible with most of the iOS and iPhone devices and with all Android phones and tablets. Most of the parental control software included in our Top-10 is very easy to set up and use. Receive an access to all apps, games, browser history, GPS location, phone calls, and more to find out whether your child needs help.


family time
Is one of the best and latest parental control solutions for your family. It allows managing two most crucial things: content and time across Android and other devices.
The basic functions of number one parental software include:

  • GPS location recognition & geofencing
  • Phone calls control
  • Application blocking
  • Tracking text messages of any kind

This is an effortless parental solution which every parent can understand and apply without any obstacles. No advanced knowledge is required. Set Homework Time Screen Log if you want your kid to study. Bed Time controls show when your child has gone to sleep. Screen time for parents is available for all phones and tablets that run this system.

Net Nanny

It’s just the same as hiring Marry Poppins to watch after your kids. First of all, the Nanny makes it possible to control internet browser and Google activity. Parental control designed for your kid’s safety bans every under 18 content.

Actually, you can ban even anime if your child is spending too much time watching cartoons on his preferred phone or tablet.

Jus $12.99 – and every parent will feel the power of extraordinary parental control software aimed to provide quick installation and intuitive interface. Perhaps, it only lacks geofencing.


With reliable parental control software by your side, you may not only spy after your child. E.g., popular Lock2Learn offers some educational programs as well. While restricting app usage, offer your child something instead: math or English related fun activity on his favorite Android phone or tablet. Block contacts or certain games if your kid still insists on having fun.

As for the parent, he may create several profiles based on various age groups. The price is quite funny: only $3, so it’s almost free.


Mobicip parental control software is a more or less expensive solution with a range of advanced features for $39.99. It’s basically focused on revealing all Google-related activities: from reporting internet browser history and search results to viewing e-mail messages.

Sure thing, users are able to watch Android commands and what apps were downloaded or purchased by your target phone or tablet. If you can get all pieces of the parental control app known as Mobicip in one puzzle, Android spy software will make the internet a cleaner place for your children. The mobile interface may seem a bit limited in contrast to the above spy apps.

Qustodio (Android version)

Right, if you decide to install Android parental control, then you’ll have to pay $44.95 annually. However, you can get another free, shorter version at Amazon. Apply all functions dedicated to your kid’s security: from Android phone call overhearing and blocking specific contacts to efficient app management and control of entire internet content.

Powerful social monitoring is included. Don’t forget about a panic button in extraordinary cases!


One more software created specifically for Android devices to deliver efficient parental control to every child and teen.

  • Strong cloud-based protection
  • Up-to-date functionality with new offers
  • Luxury client support
  • Acceptable prices for each parent

Of course, it allows blocking creepy phone or tablet apps, games, and websites from the browser history list that parent did not like. Time blocker set on your child’s Android device will enforce him to go to bed earlier or study harder. Finally, add a screen lock option.


Grab even more monitoring opportunities with one of the best Android solutions! Efficient supervision from Salfeld is aimed to serve Android and Windows parents. Basically, the software allows taking the best of the internet usage: sharpened mental agility and scholastic abilities.

Agree: it is better when your child accesses his favorite Android phone or tablet in order to get prepared for tomorrow classes instead of observing adult content or wasting time on games.

  • Simple in installation and further usage
  • Restricts personal computers and internet access
  • Sets time boundaries
  • Blocks unnecessary apps & games
  • Regular device report
  • Free updates for 2 years
  • No Subscription!

ESET Parental Software

eset parental control
With the given Android parental control solution, a parent will easily manipulate any internet web filters, set restrictions on time spent on the target Android phone or tablet, monitor every installed app and access to Google or Android store, track location as accurately as possible.

At the same time, there is no opportunity to explore log location history as well as follow social media profiles. But this parental control software for Android device comes at affordable price.

Web Watcher

web watcher
Why is it so important to have at least one parental control software installed on your Android phone or tablet? Free or paid, such solutions prevent your family from different dangers.
Web Watcher offers the next parental app features:

  • Entire browser history from A to Z
  • Distant view of the target mobile phone
  • All messages are on hand
  • Access to phone camera functions
  • Log of full phone calls history
  • Remote control over apps
  • Word notification alerts
  • Social media penetration

Mobile Spy

Did you know that almost 30% of 8-year-old children already use their personal Android phones or tablets? A caring parent definitely needs to control internet activity, phone communication, ban forbidden websites from Google, and do other things to save his child from various online threats, like online academic writing sites

One of the best parental controls developers are proud of the detailed activity log and possibility to have notifications activated when a suspicious number tries to call your kid or watch whether the target kid’s device is changing location.

Set-up process of this parental software is one of the easiest. Get your Mobile Spy now!

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