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An Unbiased FlexiSPY Review: A Phone Spy Software for Android Devices


What is FlexiSpy: A Brief Introduction to the Hottest Android Spy App for Mobile Phones

FlexiSpy is a special software application that can be installed on a compatible Android phone to track how the phone is used and the information that is shared through the target device. If one thing is certain, The Android compatible phone spy program is true to its name as it is extremely flexible with the type of spy tools it gives users. First-time users typically question the advantages of such a program. Here are a few pros and cons to consider if you plan to get a spy app for an Android device.


  • FlexiSpy is an easy installation. All you need is access to the target device for a few minutes to start the process. 
  • The app comes with four different programs. You can start with one an upgrade to another later on if you want access to more features.
  • The FlexiSpy software for Android devices allows you to command the program remotely from an online source.
  • The Android compatible phone spy program is capable of sending you real-time notifications and alerts if certain changes occur on the target Android device including a change of SIM card or when the user of the device calls specified contacts that have been listed as restricted.
  • FlexiSpy works in stealth mode when it monitors a device: This means the user never knows the program is on the device.
  • The Android phone app has one of a kind features, like being able to take pictures with the target cell device remotely.


  • Cost: Despite the four versions of the program, the prices can seem a bit hard on the wallet when the lowest price is $68.00 a month.
  • Not every version of the FlexiSpy phone spy program can give you access to every feature the program offers. 

flexispy app reviewThere are four versions of the Android phone monitoring program, all of which offer some innovative spy tools for use in monitoring the device of an underage child or employee while at work. Here are some of the remarkable tracking and recording features the Android tracking resource offers:

Download FlexiSpy

  • The program lets you spy on phone calls

    You can record the calls, view logs of every call. Track VoIP calls on a device with an Android operating system. If you want to listen to the ambient sounds surrounding the phone in real-time, you can do that too. You can record the surroundings in real-time, and the app gives access to a Facetime Spy Cam.

  • The program lets you spy on messages sent and received on a cell phone.

    The Android tracking resource will track SMS message, MMS messages. If there are certain keywords you do not approve of, the app will delete the messages. With FlexiSpy , you can send SMS messages that are fake, and you can read a child or employee’s inbound and outbound emails.

  • Break those impossible passcodes.

    The program will record all passwords. So you can gain access to various material on the target device should the need ever arise. It will capture passwords from third party applications and email alike.

  • FlexiSpy offers GPS location tracking of the phone:

    You can instantly see where the child/employee is with the target phone on a Google Map.

  • FlexiSpy lets you spy on chat messages from a huge array of third party applications. Now you can see what a child/employee is talking about and with him in apps like QQ, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, KiK, Google Hangouts, BBM, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, Skype, LINE, Whatsapp, Yahoo Messenger, Blackberry PIN, iMessage, and more.
  • Track third party application

    FlexiSpy lets you view the target phone’s calendar, notes, installed programs, calendar, and program activity.

  • Multimedia files do not escape the tracking eyes of FlexiSpy. Parents can see videos, photos, and audio files, all from a convenient, user-friendly control panel online.
  • Internet activity is also on the tracking list for FlexiSpy. This Android phone compatible app will point out the bookmarks and the browser history of the device.

FlexiSpy Compatibility: Will the App Work with Your Android Device?

flexi spy app reviewThis Android compatible device ­­will work on devices hosting an operating system ranging from 4.0.3 to 6.0.1. To get all features, it means having to root the Android device.

Bear in mind! You may not be able to get all features if the target device has dual SIM cards.

FlexiSpy Versions: To Root or Not to Root?

When an Android tracking resource suggests a phone be rooted to get all features it means the special software has to be installed on the phone so that the Android device will permit feature access on the device. FlexiSpy offers a premium plan and an extreme plan, both with non-rooted and rooted options.

However, you lose out on a lot of features if you do not root the Android phone you want to track remotely. To enjoy all of the tools FlexiSpy offers completely, it is best to root the Android phone. If you are going to opt to install the program and root the device, you need to root the Android phone first before you install it.

FlexiSpy Premium and Extreme Plans: Which Phone Spy App is Right for You?

If you want FlexiSpy with all the bells and whistles, then you are going to want to opt for the Premium Rooted version. You will ask what is the main difference between the Premium rooted and Basic rooted? The cheaper program does not offer password tracking and third party application tracking.

