How to hack a cell and prove that your boyfriend is cheating on iPhone?


If you ask yourself how to catch a cheating boyfriend red handed and confirm your doubts regarding his affair with another woman, then there is a perfect solution for you as today app market is full of spy software that is easy to install, operate and compatible with most popular devices like iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

More often nowadays hacking spy software is used to monitor young children, track employees, back up information from the phone, or track cell in case it was stolen. But a lot of young people are using it to monitor their partners’ actions as this app hacks the data from target phone and provides access to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line chats.


Catch your Boyfriend Cheating with a Cell Spy App

Using any of free available surveillance apps, that is possible to find online, gives you full access to your boyfriend’s phone:

  • The app tracks cell calls as well as their duration. Having access to the list of contacts, you are going to be aware with whom your partner talks and how often;
  • SMS, MMS and iMessage tracking feature provides admittance to message history. It empowers you to view every inbox, sent and deleted messages at targeted phone;
  • GPS trace monitors coordinates of the cell and indicates location;
  • You will have access to the target phone gallery and track photos and videos made by the cell;
  • Moreover, complete control over social network accounts also allows you to hack chats in Facebook, Skype, Twitter;
  • Also, you will view installed apps, calendar events.

It is possible to monitor and hack up to 3 devices at the same time. All you have to do is to install desired software on the target phone . Then login after creating your secure online account.

Having one your boyfriend won’t be able to keep secrets from you as all his activities will be available to your knowledge at any time by hacking his cell.


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How to listen to mobile phone calls?

listen to phone callsIf you wonder what your children or employees are talking about when using their phones, just hack their devices, and you will be able to listen to all incoming and outgoing phone calls. The easiest way to hack someone’s phone is to use spy applications.

What should you know about spy apps?

Spyware (or spy app) is a special kind of the software, which can give you the ability to control all phone and online activities that are carried using the target device.

These applications can work in the stealth mode so you can spy on your children and employees without them knowing. The app hides in the background of the device’s operating system and the target phone owner can’t notic it.

How to start listening to phone calls?

listen to phone callsYou should choose the app which suits you the best, download the installation file of the app from the official website and run it. The installation process is very easy, so you wouldn’t have any problems.

After that, create your personal online account. All the data will be uploaded to your account, and you will be able to log in and to start monitoring the phone calls and track other data from any device which has the Internet connection.

Other features of spy apps

You will be able to listen to the calls, but you will also have the opportunity to use other great features, for example, monitoring:

  • Text messages;
  • GPS location
  • Emails;
  • Calendar events;
  • Media files,
  • Chats and conversations on social media, etc.

What spy app to choose?

It is a matter of your own preferences and the necessary functions. You can choose free spy apps and get the common list of monitoring features. Or you can pay the affordable price and get additional services with paid spying apps. The most popular spy apps are XNSPY monitoring app, TeenSafe which can monitor your child’s phone remotely, Highster mobile app which works on both Android and iPhone devices.

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What should you know about totally free reverse phone number lookup?

totally-free-reverse-phone-number-lookupHow to find out who called you? How to find at least the name of the caller who you can’t recognize? Where to find information on the caller whose call you have missed? There is an answer to all these questions. You can use a convenient service of reverse phone number lookup. And all your problems will be solved with one click.

What are the features of free phone number lookup?

It is useful

The phone search can be very useful for every person, especially when we speak about our kids. Parental control is something that we do it in the first place before we pay attention to all the other cases and problems.

It is convenient

Phone number directories are easy to use. They all have official websites with the user-friendly interface. It would not be a problem to run the phone search process and find out the information.

It is free

There are services for which you will have to pay a fee. But there are also dozens of totally free phone number searches. As well as paid services they are convenient and comprehensive.

How does the reverse phone lookup work?

totally-free-reverse-phone-number-lookupIt’s easy and you will hardly have a problem with it. There are only several simple steps. Just follow them:

  • Do a search for this type of services on the web and chose the most convenient for you;
  • Visit the website of the search service;
  • Enter the phone number;
  • Click the button “Search” or “Start” and you will find out all necessary information.

The process takes only several seconds. You will have an opportunity to find out the name of the owner of the unknown phone number and his or her address. Use it along with cell phone trackers and you will be able to protect your family!

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What Are the Best Methods Used to Hack Facebook Accounts?

Facebook-hackingMany people want to know how to hack Facebook account of other users without being noticed. Despite the premium security of the system, even such large social platforms as Facebook have gaps.

Mobile developers have worked on the special spy software which makes it possible to hack anyone’s Facebook account. They succeeded in their attempts. In just one click, you can read all account’s messages. Moreover, by using special programs, a user will be able to vie even the deleted information.

There are hacking apps that you can obtain for free. Some of them cost money, but the results are amazing. By simply knowing the phone number or email address, you’ll be able to hack a Facebook account without any extra efforts. All you need is an internet access, mobile phone, and a spy app. There is no need to enter a password or other information to hack the account – it is enough to know the phone number or login. Plus, you’ll have to get to the victim’s device to install the tool secretly.

