How to Hack a Gmail Account Without Any Software

How to Hack a Gmail Account Without Any Software

Are you dying to see the contents of your child’s or loved one’s Gmail? Well, don’t waste your time with fake tools and methods! Check out our article where we show you exactly how to hack a Gmail account with and without software!

How to Get Into Someone’s Gmail Without a Password?

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to hack a Gmail account without a password, then Spybubble is your best solution! Spybubble is a comprehensive tracking app that will record every detail of your target’s Gmail account including inbox, outbox, sent messages, deleted emails, and more! After installing Spybubble on your target’s device you can monitor their Gmail activity 100% remotely and save all of their emails!

How To Use Spybubble To Hack Someone’s Gmail Without a Password? 

Installing Spybubble is a super simple process that requires no technical skills whatsoever! After installing this top-rated tracking software you can sit back and relax as Spybubble will record all of your target’s Gmail activity which you view at any time from the Spybubble dashboard.

To Install Spybubble on Android, Follow These Steps:

  1. Open the Spybubble site and create an account
  2. Sign in and select “Get Started”
  3. Select Android
  4. Choose the specific model of Android device
  5. Disable PlayProtect on the target phone:

How to disable PlayProtect:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store
  • Tap the 3 icons next to the profile icon
  • Type in Play Protect
  • Select settings
  • Disable Scan apps with Play Protect
  1. Download and install the APK file
  2. Spybubble will start and you alter the settings
  3. Log in to your Spybubble account and navigate to the email section to view all Gmail activity

Please note that you need access to your target’s Android device to successfully install Spybubble but the whole installation process should only take 5 minutes. After you have installed the software you view everything your target is doing in Gmail remotely via Spybubble’s sleek dashboard!

To Install Spybubble on iOS, Follow These Steps:

  1. Create an account at Spybubble’s site
  2. Sign in and tap “Get Started”
  3. Choose iOS. 
  4. Pick the target’s type of device
  5. Open the target’s iPhone or iPad and enable iCloud backup
  6. Return to Spybubble and enter the target’s Apple ID login credentials
  7. Click “Finish” 
  8. Open the Spybubble dashboard and click email to start viewing your target’s Gmail activity

If you have access to your target’s Apple ID login details you can set up Spybubble 100% remotely. Just remember to make sure iCloud backup is enabled before you start the setup process.

spybubble installation

What Are the Benefits of Using Spybubble to Hack Gmail?

Spybubble is the number 1 way to hack someone’s Gmail account based on these amazing features and benefits:

  • Spybuuble lets you see all Gmail activity including sent and received emails, spam, and deleted emails
  • You can install Spybubble remotely on iOS devices (no need to physically touch the device!)
  • Fully install the software in less than 5 minutes!
  • View all the Gmail activity whenever you want on any device via a sleek dashboard
  • It offers additional features like GPS location tracking, restricting phone numbers, and a lot of other cool stuff.
  • Save all Gmail emails
  • Spybubble is hidden and runs in stealth mode so you will never be caught!

How to Log Into Someone’s Gmail Account Without Them Knowing?

Are you still wondering how to log into someone’s Google account without them finding out? Well if you don’t want your target to be altered every time you access their Gmail account you have two options, physically take control of their device and open their Gmail or use a spying app like Spybubble.

The problem with taking control of the target’s device by opening Gmail is that every time you want to see what they are up to you will need to come up with new ways to access their phone. Also, you have to wait for times when the target is separated from their phone. This process is annoying and the more you do it the more likely you are to get caught!

In contrast, when you use Spybubble you only need to get control of your target’s device one time for around 5 minutes when you first install the app. Once installed you can access their Gmail whenever you want and see all their activity from Spybubble’s dashboard. 

The best thing is because you are accessing the target’s Gmail remotely via a tracking app they will never receive any alerts that you are logged in and your activity won’t show up in the recent activity log!

How to Hack a Gmail Password? Use Phishing!

One best password cracker method for Gmail is coming up with your very own phishing scam! With a phishing scam, you create a page that looks similar to Gmail’s sign-in page and convince your target to enter their password.

To create a phishing scam just follow these steps:

  1. Download a starter pack for phishing called the Gmail Phishing Page files pack
  2. Register at a web hosting service
  3. Verify your account
  4. Open the Control Panel and select Add New Site then Upload Site
  5. Upload the Gmail Phishing Page files
  6. Your fake Gmail site is now live and ready to go!
  7. Send the link of your fake Gmail site to your target. To improve your chances the link should be accompanied by an email that looks like it is from Google requesting the target logs into their Gmail.

Creating a phishing scam can result in you unlocking someone’s Gmail password but it is time-consuming and requires some technical skills. Also, the chance of you successfully tricking someone with your phishing attempt is low. Phishing scammers typically send out their scams to millions of people and only successfully fool a few hundred or even less! It is much more effective to use tracking software and keyloggers. We recommend checking out iPhone and Android keylogger review websites.

How to Prevent a Phishing Attack and Keep Your Gmail Safe?

Millions of people from around the world fall for phishing scams every year and have their accounts and emails compromised but that doesn’t have to be the case! To prevent phishing attacks you should always double-check that the email is coming from a legitimate email address and avoid clicking on shady pop-ups and links.

To make yourself phishing proof you can install antivirus software that comes with real-time phishing detection capabilities. A top-rated antivirus will alert you to potential phishing scams before you even have time to fall for them!

How to Hack a Gmail Password Without Any Software? Access Password Manager!

If you want to hack a Gmail password online for free then accessing the target’s password manager is a proven effective method! To find out someone’s Gmail password via password manager follow these steps:

  1. Open the password manager by clicking ‘Settings‘ and selecting ‘Show advanced settings’ 
  2. Then scroll to the ‘Passwords and Forms’ section.
  3. Select ‘Manage passwords’
  4. Type in Gmail in the search bar and you will now be able to see the target’s password! 

You can use this trick to hack Gmail passwords without any software in almost one step! Remember, for this method to work, the target must have saved their Gmail password in the password and you must have access to their device.

If you don’t have access to these two key pieces of information you will have to use 3rd party software such as Spybubble to hack a Gmail account.

How to Prevent Your Gmail From Being Hacked Via Password Manager?