With the Basic non-rooted version of the program, you lose out on a number of the third party messenger tracking abilities. The ability to live intercept calls in real-time, and the ability to record calls. Some alerts may also prove unavailable.

Rooted and non-rooted versions of the program are the same prices. So you lose features in non-rooted version, but still, pay the cost for the full version of FlexiSpy.

One final note: This app is compatible with Blackberry, Symbian, and iPhone devices as well.

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mSpy Monitoring App to Supervise Phone and Computer Activity

Reasons to Use mSpy

These days monitoring software is getting more and more popular for many reasons. In the world of modern technologies, it is difficult to work and study without laptops and computers, but it is even more difficult to control the flow of information children get access to. You cannot know for sure what your child is doing online. Who she/ he is chatting with or what kind of videos watching. It makes parents use monitoring software that helps control their kids’ activity on the Internet.

If you are a successful businessman, you also know how difficult to monitor work of your employees and how important it can be. Most companies follow democratic policy and do not ban any websites or social networks. As the result, their employees misuse the Internet and spend working hours in an inefficient way. Moreover, there are no guarantees that your staff is loyal to the company and will never share or disclose any confidential information.

Choosing the Right Monitoring Software

mspy_mapIf you have never used monitoring software, it might be difficult for you to select the best among a great variety of apps. Experienced users highly recommend mSpy monitoring app which you can quickly install on your laptop or your phone. It is important to understand that free apps that can be downloaded from the Internet do not provide your devices with solid protection.

That is why mSpy is not a free app. Visit official website – – to find information on the selection of products. You are offered to choose one of three different product sets – Basic, Premium, and Bundle Kit. Each set of the app contains different features sold at a different price. Your choice of a set will greatly depend on where you use mSpy.

Download mSpy

Website of mSpy is very user-friendly and has a comprehensive navigation. The homepage includes information on products, features of the app, FAQ section with an answer to the most popular questions, chat and contact information of customer support team for customers who might have additional questions or simply need help.

The app and its usage are completely legal. It can be used to monitor the activity of underage kids and devices that belong to the company. If you are planning to use tracking software for any other purpose, you are advised to talk to legal counsel to avoid legal issues.

mSpy – the Best Monitoring Tool for Your Computer

mSpyIt does not matter much whether you are planning to install mSpy at home or in the office. After installation, the app works on a background. You can keep the icon on the desktop of a device and let the user know that he/she is being monitored or keep it hidden. The software features allow you to track what is happening on your laptop or office computer when you are not around.

  • Screenshots.

    The app takes screenshots of computer desktop and allows you to see exactly what the user has been doing and when. Even if your kid is hiding something, you will find out about it.

  • Keylogger. This function is incredibly useful as it presents you with information about every keystroke typed by your child or an employee. The history is kept even if the user has tried to delete it. In such a way you can make sure that your kid is safe when making friends online. If you are a business owner, this function will give you insight on whether your staff is working or spend time chatting online.
  • Activity.

    It might be a good idea to limit usage of the computer by your child, but it is difficult to check when your child starts and ends sessions. Luckily, mSpy has a function that shows how much time has been spent using a computer. Now you can supervise the process even remotely.

  • Usage and installation of applications.

    Most companies use only licensed apps and prohibit usage of any other software. It results in the necessity to control employees to prevent downloading and installation of other programs. Moreover, software downloads from the Internet for free can be harmful for your computer. mSpy generates information on all apps. It also provides info on which programs and for how long has been used. Now you will know whether your kid is doing a home assignment or playing games.

Compatible with Most Popular OS

logo_v5_m_3dOne of the main reasons users prefer to use mSpy on mobile phones is that it is compatible with most popular operational systems – iPhone and Android. It does not matter whether your kid uses iPhone or Samsung. Install the app to control the activity of your child’s phone. Note that mSpy can be used for jailbroken and non-jailbroken phones. Be attentive not to buy mSpy without jailbreak, if you need one.

  • Manage calls. If your company corporate mobile services for its employees, you should install monitoring app to prevent misuse of corporate cell phones. mSpy gets information on all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Messages and emails. With mSpy there is no need to worry that sensitive information can be sent via SMS or email as you can track it down. You will be able to read emails and check attachments that you send. Moreover, you can filter them by address, content, heading, etc.
  • Track location. All parents become nervous when they cannot reach their children via phone. Set up mSpy on the phone of your son. And you will always know where he is and when he skips school.