What are the basic steps to hack someone’s account?

Facebook_hackEvery time you decide to hack Facebook account of the target user, you will stay in the shadows. You can be sure in your own security. The complete account information becomes available once you start working with one of the spying tools.

To start the process, work on improving your knowledge of the existing hacking software. It will take jut a couple of minutes to look through the important information on how to hack Facebook accounts. Hackers all over the world use special spying apps too. It’s important to understand how far you plan to go: hat sort of information you need. If you want to read messages, free version might work. In case you want to hack the account to control contacts and even edit some information, paid versions of famous spy tools are recommended.

You don’t have to please your fellow hackers any longer – just try one of the recently released spy apps. It has never been easier to hack any servers and stay online being off the internet. Feel free to read more details here.

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What are TOP iPhone Spy apps that require no Jailbreak?


No need to Jailbreak an iPhone with these 3 iPhone Spy Apps

Do you want to know how to spy on iPhone without jailbreaking it? Use the following spy applications which can be used to hack an iPhone which do not have to be jailbroken. You can stealthly install these applications on the victim’s smartphone and the spying can begin. Some of the spy apps which you can install on the target’s mobile device without jailbreak are:iphone-trackers

  1. mSpy

Parents use this spy software mostly to get the information about the whereabouts and activities of their kids. They install the spy application on their iPhones to have a complete insight of all activities taking place. Employees can also use this software to hack their employee’s mobile devices so that they do not reveal the company’s secrets to their competitors. The mSpy tracking tool is the quick fix to getting the necessary information on the targets smartphone without a jailbreak. Once you get the Apple ID, you will be able to get the information by hacking their iPhones.

  1. XnSpy

This is another spy application for iPhones that does not require a jailbreak for to install it. The software has two edition; basic and premium and they have different subscription packages. All you need is an Apple ID for you to install the app and you can hack into anyone’s iPhone

  1. Mobistealth

This spy app will enable you to monitor all information by hacking the target’s iPhone; you can upload the information on an online account remotely. It does not require a jailbreak, and you can get the following details; SMS history, call logs, web history, and online chats within a short period of time.

What should you know about iOS Jailbreaking?

Jailbreak is a very simple procedure on Apple phones. Once you carry this process out on the mobile device, it liberates it from the manufacturer’s limitations. Sometimes the smartphone will not accept some applications or perform activities due to the restrictions imposed on the iPhone by the manufacturer. In this era of digitalization, we have to be vigil on what we are introducing our kids to. Most children nowadays have smartphones, and if you don’t monitor their activities, this can result in irreversible tragedies. Most spy apps are commonly used to spy on kids, their whereabouts and communication by hacking into their iPhones.


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How to Tap a Cell Phone Line?

tap-phoneWith the vastness of undesirable things going on around you, you might become less trusting and extremely conscious about what is going on around you. The common issue today is partners going on discrete affairs. Hence, wives found ways to track their husband’s phone to determine their instincts is true or not.
Now, wives can hack into their husband’s phone devices without even getting noticed or discovered.

How to Monitor Your Husband’s Line?

You can always try to check your husband’s device anytime to monitor into his phone. You don’t have to go through downloading a spy software app just to hack the text messages and the calls that he made.

Though, in cases when the husband refuses to show their cellphone devices to their wives, then the wives can opt for other ways to check or hack the contents of their husband’s devices. It would be an advantage to those wives who can access their husband’s phone, as they can always install a bug or software on the target phone, and they can already track or hack every conversation made by their partner.

What Are The Steps To Tap A Cellular Line?

tap phoneIf you are the account holder of your cell line, then you can call your carrier to track and put an application that you can hack your partner’s phone. For other wives who don’t have any access to the phone, you can still track your husband’s device by other means.

Below is the list of the steps you can use to tap your better half’s line.

  • Call Your Mobile Carrier

You can always call your carrier and set up a tracking feature on your better half’s device with their help. You can even ask them to monitor or hack their calls and text messages as well as the websites they visited. This is only if you are the account holder.

  • Use Spyware Without Accessing His Mobile

You can use spyware apps to hack your husband’s device without installing anything on their mobile.

  • Download a Tracking Software

You can secretly download tracking software that has the function to hack his mobile activities.

Tracking your partner’s location comes easy also. You just need his number, and you can do it online.

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What Are TOP 10 Cell Phone Spy Applications?

top-10-spy-appsThere so many situations in our lives when we want to find out all secrets about our children, employees and significant others which they hide in their phones, tablets, and computers. In most situations, we have such desire, not because of curiosity. We want to protect our children from dangerous situations and numerous web risks; we want our spouses to be honest with us; we want to make our business competitive and to secure confidential information. And we can do this by hacking cell phones or tablets. So which cell phone spy applications are the best?