While the password manager trick is an effective way to hack Gmail online it can be neutralized by simply not allowing your browser to save your Gmail password. If your browser asks you to save your Gmail password, simply click never.

If your browser has already saved your Gmail password then you can simply open your password manager, navigate to Gmail and delete the stored password.

Can You Log Into Someone’s Gmail Without Them Knowing?

The most effective way to log into someone’s Gmail without them knowing is to use tracking software. After installing tracking software on your target’s device you can browse their entire Gmail account and even find out their password thanks to the software’s keylogger capabilities. The top tracking software is Spybubble.

How to Log Into Someone’s Gmail Without Them Getting a Notification? 

If you want to log into someone’s Gmail account without them getting a notification you can take control of their device and open Gmail. Alternatively, you can install a spying app on their device and remotely view their Gmail without them knowing.

How Can You Hack Someone’s Gmail Password?

A simple and effective way to hack someone’s Gmail password is to use a keylogger. A keylogger records every keystroke which means when your target enters their Gmail password you will be able to see it. Spybubble offers one of the most advanced keyloggers that can hack any Gmail password.

Can You Hack a Gmail Password Online for Free With No Download?

The best way to hack a Gmail password for free with no download is to access the target’s password manager and simply reveal their Gmail password. This method requires physical access to the target’s device and their device password.

How to Prevent Your Gmail From Being Hacked?

To stop your Gmail from being hacked you should not leave your device unattended and set up two-factor authentication. It is also important to regularly update your device’s software and select a strong Gmail password.


Googling “how to spy on someone’s Google account” and “how to hack someone’s Gmail account” will give you thousands of results which are mostly filled with fake and ineffective methods. If you want to instantly start viewing all of someone’s Gmail activity then you should try out Spybubble!

Spybubble is a comprehensive tracking program that once installed on your target’s device will send all of their Gmail activity directly to you. To keep a close eye on someone close to you and monitor all of their Gmail emails, download Spybubble right now!

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Bosspy: Why Should You Use This Spy App?

Bosspy review

Update June 3rd, 2019: Bosspy doesn’t exist anymore, we recommend to use mSpy.

Today, many of our everyday activities have shifted from offline to online mode. We do shopping online, we are communicating online, share thoughts and different files. It seems cool and innovative. But along with convenience, we face many threats. However, we may solve this problem thanks to monitoring applications. And Bosspy is one of them.

With the help of spy software, it became possible to find out what your significant other is chatting about. You may also control the virtual life of your children. You would find out all secrets. An effective and well-designed surveillance application can provide complex monitoring and can become an assistant in many cases in our personal and professional life.

You may use Bosspy as other spy apps legally for spying on minor children, and employees. You may track employees when they are working and when they are using corporate devices such as cell phones and tablets. Spy apps give their users an opportunity to control someone else mobile devices so that they can be aware of all data that goes through the target device (the device which is monitored).

About Bosspy

Bosspy Bosspy is one of the best spy application. You can use it effectively for both iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets). It was designed by the team of enthusiastic developers. They wanted to provide high-quality monitoring for free. And they managed to do it. The app provides a complex set of spying features such as tracking SMS messages, phone calls, tracking web browser history, GPS location.

You can conduct the monitoring remotely. This application works in the stealth mode. This means that the owner of the target device would not notice you unless he knows exactly what to look for. For viewing information, the user has his personal online account. If you use spy software, you can sigh into your personal account from any device which has a stable Internet connection and at any time you want.

How Can You Use Bosspy?

  • Find and download the installation file of the app from the official website. Choose the version which is compatible with your device;
  • Run the installation process. You need to have physical access to the target device during this process. But after the installation the app works remotely and independently;
  • Launch the application;
  • Sign up your personal online control panel. Use your valid email and password. Using this panel, you would be checking all gathered data that goes through the target cell phone or tablet;

As you can see the procedure of the installation of Bosspy is so easy that even inexperienced user can conduct it. It doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require special skills.

Compatibility of the Cell Phone Monitoring App

Bosspy We can call Bosspy a universal spy app. It is compatible with both iOS devices and those that are working on the Android operating system. The app can spy on:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod, which is working on iOS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x;
  • Android 2.x, 4.x.

You should make sure that your iOS device is jailbroken. Only, in this case, developers guarantee the proper work of the application.

Features of Bosspy

Bosspy is effective and multifunctional spy software. You can use it for monitoring both cell phones and tablets. It successfully provides a complex range of useful features which ensure full-fledged monitoring. If you are a user of Bosspy you are able to:

Monitor SMS messages (sent, received, deleted)

Bosspy provides a great opportunity to spy on all sent and received SMS messages. It is great that deleted messages are in full view too. The system catches the message once it is generated. So if the owner of the phone deletes SMS you still see it.

Track calls

The software gives the opportunity to track calls. You see incoming and outgoing calls of the user of the target cell phone. The software tracks the information which includes date logs, names, time logs, duration of the calls. It would save all this data in your personal account so you would view it at any time.

Track current GPS location

Using this Bosspy, you can control the current GPS location of the owner of the target device. You make a request and see this information on the virtual map. You may see it on the map immediately. The app saves all locations, and you see them in your personal account.

Spy on activities on social media

Use spy app, and you would have an opportunity to control all activities on social media and messengers. You may check messages, posts, chats, conversations.

Monitor web browser history

You can see the list of all visited URLs. It means that you will notice all visited web pages. You will also have an opportunity to check bookmarks, popular websites.


The app has another very useful feature of keylogging. With its help, you get information on all words and phrases typed on the keyboard.

Backup Your Own Activities

You may use this app for your personal purposes. With its help, you can backup your own data in the case if the memory of the phone is full. Or if the phone is stolen or lost. Bosspy is free software which can easily do backups, and you do not have to make any efforts. The app uploads all the information to your personal account. You can manage it and view it at any time.

Get a Full Control

You may get full control over the device. And if it is stolen, it will be easy to find it. The location of the device will be displayed on the map, and you will be able to find the thief very easily.

Bosspy surveillance application is quite effective and reliable spy software. It may be used for monitoring children and employees. It gives an opportunity for remote monitoring in the stealth mode.