Download mSpy

mSpy is a great monitoring solution for home and work. The app is compatible with most devices; it works regardless of where you live, what cellular carrier or the Internet provider you use. Do not hesitate to buy mSpy and take advantage of its functions today!

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PhoneSheriff. Decent Tool for Monitoring the Phone Activity of Kids

Phonesheriff review

Important Note: Retina-X Studios is closing its most popular spy application projects regarding unclear circumstances. Be clear to avoid installing and using PhoneSheriff as it is also on the list of deactivated products. In case you have already been registered with PhoneSheriff, consider contacting its developer Retina-X Studios for a refund. Also, consider using mSpy or FlexiSPY instead your disabled product.


To choose a reputable and cross-functional phone monitoring application for parental control may seem to be a headache for some users. The modern technological market is overwhelmed with such propositions. For that reason, it is so difficult to make the right choice. The prime objective of our review is to check the functionality of PhoneSheriff, a phone tracking app which holds itself out as the best parental control software. We will check whether such product can comply with demands of the most demanding customers and try to find some negative aspects.

PhoneSheriff. The Core Audience of This Software Product

In sober fact, PhoneSheriff was created with friendliness in mind. The developers realize that the major part of parents are tech savvy and have neither time nor desire to get into the details of the app usage. For that reason, they developed the application which will meet the spying goals of parents.

These days, even the smallest kids have smartphones. It is the best method to stay in touch with your children. Nevertheless, through the use of mobile phones children can easily access lots of inappropriate information. They may visit prohibited websites online or even get in touch with dangerous people. That is why phone tracking applications like PhoneSheriff can be a way out. They can help parents to check their kids on an ongoing basis.

Definitely, with the help of PhoneSheriff, you can track any person, but if to believe the data published on the official website, the software is for parents.

Pricing Policy

Choosing PhoneSheriff, you will not be made to spend hours searching for the most efficient billing plan. In the case of this particular product, you will pay only $89 per year. Having purchased the app once, you will deprive yourself of worries concerning the necessity to prolong the subscription each month. As compared to similar spyware products like Flexispy or mSpy, the price is not high.

How to Use PhoneSheriff?

Phonesheriff reviewThe function principle is the same as all other phone spy programs have. To see PhoneSheriff in use, you need to do the following:

  • Pay for the program license;
  • Download it from the official website;
  • Install PhoneSheriff on the device of your children;
  • Log in your web account;
  • View all reports regarding the phone activities of your children.

As you see, there is no need to learn the detailed instructions on how to use PhoneSheriff. Everything is quite simple. Besides, it is compatible with Android, Blackberry, and iOS-powered devices.

What Must Be Improved?

Phonesheriff reviewNevertheless, there are some aspects that must be improved by the developers of this program for phone monitoring. The experienced customers complain that PhoneSheriff has some disadvantages that mar the general impression from its use.

The first one is a complex installation procedure. As a rule, the user can install PhoneSheriff only from the second or third try. The app glitches and can’t be installed from the first try. Furthermore, you can purchase the product from the official website only. You will not see it in the App Store or Google Play Market.

One more negative issue is related to blocking URLs. This procedure is cumbersome. Parents also can’t check how much time their kids use one or another phone application. This information is not available. Besides, the phone tracking application doesn’t monitor social networking sites.

Still, if your overarching aim is to control your child stealthily, PhoneSheriff is not for you. The current version of this program doesn’t run in a stealth mode. For that reason, you should notify the target person that you are going to keep tabs on him. Otherwise, your loved one will see the icon of the installed app on the device and will be disappointed.

Overview of the Main Features Offered by PhoneSheriff

Phonesheriff reviewThis spyware product has many useful features. The list of the most important ones is presented below:

  • To keep tabs on calls. The details of incoming and outgoing calls will spread before your eyes. You can check the phone numbers and the duration of each call.
  • To monitor text messages. The content of each text message (including email activity) sent from or received by the target device is viewable. Even if your loved one wants to delete some messages, you can also view them.
  • To check the GPS location. If your children are not at home, but you wish to know where they are at the moment, this option will help you to determine their location on the map.
  • To control WhatsApp messages. This option of the phone spy app appeared not so long ago, and the users of the current version can check it in use. Nevertheless, PhoneSheriff doesn’t monitor other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Viber.
  • Filtering features. These options allow you to create time restrictions, custom or website filtering and application blocking.
  • Remote control. Lock or unlock the phone remotely.
  • Apps monitoring. Check which apps the user has installed on the target phone.
  • View browsing history. With this feature, you will easily check what websites your offspring view at loose hours.
  • Check iMessages. The users of iPhones will benefit from this option because it allows them to check all chat conversations.
  • Multimedia files. You will receive video and photo logs that include all needed information about the number and content of all received and saved files.