The Best Phone Monitoring Apps

There so many surveillance apps that are available on the market today. We have chosen the best applications. Many of these apps are compatible with all popular operating systems. They are:

Monitoring Features Of Spy Apps

spywareAlmost all hacking applications provide a wide range of monitoring features. Subscription plans of some applications may differ in their functionality but all of them provide:

  • Tracking received and sent SMS messages;
  • Hacking outgoing and incoming calls;
  • Monitoring emails;
  • Hacking instant messages and chats on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, etc.;
  • Tracking GPS location of the target device;
  • Spying on web browser history;
  • Hacking media gallery.

How To Use Cell Phone Spy Applications

Only several simple steps separate you from the easy and quick phone monitoring. In order to use the hacking software you should follow the next installation procedure:

  • Download hacking application to the target device;
  • Run the installation file;
  • Create your personal online account and start monitoring all data that go through the target device.

After the installation process, the app will be active all time and you will be able to get the information whenever you want.

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How to Track a Cell Phone for Free In the World?

spyingYou can find many spying software applications to find the location of a smartphone. Just tap your finger and you will spy on the movement of the device that you want to target for tracking. You can even install software in your partner or child’s mobile without them knowing. The app remains hidden, but it is actually recording and hacking their smartphone. These spying software applications let you hack the data in your phone remotely. They will allow you to wipe all data and erase call logs as well as text messages.

However, what if the mobile that you are trying to hack is located on the other side of the world? There are online applications that you are able to use to track the device across the globe.

What is a World Phone Tracker?

gps-phone-webOne of the online applications that provide a worldwide tracking service is the World Phone Tracker Technologies Inc. It is free GPS device spying service that goes farther on the other side of the globe. By using this online service, you are able to hack any device in any country or from any country as long as you are connected.

They take pride in providing a sophisticated device spying technology that can easily be accessible in an instant as long as you are online. So, what are the benefits of this service?

  • It is a free worldwide spying service to hack the location of your mobile.
  • Tracking results are displayed with a little delay upon searching or when you hack a device.

What is a Worldwide Tracking by Using GPS?

Another free online service that lets you make a worldwide tracking through GPS  is phone tracking by Satellite.

You only need to enter the mobile number, and the service will hack and locate the phone for you.

You can search up to 150 numbers for free. To sum up the benefits of a worldwide spying:

  • It is free to use. You only need to do the completion procedure before you start to use the service.
  • It hacks the location of a mobile across the globe.
  • It allows you to search at most 150 phone numbers around the world
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How to set parental controls on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

samsung-tab-3Modern kids are charmed by a cell phone boom we all are experiencing these days. Even the youngest kids are able to deal with any phone or tablet existing nowadays, and even the newest Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is not an exception. They do not need to hack anything to access your phone or any other device, but is it a proper way to be accepted by a parent?

What if your son or daughter plays with your contacts, messages, or content that is very important for your work? What would you do if your lovely tot will send your private photos to your boss? Well, these horrible situations can be easily prevented. Just hack your Android powered phone or the tablet of your child and relax. Also, here you may find instructions on how you can hack iPad and block websites on it.

parental controlLet us deal with the typical hack app able to do various tasks on a target cell phone. Just install one of those popular spy programs you will find in Play Market and set it specifically for your child.

  • Enter the PIN – this type of a password is needed to prevent your kids entering the hack application you use.
  • List of options – here you will find all the points to be can be monitored and controlled by the hack app.
  • Profile info – set the information about your son or daughter.
  • Playtime limit – a very important option that controls the time your child spends playing your or his tablet.
  • Applications – any applications on the phone can be allowed or restricted for usage.
  • Media – here you may set controls for media files that your kid is allowed to view.
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How to hack text messages for free?

phone-hackingHacking phone messages of a particular person can be clarifying, but provocative at the same time because it may put a family relationship at stake. So one should think well before start hacking someone’s smartphone. But of course, there are situations when this method of finding out more information about what your children, your spouse or your employees are doing when you are not around is fully justified.

It is quite easy to get access to someone’s texts using modern spyware. There are so many handy hacking apps for cell phones that are free in addition. They are easy to use, and at the same time, many of them work in stealth mode so they wouldn’t be detected. Free cell phone hacking software provides several options. Some of them are described below.

track messages

Track SMS

Free spyware enables you to monitor outgoing and incoming SMS and multimedia messages. All messages will be stored on your personal online account. You will have access to all texts, even if they are deleted.

Track WhatsApp and Viber messages

Free hacking tools give you an opportunity to see WhatsApp, Viber conversations as well as chats on other messengers on the target device. You will be able to see not only the texts of all conversations but also the names and numbers of addressees as well as the time and date of each chat.

Track Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks

Get an access to someone’s phone for free, and you will be able to view all chats, conversations that took place via Facebook, Twitter or other social networks on the target phone.

Along with the opportunity to monitor text messages, hacking someone’s phone will provide the ability to track all calls, to view photos and videos. You will also get access to the browser history and GPS location of the target phone.

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