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5 TOP Rated Apps For SMS Tracking

sms trackersAre you worrying about your children? Do you doubt your spouse’s honesty? Or you want to make sure that your company’s confidential information is safe? In all these cases you might want to find what secrets can be hidden in the SMS messages, phone calls, emails, media files, GPS location. And it is possible thanks to SMS trackers.

How to use SMS trackers for spying SMS messages?

SMS trackers are known to be easy to use. You just need to follow three or four simple steps of the installation process:

  • Find the installation file of the tracker on the official website of the SMS tracker;
  • Download the file and run it;
  • Sign up your personal online panel;
  • Log in and view all tracked information on your phone.


sms trackersIf you are looking for a reliable cell phone tracker which can give full control over someone’s SMS messages, XNSPY is what you need. XNSPY is known as the best cell phone spy app for parental control and monitoring employees.

Advantages of XNSPY

  • 100% stealth mode. XNSPY does the work properly and stays invisible. Using XNSPY SMS tracker you can be sure that you will not be detected, the owner of the target phone most likely will not notice anything;
  • 100% customer satisfaction. The company adheres to such a policy according to which the customer’s satisfaction is the most important. XNSPY can guarantee 100% pleasant and positive monitoring experience;
  • Day-and-night live chat. XNSPY provides high-quality customer support which works 24/7. So you can ask any question at any time when you have a problem.


  • XNSPY Basic Edition – you will have to pay $8.33/month (if you buy a year subscription);
  • XNSPY Premium Edition – pay $12.49 for one month (in the case of a year subscription).

If you need only one-month phone monitoring, the price will be significantly higher: $49.99/month for Basic edition and $59.99/month for a Premium edition.


What should you know about mSpy?

sms trackersMSpy is a cell phone SMS tracker which treats a customer satisfaction on the highest level. The company declares that 95% of their clients were completely satisfied with the service and were ready to renew their subscription.

Advantages of mSpy

  • No need to jailbreak the iOS devices;
  • 24/7 customer support (phone, email, online chat);
  • Ability to store big data securely, to make regular backups and export the information into a convenient format.


There are three available plans:

  • Basic – from $ 8.33 per one  month (in the case of 12-month subscription);
  • Premium – from $16.65 per month (a year subscription);
  • Bundle kit – from 19.17 per month (in the case of a year subscription). It provides monitoring kit which includes cell phone and desktop spying options.

Highster Mobile

sms trackersHighster Mobile is a reliable and trusted by thousand of users cell phone SMS tracker. The app tracks SMS messages which are sent or received by the target device and sends the gathered information to your personal online account or directly to your cell phone.

It is a multitasking SMS tracker which provides many additional features along with SMS tracking.

Additional options of Highster Mobile

  • Ability to uninstall the SMS tracker remotely. There will be no need to have physical access to the target phone. It is easy to uninstall the tracker using online panel;
  • Easy and fast installation process so you will need to have physical access to the target device only for 2 minutes;
  • Only one-time payment. You will not pay for the license monthly.


There are no monthly fees. You have to pay only once, and after that, you can enjoy easy monitoring of the target phone. The price for the service is $69.99.


sms trackersFlexiSPY is very popular and extremely convenient SMS tracker application which allows tracking SMS messages on different devices. Besides the opportunity to view all SMS messages this software enables the subscriber to spy on incoming as well as outgoing phone calls, emails, photos, video files, GPS location, sounds, passwords, etc.

Additional features of FlexiSPY

Along with functions which are common for many other SMS tracker FlexiSPY provides some additional options to its subscribers:

  • Monitoring applications. Use it and gain an opportunity to control all installed applications;
  • Listening to the cell phone’s surrounding. Just activate the microphone of the target device in the remote mode and listen to all that is happening around it;
  • Recording the surrounding of the phone. Activate the microphone and record the sounds. You will have an opportunity to listen to them at any time


There are two available packages:

  • Premium – from $ 68 per one month. It includes main monitoring features;
  • Extreme – from $199 per one-quarter subscription. It includes additional features such as an ability to control camera and microphone and the password cracker.


sms trackersIf you are looking for the best way to monitor your children’s phones, TeenSafe is definitely what you need. This SMS tracker was designed especially for tracking cell phones and online activities of teenagers. The app includes only useful features so that you will gain full control, but you wouldn’t pay for anything unnecessary.

Advantages of TeenSafe

Teensafe in worth using thanks to its numerous advantages:

  • TeenSafe works correctly without jailbreaking if you use iOS devices and without rooting if you use Android devices. This indicates that you do not need to violate the warranty of cell phone, which you want to monitor;
  • Monitoring of an unlimited number of devices. You can pay for one subscription and get an ability to track several devices. You wouldn’t pay several times for it;
  • Free trial version of TeenSafe phone tracker makes it easy to try monitoring features of the app and to make an informed decision.


The pricing policy of the SMS tracker is quite affordable. Almost any parent can afford it. After a trial version, the subscription will cost $14.95 per month.

As you can see all described applications have many advantages and different prices that depend on the list of features, the compatibility of the app and the terms of use. Now you can choose the application that suits you the most.

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Top-Class SMS Trackers for iPhone

tracker-iphone-iosHere you have the fullest list of top-class SMS trackers, keyloggers, and spy apps. Our list is based on various reviews and customers’ testimonials. A reliable feedback is the main point for a useful top ten. All these apps are products of reputable apps developers from all over the world. The features these SMS trackers offer are mostly common, but still, there are slight differences. If you are looking for an SMS tracker, you, probably, already know why people use it and you already have your own reason to install such an app on a spouse’s phone or your own iPhone. But here are few main details you should know before making your final choice.

SMS Trackers: Purposes of Use

iphone-appAs the modern spy apps market evolved, we got a wide list of various apps for spying. The reasons why people start using such apps are also very different. SMS tracker can help you to catch a cheating spouse, find your own lost or stolen iPhone, protect your children or just control corporate phones and tablets while your employees are using them for personal purposes. Actually, there is a chance for you to save your kid in real life. Yes, we are talking about kidnapping, and some well-developed SMS tracker with GPS monitor can save your child from big trouble.