As you see, the features are quite impressive, but the fact that PhoneSheriff doesn’t monitor the social networking sites mars the opinion about the functionality of this spyware product.

In case, you have some questions, related to the installation procedure or pricing policy; you can send them to the PhoneSheriff support team. Customers can get the answers within 1-2 days.


We cannot say that PhoneSheriff is the best application for keeping tabs on mobile devices because of the lack of some options. Nevertheless, there are plenty of customers who are satisfied with its work. Before you take a decision to use this particular program, think about your spying goals. For example, if you know that you children use social networking sites, PhoneSheriff will not give you access to them.

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SurePoint is a Reliable Phone Spy for Everyone

SurePoint Spy reviewThere are lots of skeptical thoughts about cell phone spy apps. But with every new day, these opinions are blown away by those great spy apps that can be found online. All those people got scared once thinking that their confidentiality is under risk and someone will know about they are spying on their spouse, for example. But the truth is that if you are using reliable cell phone monitoring software, all risks are minimal or absent at all. No one will know about your spying games if you are using such great cell phone monitors as mSpy, TheOneSpy, iSpyoo or SpyEra as all these programs have a special stealth mode in their spy arsenal.The same thing is about our today’s object under the microscope – SurePoint.

This software is not as popular as those we mentioned before, but it confidently reaches the top and has more and more fans all over the globe. In this article, we are going to talk about its advantages, weak and strong sides, features, and all those points that make it so special. The level of its performance is actually very high, and you will easily see it after the first day of using the software on your own mobile device or a target mobile device. Don’t think that this software has nothing to offer as its functions list is loaded with some helpful points. So, if you need something powerful and reasonably-priced to spy on a mobile phone, SurePoint is to your service.

SurePoint Functionality

SurePoint Spy reviewThe monitor software we are talking today is very simple and easy to use. Even those cell phones users who have never been using such software before will find it interesting and easy. First of all, it is because of its user-friendly interface which will surprise you right from the start. The start means the installation of the monitoring program on a target mobile device. The entire process is very simple, and you just need to grab a target phone for a few minutes. Usually, the installation process takes about two or three minutes, but the time depends on your target phone’s memory or its operating system. But after the installation is done it means you can put a target phone on its place and never touch it before. Yes, you do not need to take a target phone every time to update the software or set some new options.

After the installation, you should enter your personal account on the official SurePoint website. You are doing it via a web browser, and it means you can do it with any device that has a connection to the internet. It can be a cell phone, tablet or a computer. No matter where you are and what operating system your device is powered with. The target phone may be on another side of the planet, but you still will be available to monitor it with no delays. The only thing that matters is the internet connection. It is essential both for your device and the target cell device. But do not be afraid to lose monitoring process without the internet. All logs will be immediately sent to you after the target gadget or your device connects to the internet again.

SurePoint Spy Features

There are lots of various features available these days with spy applications. But SurePoint got the best of them without any inappropriate extras and without losing anything important. Here are few main functions available with this cool spy app:

Calls and Messages

The simplest and most obvious option, but still so important for any spying operation. People communicate with each other by phone calls and text messages all the time. So, if you want to know something about someone, just monitor his calls and messages. It is simple.

GPS Location Tracking

This one is a favorite one of parents and those people who constantly lose their phones in bars, bus stops, and other weird places. With just a few minutes and taps on your phone’s screen, you can easily find out where is the target device at the moment. All GPS tracking is performed in the real time manner.

Social Networks

Modern people have devoted internet users, and social networks are reflections of their lives. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. All these websites are essential for their users and you if you want to know someone’s secrets.

SurePoint Spy review

Multimedia Monitor

Viewing someone’s photos and videos without permission is not just a fun thing to do; it is also an important point of any spying operation. So if you need to find out something very special about a target phone user, you need this function available for sure.

Applications, Calendar, Notes

Besides those games and standard phone applications installed on a target phone, there are also those very important. You as a spy just must have access to such important and often-used programs as calendars and notes.

Online Activity Monitoring

You as a spy need to know everything about the person you are spying on and his or her online activity is an ocean of useful info. Web browser history will be the best thing to monitor if you want to find out something really special.

Remote Camera

It is not the important one, but very interesting and fun. Get access to the target device camera remotely with SurePoint and use it to get some really interesting evidence.


Those people looking for a cheap way to catch a cheating spouse may probably not get the whole point about the spy app we reviewed here. But if you are looking for something top-class and reasonably-priced at the same time (one-time price $69.99), you’ve got to the right place. Learn more about the monitoring software on its official website and take your time while making a final decision.

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Easy Spy Software Complete Review. The Great Opportunity to Track Mobile Phones of Other People

easy spy reviewAre you a mother of active teens? Is it important for you to know where your children are? Are you a person that always loses mobile phones? Are you a jealous man or woman? Do you want to control your staff members? If you’ve faced at least with one of these issues, our review will be useful and beneficial.

Easy Spy is an app for a cell phone or another portable device that lets you control actions of your relatives, friends or other people. The tracking tool will find your lost phone or let you watch the browser history of your child’s phone, for instance.

If you are an employer, and it is important for you to check the quality of work in your office, you may easily do it with such phone tracker. You need to remember that Easy Spy app operates in a stealth mode so that no one will detect the spyware in a cell phone. In fact, it will make the monitoring process comfortable and efficient.

What Is the Full Power of Easy Spy?

easy spy review

  • GPS monitoring. The most common using of Easy Spy is its GPS tracking system. The spy app can accurately determine the coordinates of the target person and reveal the lies in some cases. For example, your employee said that he is ill, but instead of staying at home, he traveled to Miami Beach for vacation. Maybe, your daughter said that she would stay with her best friend, but her actual phone location is the loudest party in the city. So, with the help of Easy Spy, you may find out the truth. Moreover, even if you’ve lost your mobile phone or somebody stole it, you can easily find your phone or lock it remotely.
  • Check Web browser. Using of such spy software for the phone monitoring gives you plenty of possibilities. One of them is to watch websites that were visited from the target phone. It is crucial for parents to monitor which URLs their children visit. Some content on the Internet can cause a harmful impact on kids. Probably, you are a husband, and you search for a present for your wife. In this case, you may use Easy Spy to find out the history of browser requests on your dear woman’s phone.
  • Control text messages. Moreover, the spy app provides the communication monitoring. Such capability is very useful for companies that develop new products. For example, a project director can control emails and various chatting programs of his employees to prevent the transfer of confidential data via cell phones. With the help of the spying program, you will easily find a traitor and save a large sum of money. Also, you can control IMessages on IPhone and IPad and receive the comprehensive logs and all needed data about the person you spy on.
  • Complete call logs. This spy app will help you to be aware of whether your secretary uses office cell phone for personal or working purposes. You will be aware of all contacts saved on the target mobile phone. It even includes some extra information about the time and duration of each phone call. So, you will get full access to the call history of your spouse.
  • Multimedia files checking. It’s very useful for those parents who want to know with whom their kids spend time. You’ll get access to pictures and videos that your child watches.
  • Social networks tracking. The spyware gives you the ability to spy on popular social network websites, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. You can read sent and received messages, view Twitter posts and so on. It can help parents to find out something new about their children.

Some Extra Functions of Easy Spy

Use Easy Spy like a bug. You may turn your mobile phone into a spying device because it can record different calls or listen to the surroundings of the phone. You have the opportunity to monitor what your spouse or soul mate is doing at midnight.

Make pictures remotely. Easy Spy can control a camera and take pictures of the target phone owner. You will have access to your personal online control panel and move there all needed information about the mobile phone you spy on. The panel allows you to get access to all needed information and make some program settings. You will get known about all extra activities of the target cell phone anytime you need.

Compatibility and installation

easy spy reviewEasy Spy app is available on Android and iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. It works well all over the world. The install process is simple and clear. After purchasing the license for Easy Spy, you will get the email with download link and all need data about your personal account, such as login and password. To complete the setup process, you must type the phone number you wish to spy on. If you have some issues with this software or the overall spying process, you may write to the customer support, and they will help you to solve it. Easy Spy has a remote uninstaller, so you may clean up all your actions without using the tracked cell phone. You can do it from anywhere. All you need is the Internet connection.

Does Easy Spy Have Some Drawbacks?

You need to remember laws of your country or state. You can’t make the invasion into privacy. Also, you may find out something that will change your life. Some companies offer spying software that provides more advanced options for a convenient spy. You may check other reviews of popular apps like Flexispy or iKey Monitor to make the final decision of purchasing.