You can save your marriage while getting evidence of your spouse being fair to you. While collecting information about a person you can count on such helpful points as date, content, time, duration of a call, GPS location history, contacts, phone numbers, web browser activity, and so on. It is a real spy tool that can replace any private detectives and just leave them with no job to do for ages. So, here you have a top ten of the most relevant and useful SMS trackers of our days. More dialed reviews of some of these apps you can find on our website.

mSpy: totally undetectable SMS Tracker

mspy_mapmSpy is probably the most popular spy app on our list. Its position on the market is very solid, and there is no app near it. It is totally user-friendly. To use this app, you do not need to be an experienced user. Just install mSpy on your target iPhone and enjoy the perfect performance of an ideal spy app. No matter if it is for your personal or commercial use, mSpy will impress you with its performance and great feature list. The best SMS tracker monitors, records, and logs everything you want to hear and see.

Mobile Spy SMS Spying

mobile-spy-reviewMobile Spy is one of those great examples how cool a phone app can be. It was developed for a constant real-time monitoring of an iPhone or any other mobile phone. Everything you need to know about a person his or her SMS, geolocation, calls and almost every activity on the phone.

SpyBubble Spyware

spybubble-266x300Another spying app worth of your attention and trust. While its name may sound funny, SpyBubble becomes one of the best tracking applications existing nowadays. Parents are the main category of its users, but this program can deal with any other task to get you the evidence or fact you need. Personal or commercial use of the program is doomed to success.

SpyEra Spyware

spyera-phoneSpyEra is the perfect match for the modern era of iPhones, phones, and other mobile gadgets. We do not imagine our lives without all those phones, and SpyEra is here to help us. Any messages and multimedia files (even the deleted ones) can be easily monitored with this useful application. GPS location and SMS tracking make this app absolutely perfect to use for a corporate or personal purpose.

Ispyoo Text Messages Monitoring

iSpyoo-monitoringIspyoo is not the most well-known phone application on the market, but it constantly raises its popularity, and if you choose Ispyoo, you will quickly understand why. It is compatible with iPhones and all Android powered phones, and you get all the important information about a target phone user remotely.


thetruthspyTheTruthSpy is one of those tracking programs that you can easily find online. There are various reviews on this tool, and all of them have nothing bad to say about this great software. SMS as any other text messages can be easily tracked with this phone application as like GPS location, browser history, and other important details.


phonesheriff-Its name speaks for itself. This software has lots in common with other monitoring applications on our list. PhoneSheriff will easily get you any info you are looking for the target phone. Web browser, calls, and even GPS location will be displayed to you in details.


flexispy app reviewAs you can judge from its name FlexiSpy is very flexible and easy to use the program to the modern phone spy application market. The main points about this software are about its IM activity tracking capabilities. Every Social Network account and chat will be displayed to you in full.


highster-mobileHighster Mobile will make your life easier if there are some secrets between you and your husband or wife. This SMS messages tracker is a perfect choice for you to get all the evidence you need for a personal conversation or even a court. You can easily check all the messages and calls your spouse made during the day. And don’t you worry if he or she deleted the browser history, Highster Mobile would still be able to show it to you.


mobistealthIf you are still not sure about your spouse cheating on you, there is a chance you would not ruin your happy marriage with some dumb suspicions. Mobistealth has a special stealth mode that will make your spying operation totally secret and safe. Check all the emails, SMS, calls, and even browser history and then make your final decision.

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Catching a Cheating Husband or Wife with a Phone App

catch-cheaterFinding out your wife or husband is a cheater is always a hard strike to handle. But living in a lie or constant jealousy is an even more ruining point to your personality. What we want to advise you is to deal with it and make a step further.

Catching a cheater is going to be a difficult journey mentally, but technically it was never as easy as it is today. Modern technologies did a great job over past few years, and now we can enjoy that technical revolution in various aspects of our life. And catching a cheating spouse is also on the list.

Are Your Fears Real?

So, you are suspecting your beloved one in a moral crime, cheating and having a secret love affair behind your back. Well, you can’t tell for sure until you get any evidence. And to start collecting those proves of spouse cheating you should have some solid motives and signs that you might have noticed recently. Here are the most dangerous points and obvious signs that your significant other is cheating on you:

  • Your spouse works late every night. Sometimes he or she spends weekends on a workplace.
  • A beloved spouse does not pick up a phone when you are calling for no obvious reason.
  • A partner goes out of the room when his or her phone rings.
  • Your partner spends more money than usual without any obvious reason.

The list can be slightly extended, but we guess you’ve got the point and have already noticed one or even few of them in your everyday relationships. Well, do not panic, without any solid evidence it still does not make any sense and just means nothing than just a worry.

Let’s Catch a Cheating Spouse with a Phone Spy App

spy-cheaterFortunately, you are living in a wonderful time when even the toughest problem can be easily solved with just one tap on a device screen. Mobile devices make our lives a fantastic journey. Everything from ordering a meal and starting a war can be done with just one screen tap or click of a mouse. And catching a cheating spouse is also on the list.

This delicate problem can be easily solved if you start using one of those top-class monitoring apps that are so popular these days. Yes, probably you’ve already heard about such apps but didn’t know that catching a cheater is on their radar. Well, it is, actually. And the whole deal does not require any special skills, efforts, and great budgets. You are not hiring a private detective, and you are not in a movie. It is a real life still. Though, it seems a little bit fantastic.

To catch a cheating partner, you just need to install a special device monitoring app on his mobile phone or tablet. Some are calling it a spy tool or spyware, and it is more of a true. The thing is about the entire purpose, capability, and features of those spying apps. People all over the world use them for various reasons: to control and protect their kids, to control their employees and corporate devices, to control their own phones, and of course, to identify cheaters. Such applications as SpyEra, mSpy, iKeymonitor, and so on work perfectly both for business and personal use. So, all you need to do is to choose the one you like and what fits you most. The easiest way to make this choice is to compare features those spy programs have. Below you will find the most useful ones any average phone monitoring app should have.

Features That You Will Find Helpful

So, what does make a tracking app so powerful and useful weapon in the hands of a cheater catcher? Well, there are few features that any reliable and useful spy app should have:

  • Easy to use and install
  • Tracking all online and offline activities a target phone user (your cheating spouse)
  • Viewing text messages, their context, and details
  • Views any phone numbers
  • Tracking GPS location of your cheating partner (or kid, relative, employee, etc.)
  • High compatibility with the most popular operating systems (iOS and Android is a must)
  • Logging all phone calls including incoming, outgoing, and their detailed info
  • Logging passwords
  • Accessing any multimedia files (video, photo, audio, etc.)
  • Viewing internet browser history
  • Affordable subscription package

This list may be easily continued, but these are essential options you should pay your attention to. Besides those we have listed before, we must add another one, stealth mode. It is completely about your safety, confidentiality, and calmness. You don’t want your spouse to know you are spying on him or her, right? And this is the moment when a reliable stealth mode feature is a must for a phone spying app.

Running with the Phone App

catch-cheaterSince the monitoring application was chosen, you can start your cheater catching operation right away. Download the program you liked the most and install it on your spouse’s gadget. It is very easy to do if you are living together as the target device is always somewhere near you. Just take for few minutes while your significant other sleeps or takes a shower.

Then install the monitoring application and enable the stealth mode. This step will take you just a few minutes, not need to wait for hours. Then log in to the app website on your own phone or tablet and start monitoring your spouse’s activity. All proves of cheating will be sending to you as logs.

Getting the Pieces Together

After the logging job is done, you can start analyzing it and making your conclusions. We just want to advise you not to make any hasty conclusions. Take a deep breath and put those puzzle pieces together. If there really are any signs of cheating, you should start a serious conversation with your partner.

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GPS Tracking Apps for All Phone Types

Best-GPS-phone-tracker-for-mobileThere are not many, if any phone carriers left that produce mobile phones that don’t have a GPS tracking feature in it. With technologies always advancing, these smartphones can even be purchased at lower rates than what they once were. What you can do with the GPS tracking capabilities on your phone varies depending on the type of software that you are using. Android, iPhone, Samsung, and Windows all offer something a bit different from one another, but essentially the services available are the same. Explore some of what can be done with GPS tracking software on your phone so that you can use what you have to its fullest potential.

GPS Phone Tracking Location-Based Services

Depending on where you are with your phone, the GPS track that is done can be beneficial when it comes to location-based service. More and more companies are taking advantage of this feature and as a result, you get to reap the benefits. Just some of the information that you can expect to have access to with the click of an icon on your phone include:

  • GPS track where kids, friends, and family are based on their phone GPS
  • Navigate to your next location whether you are walking, biking, or driving
  • See where you are on a map on your phone
  • Find stores, restaurants, and other places that you are interested in nearby
  • Store your workout and weight loss data for easy tracking

Tracking a Phone Location by GPS

There are three different types of phone tracking that can be carried out. These include voluntary GPS tracking, secret tracking, and location-sharing. Find out a bit more on each one of these and learn about the features included.

Voluntary Phone Tracking

When you are doing a voluntary GPS phone tracking, that means that you are willingly sharing your location on a map for others to see. There are several applications that can be used that are offered for a monthly fee by phone carriers.

  • FamilyMap – AT&T
  • Family Locator – Sprint
  • Family Locator – Verizon

Most commonly, parents that want to see where their kids are activate this service. One of the features that are offered here is setting a notification to go off when a phone is GPS tracked outside of a certain area. A reason that parents might want to use this is so that they know times a child left school, arrived at a friend’s house, or got to practice.

Location-Sharing GPS Phone Tracking Service

gps-phone-trackerWith the variety of social media apps, and the amount that people use them, location-sharing through GPS phone tracking has become increasingly popular. This type of phone tracking works by the person who is sharing their location hitting click when asked, “Do you want to share your location?” There are also specific applications that are only for sharing where you are to either a select group of authorized friends or publicly.

No matter if you share your location on your phone or on another device, people can track you from their web browser on their phone or through the net on a computer or tablet.

These are the phone applications and social media sites that are most popular for location-sharing:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Find My Friends
  • Google Hangouts
  • Glympse

Secret GPS Phone Tracking

When you think that you want to secretly GPS track a cell phone, keep in mind that this is illegal in just about every country around the world. Before you decide to do this, make sure you check the rules and regulations in your area so that you are not charged with violating someone’s rights.

If you do want to carry out a secret track of a phone, you aren’t going to be able to do it through a phone carrier because of the legalities that are attached to it. You can, however, install phone tracking software on somebody else’s cell phone to track them without them knowing. You have to install the program without them seeing the icon too, otherwise, the secret is going to be exposed.

After you have done the tracking app download, you have to set up an account that allows you access to that phone’s GPS locator. Then, you can track the phone from your computer or other remote devices without the person knowing. You will not only be able to track where the phone is, many iOS and Google system tracking programs also allow you to:

  • Lock the phone
  • Change the pin number
  • Display an emergency message
  • Erase email
  • Make the phone ring if it is lost

If you are a concerned parent trying to keep an eye on your kids, that is often when secret GPS tracking is done. Spouses have been known to track cheating partners and employers will also check the location of their employees when they are supposed to be at work.

Advance GPS Phone Tracking Options

Mobile-Cell-Phone-Tracker-webFor those that really want to do some in-depth GPS spying on a cell phone, there is much more that can be done other than just a track on the web for a GPS location. Some applications will allow you a way to:

  • Track the keylogging online, so you know every button that has been hit
  • Check text messages, emails, and call logs
  • Look at and use the camera
  • See where the user has been online
  • Block a call and restrict outgoing calls
  • Go through contact information

Most phone tracking software that allows for these advanced features is going to come with a bit of a fee. Some are one-time payments while others are monthly costs.

Find The Right Phone Tracking App

You are going to have to find which version of phone tracking software you want based on how much you are willing to pay and what services you want to have access to. Whatever you decide, make sure you spend a few minutes to get to know all the information available on it so that you can take full advantage of all the top benefits offered by that program.

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The Best 6 iPhone Monitoring Apps

The Best 6 iPhone Monitoring Apps

iphone-monitoringAre you wondering what your spouse is chatting about on his iPhone? Are you worrying about your company’s confidential information and think whether employees can make some harmful deals over their tablets and phones? Are your children spending an extremely long period of time using their phones? Wouldn’t it be great to know all secrets which your children, employees and significant other can hide in their calls, messages, emails? And iPhone spy software comes in handy in all these situations.

There is a huge amount of phone spy apps. Some of them are compatible with all devices which work on all modern operating systems. Some applications specialize on Android phones; other programs were designed for iPhones and iPads. We have examined phone monitoring apps which are available on the spyware market and made a review of the best iPhone monitoring apps.


mspy-phone-trackerMSpy is a world leader in the field of spy software solutions. It is dedicated to satisfy the user who looks for security, convenience, and safety.

It is compatible with iPhones from 3 to 6 plus, iPads, iPod, iOS from 6 to 8. The company guarantees a wide range of features and innovative technologies. With the help of mSpy software you will be able to:

  • Monitor almost all existing messengers;
  • Get complete access to all chats and messengers of a target device;
  • Contact the customer support team 24/7 by phone, online chat or email.

That’s why mSpy monitoring software is widely used by millions of people around the world.

It is important that this software is able to monitor non-jailbroken iOS devices, although some features require jailbreaking the target phone. You should know that jailbreaking can carry some threats. It can cause some threats but Just download and install the mSpy monitoring software and enjoy fast and convenient results.


flexispyFlexiSPY is another well-known monitoring software. FlexiSPY is the only phone monitoring software which is able to spy on more than 15 instant messengers. It guarantees a 10-days money back if something goes wrong. It also offers an excellent set of monitoring features. It allows its subscribers to:

  • Read emails and SMS texts;
  • View all call logs;
  • Spy on browsing history;
  • Track the GPS location;
  • Control camera pictures, etc.

The FlexiSpy app is really a highly reliable monitoring software, and it will become a good choice.

Highster Mobile

highster-largeThe monitoring services that are offered by the Highster phone spy software are excellent, but the application is compatible with a limited number of operating systems. It should be mentioned that Highster specializes in iPhone monitoring.

Highster Mobile is a monitoring software which can secretly monitor any phone activity fast and easily. It is completely undetected. With the help of Highster Mobile you can keep an eye on your children, your employees, loved ones. Using Highster Mobile you will be able to:

  • Monitor sent and received WhatsApp and Vier Messages;
  • Track Facebook chats, pictures, and other media files;
  • Monitor Skype contacts and messages;
  • Spy on Instagram activities;
  • Track contacts log;
  • Track the browser history.

Notice that you will be able to use and uninstall the application remotely. It means that you do not need to have physical access to the target phone. You can do all you need from your personal online control panel.


xnspy-658x439XNSPY is popular all-in-one employee monitoring software that can be also used for parental control. It enables its users to track activities of the target phone in real-time and uploads the data to the personal online accounts.

If you want to control someone’s phone remotely then choose XNSPY – it is the best iPhone spy software. Its capabilities are endless and you can:

  • Lock the target iPhone remotely;
  • Wipe the data;
  • Take a screenshot using the iPhone camera;
  • Record voice calls, etc.

There is also another great feature of XNSPY. You can view deleted call logs, browsing history, SMS messages, chats, etc. It means that with XNSPY iPhone spy software there will be no unnoticed activity.

It should be mentioned that XNSPY offers affordable prices: the standard packages starts from $8.33 for one month. Choose XNSPY, and you will get fast, reliable and accurate iPhone surveillance software with great subscription versions.


spyeraSpyera iPhone spy software offers reliable iPhone tracking capabilities for all possible needs. It is the only iPhone monitoring software on the market, which is 100% undetectable.

Spyera’s spying features are based on the using of special technologies which allow monitoring any activity of the target phone and details which are hidden in phone calls, messages, chats, and photos.

The most important thing is that you can track the target phone absolutely secretly because this iPhone monitoring software can work in the stealth mode. Spyera runs in the background of the phone operating system without any evidence. It is not displayed in the launcher, home screen, and task manager. It also does not influence the performance or battery drain. That’s why Spyera iPhone Spy App can not be detected by the owner of the target phone.


mobistealthUse MobiStealth spy software and get complete access to someone’s secrets. This amazing iPhone monitoring software provides all basic features for remote tracking. Thanks to advanced surveillance features this app is perfect for parents and business owners. MobiStealth software tracks all phone activities and uploads the data to your personal online account.

Main features of MobiStealth

  • With MobiStealth you can protect your children all day and night long, even when they are not around;
  • You can easily track all iPhones and iPads that are owned by the company;
  • Affordable pricing policy. Prices start from $33.3 for one month.

MobiStealth is easy to use. You just need to download and install the surveillance app, and you can start using MobiStealth in a few minutes.

This application can be used for monitoring only jailbroken iOS devices. It can ensure proper work of all features.


If you are a business owner or an employer and if you are worried about the confidentiality of business and financial information of your company, then you definitely need to use iPhone spy software. If you are a concerned parent and if you are worried about the online activities of your children then phone spy apps can also become your true assistants.

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Choose One of the Top-10 Monitoring Apps for Android Phone

oboi-dlya-android2Our team of web designers and developers have collected the reviews of the best monitoring software for Android phone. We have created our own top of the most wanted free and paid applications. Android Spy apps can be used for:

  • Tracking child’s activities
  • Recording surroundings
  • Make shots via target phone camera
  • Reading messages remotely (from Viber to WhatsApp)
  • Controlling social network logs
  • Viewing internet browser history
  • Listening to outgoing and incoming phone calls
  • Stealing any password
  • Finding a lost device by its location

Now that you know your opportunities, you might want to start running one of the monitoring tools described below. Don’t let anyone cheat on you! Prevent the life of your child from various threats!

Top-10 Monitoring Applications for any Android Phone

  1. Night Vision Spy Camera

Children like lying, especially when it comes to their pastime. They can swear that they study for tomorrow’s class with one of their peers. In fact, they might spend this time partying. It is not that hard to get alcohol beverages if you’re under 16-18 these days.

Thus, it would be useful to take pictures of your child’s surrounding with his Android phone to view the photos of the ‘crime scene.’ At least, a parent will be able to stop this madness using special parental monitoring tools.

Night Vision Soy Camera figures as a regular camera, but it was founded for monitoring and spying. You‘ll be able to switch camera and share taken pictures to popular social networks if there is a need. This app is free of charge.

  1. Ear Spy

ear-spyRecording surroundings has never been easier. One more free monitoring software for Android devices makes it possible to work with audio files that include voices and sounds.

There is an opportunity to hear the sound from various premises with the help of phone Bluetooth headset. Users can also use graphics equalizer to tune the incoming signal. This monitoring tool can be found on Google Play (special Android store).

  1. Spy WhatsApp

spy-whatsappThis is a special offer which allows monitoring activities of any Whatsapp users.

As far as kids today prefer using apps like that to communicate easily, this would be a great parental control solution for Android phone.

Parents would be even able to view online status even if it is hidden. Get this one for free!

  1. Hide Calls Automatically

hide-calls-automaticallyUsually, the most precious information is locked in the phone’s outgoing and incoming call section. This software makes it possible to hide the call log about particular phone numbers.

It won’t leave any step on the target Android phone. During the next times, a phone owner will have to enter a special passcode to contact the chosen phone number. Besides, the missed called never appear in the phone call history. This Android tool is also free.

  1. Children Tracker Beta

children-tracker-betaMonitoring your child is still the most popular option among all free Android apps.

This one allows tracking all kid’s activities within 24 hours with the exact location and browsing internet/call histories. Android application contains:

  • Location tracking
  • Phone call logs
  • Text messages tracking
  • All downloads
  • Connected hotspots
  • Ability to hide the app from drawer

Besides, monitoring becomes more effective once you use Geofencing and e-mail reporting on the chosen Android phone.

  1. Famigo

famigoLet’s start our list of paid Android apps with the cheapest monitoring options. This one is considered to be parental control software which comes along with the cheapest subscription: just $1 per month!

Every family will enjoy special features of this Android tool including:

  • Safety lock
  • Extra fun videos
  • Inserted web browser
  • Exciting games (just add a bit to your subscription)

Moreover, if you need the opportunity of monitoring internet browser history and social network activity, you’ll be amazed by so-called Famigo Wowzer, a browser created especially for the youngest children. There is an integrated content filtering inside.

  1. Mobile Spy

mobile-spyChoose between basic version and advanced options. Activity logs are the basic advantage of this monitoring app for Android.

A spying side will receive all notifications, which will be activated once a particular number tries to call your target phone. Installation process might be a bit complex, but the results are worth trying.

It costs $30-50 depending on what Android user wants.

  1. SpyBubble

spybubble-softwareThe major features of this Android monitoring app include:

  • monitoring text messages
  • viewing pictures, video files, and listening to audio files
  • controlling e-mails and social network activities
  • watching after WhatsApp, Viber, and similar communication applications
  • displaying full mobile internet browser history

Just come up with your personal online account. The tool is mostly recommended to aged people who would like to take care of their children no matter how far they are.

The price is $49.95 for the Standard version and $84.90 for the Pro version. Parents and intimate partners can start using this app today.

  1. Highster Mobile

highster-mobileAnother popular monitoring and spying software makes it possible to read all text messages like e-mails and SMS on the target Android phone.

It’s a good solution for those phone users who work with Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and other messaging apps and social networks.

It’s up to you whether you are willing to give away $70 for full incoming and outgoing calls tracking. Remember about the risks associated with the ability of your target object to bust you for setting up and applying spy software.

  1. FlexiSpy

flexispy-box-300x300The app is number one for accurate monitoring of various messaging applications such as Whatsapp. You’ll see every like or comment as well. It is also capable of tracking your target Android object’s location. If you are an advanced Android mobile phone user who is ready to pay $149-$349 in order to save his family or company, the app is right for you.

So far, we have covered the best free and paid Android monitoring phone apps for both parental control and safety of your family or business. If you have any questions left, try to find answers here.

It’s up to you to decide which app (or set of apps) would fit your needs the best!

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Hack a Cell Phone Easily with Our Guide

iphone-hacking-appsThe world of modern technologies is truly amazing, and it has something great for us to offer. This article will tell you everything you want to know about spy applications. If you ever wanted to hack a cell phone and feel yourself another 007, this guide is for you.

Modern devices are more powerful than ever, but at the same time, they are more vulnerable too. Your old school Siemens or Nokia were more simple gadgets, but due to that fact, they had no chances to be hacked or monitored. A modern cell phone is the keeper of our personalities and the data we value most. At the same time, it is possible to hack such a phone with just one simple application. Spy programs are very diverse these days and can be downloaded even for free. Should you be scared of it? Well, let’s figure it out right now.

The beginning

First, phone trackers appeared at the beginning of this century. These were simple applications that only could track keystrokes. They were widely used by criminals to hack phones. Cybercrime was widespread stealing peoples’ passwords and other personal data. But what connection it has to modern hacking apps? These applications use very similar concept, but the purpose and usage are completely different for both points.

Modern hacking apps

The purpose of modern spy software is completely different from its predecessor. Nowadays ordinary people get interested in using hacking applications for their iPhone or any other device powered by Android operating system. So, why do people use spying programs these days? There are few main reasons:

  • They want to protect their children from internet dangers and adult content.
  • They want to protect their business and monitor their corporate devices.
  • They need to get their lost or stolen phone back with the help of a location tracker.
  • Some people don’t trust their partners and want to expose their cheating.

These points are just an example how diverse a typical hacking app can be. But one feature of the modern spyware should be treated notably. We are talking about GPS tracking. This feature made a revolution among hacking applications. A few years ago it sounded absolutely fantastic and like a fiction from a movie. But today it is real and affordable to anyone of us. This option is legal and can save your phone or even life of your child!

You can download and install a hacking program on your or your kid’s phone and launch the GPS tracker. From that very moment, you will receive all the information about the target phone and its location in real time. Now you understand how useful it can be if your phone was stolen or lost. Even more important this feature gets on your kid’s phone. We all know what kidnapping means, and this small bug can save lives. Here is the list of reliable phone trackers:

  • mSpy
  • FlexiSpy
  • Highster Mobile
  • MobiStealth
  • xnSpy
  • Spyera
  • Mobile Spy

Besides location tracking, hacking app has few more features that would be useful for any parent. Do you want to know who your daughter is talking to on Facebook and other social networks? Well, you have such opportunity. Continue reading to know how to hack your kid’s phone.

Hack a phone for parental control

We have an amazing source of information, the almighty internet. But is it always used for good? Of course, not. The internet is full of dangers that are waiting on your kids online. Modern kids often learn how to use computers, tablets, and phones even faster than they begin to talk. And there is nothing wrong with that, at least they find something inappropriate online. Do you know how to block dangerous websites with sex, drugs, and suicide content? Just hack your child’s phone and the spying application will block all inappropriate content and websites. It is the perfect protection solution, and we have one app to introduce to you.

The Family Orbit locator is one of the best programs for parental control. Mainly it is phone locator software. It helps to track the location of all family members in real time. Just set your own controls and choose family members you want to be tracked permanently 24/7.

When you know where your kid is located, he or she is in safe. For that reason, this phone tracker also has its special option called geofence. It allows you to choose exact districts on the map which are prohibited for your son or daughter to enter. As soon your kid enters that restricted area, you get notified immediately. Also, all the users of the family app can share photos of their locations within the program so their location can be easily identified.

So, with the help of this program, you are able to let your kids have more freedom while you stay calm.

The best app to hack a phone

First of all, the best program should be would be compatible with the operating system of your gadget. Fortunately, there is a great selection of hack apps nowadays compatible with various operating systems. The most popular ones such as Android and iOS usually have special versions of different applications.

Besides compatibility, you also should evaluate the most interesting features for your application to have. Here is the list of most common features for spy apps to have:

  • Messages monitoring. SMS, MMS, and chats (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messanger, and Snapchat) are available for tracking.
  • Calls monitoring. Details (length, number, date) recording.
  • Contacts monitoring.
  • GPS location tracking.
  • Opportunity to hack emails.
  • Web browser history monitoring.
  • Internet activity control.
  • Calls and surrounding sound recording (advanced versions).
  • Remote control.

As you see, the variety of options, features, and configurations is huge. All you need to do is just to find the most appropriate hacking application for your needs and your family protection.

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Top 5 Best Remote Keylogger Apps

d6e2164e433b6d00e2b76956662e6c2aIf you have decided to get yourself a spying program, you probably already know how you will use it and for what purpose. Also, you should know well how to use it properly to get the best result that is possible. So here you have the list of top-class keyloggers that work remotely and can deal with multiple spying tasks.

Mobile monitoring systems are quite new technology, but it already has its controversial reputation. The history of this type of software started almost two decades ago as it was one of the most popular tools among cyber criminals. They were stealing passwords and other personal data with the help of simple and undetectable keyloggers.

But nowadays the popularity of keylogger software is constantly growing among normal people that want to protect their children or to be able to find their phone easily when it is stolen or lost. If you do not want to guess things about your kid, partner, or even employee, a keylogger would be the perfect solution for you.

Why is it really useful?

When you become a monitoring program user for Windows, Android, iOS or any other operating system, you will quickly understand how beneficial the software is. First of all, you can use it for your personal purposes on your own smartphone or computer to learn all the details about its activity without your presence. Also, you will easily find your device when it is stolen or lost. Another group of people who loved that type of software a lot are parents.

Download Keylogger Software

These people want to protect their children from dangers they can face on the internet. It is about online bullying, predators, adult and other impropriate content. All stuff can be easily blocked with the help of keylogger. Also, parents can use GPS location tracker to know where their kid is at the moment. And the last case where keyloggers became massively popular is corporate. Often company-owned devices are used by employees for private purposes. The software will easily show the manager of the company all the information about the device activity.
How is it used?

All the keyloggers work with the most popular platforms for PC and smartphones. There is a wide selection of monitor software with such operating systems as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. But you should note that even the best keylogger program should be installed on the target device, so it means you need to get physical access to it at least for once.

After the installation of the software, all the data from the target device will be logged on your email as a text or HTML file. Your account and the interface of the software can be protected with a personal password. The best keylogger will always have a stealth mode that makes it invisible to target users and antivirus programs.

Evaluation points

  • Usability

That point is very important for people who use such software for personal use with no commercial purpose. If the keylogger interface is too hard to understand and deal with, the program is just useless for the average user. So, try to pay attention to every detail of the interface and your feelings while working with the monitor program.

  • Features

Of course, keylogger has the main feature of tracking keystrokes, but these days it is just not enough to call it top-class software. Geo-fencing, GPS tracking, browser history monitoring, screenshots taking, keywords alerts, and anti-theft options are very important points for every modern keylogger to have.

Choosing your keylogger



    This software is absolutely free. But, it has a specific method of monitoring that distinguishes this keylogger from any other software. The main benefit of the application is the ability to monitor up to 200 remote devices along with one local computer. But it also can satisfy you with its tracking capabilities. First of all, this software records all the keystrokes. It means you are able to control all the web searches, visited websites, emails, and any other activity on the target computer. Screenshot and password options are also available for free.


  • mSpy Keylogger

This software is the best choice for those users who want to monitor messages. All the details of every single message on the target phone will be sent to your account. The control of the program performs remotely from your account. And of course, mSpy keylogger has such functions as monitoring the keystrokes, browsing history, notes, SMS, passwords, and any other internet activity. Those parents who want to know where their kids are at the moment, should get this application as it offers high-quality GPS tracking option.


  • Windows Live Family Safety

This software unites a wide selection of tools that will help you to monitor and control your kid’s internet activity. This is the best way to monitor your home computer, for example. This program will block all the doubtful content working with any browser and Windows operating system. Keylogger function is not the only useful here. Some certain websites can be blocked permanently along with certain search requests.


Another great example of a keylogger is Refog. This is software with all the functions that a typical keylogger can provide you with. You will get reports about all the actions the user does on the computer. You can see what he or she types, what software uses, and what websites visits. This software is based on the popular Refog Personal Monitor and Refog Employee Monitor programs. But free version keylogger can be a good monitoring helper too for sure.


There are few editions available with that particular software. But if you need just a simple keystrokes recording function for your personal use, the free version will be just enough for you. The interface of the program is very simple, and the system works with no delays and errors while Revealer software is running. All the settings in the free version would be set correctly right from the start, so you should not be dealing with options after the installation of the software.

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