What Is Easy Spy Price?

Easy Spy costs 29.99$ per month. If you need an extra guarantee or live support via the phone, you should pay more. It is not the lowest price for such set of features, but you may cancel it anytime you want.

Final Thoughts

Easy Spy will help you to be more confident in your family and friends. Moreover, it can give you a power of controlling employees’ work. It will provide you with lots of details of somebody’s life, and it will be very hard to deny the truth. The application will turn your mobile phone into the “database of truth.” It is convenient and has a user-friendly interface.

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What You Need to Know About Auto Forward

autofoward-spy-appToday spying on computers and mobile devices is easy as a piece of cake as there are many applications and programs. Auto Forward is another tool that makes monitoring on Apple and Android devices much easier. The software is relatively new but has already received many positive comments and feedback from users. It is compatible with both operating systems and is also applied as data recovery tool. Around ten years ago it was impossible to retrieve data from the phone, but now you can do it in two minutes. So how does it work?  This review is dedicated to Auto Forward description telling about its features and benefits. Take a couple of minutes to look through this review to see for yourself whether the program meets your needs.

  • Compatibility. As it has been already mentioned, the app is compatible with Apple and Android operating systems and, thus, is used on iPhone, Samsung, HTC and many other devices. Good news for Apple users as the soft does not require any jailbreak. Unlike most packages, which need jailbreak of a device before installation, you can quickly install Auto Forward for only 69,99$.
  • Website. It is worth mentioning that the Auto Forward has a user-friendly website which contains detailed information about the products, compatibility, installation process, and even comments and reviews. The navigation is clear and simple, and it is easy to find whatever you are looking for.
  • Reports. Collected information is kept and presented in a structured way in via reports, which you can find in control panel. You can access control panel from computer or mobile phone any time. All you need is a good and continuous internet.
  • Customer Support. If you happen to have a question or you simply need help with selecting a product or payment, you should contact an expert from Customer Support team, and he/she will gladly help you. Customer Support expert can be reached by phone or e-mail 24 hours.
  • Product price. The software has a fixed price – 69, 99$. There are no hidden fees or extra payments. You pay once and get the right to apply the app on a lifetime basis. All further upgrades come absolutely It is important to upgrade the software on a regular basis to make it compatible with the device you are targeting. When there is a new upgrade, you receive a special notification.
  • Payment methods. All payments are safe and protected. Therefore, there is no need to be worried about any personal data disclosure. Clients can pay for the product via PayPal system or cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discovers, etc.

Main Features and Benefits

autofowardAuto Forward is a tool you can use not only for spying purposes, but also for keeping your information always available no matter what might happen to your phone. Considering the fact that the software is applied on different operating systems, certain features might differ.

  • Tracking calls. Do you want to know who your partner has been talking to for so long? No problem! The program tracks all phone calls and, if necessary, records them for you to listen to later. It is a good feature as you might not always have an internet connection.
  • Messages. Access and read messaged received, sent or even deleted. Teenagers might become secretive with time, and this function gives an insight into their life. An excellent tool to keep up with your children without informing them. Note that this feature might be a bit different and includes extra for iPhones as they have iMessage feature.
  • Social media monitoring. Find out what is going on social media and apps such as Skype, Viber, Telegram, Facebook, etc. A good way to get a deeper insight into the private life of your kids or activity of employees. It does not come as a surprise because many people use computers and cell phones at work to chat online.
  • Extracting e-mails. E-mails might contain personal and business information which must not be disclosed to third people, or has a high value. Losing or breaking phone results in data loss, which you could prevent if you are applying Auto Forward. You can safely store any information, and, thus, retrieve it within several minutes.
  • Location of any mobile device is quickly detected with GPS tracker, which you can activate remotely using spying software.
  • Multimedia files. This feature allows you to see photos and videos stored on a device. Multimedia files tell you a lot about the user’s hobbies and interest as well as places he/ she has been too.
  • Internet history. It might be a wise idea to control a little bit Internet activity of your children. Unlimited and uncontrolled access to the Net has its drawbacks. You never know for sure what websites do they visit.
  • Remote camera control. You can remotely take pictures to see where the target phone is. All actions are taken in silent mode and cannot be detected. This is a good way to make sure that your kid is really at school or partner – at work.

How to Install Auto Forward?

Auto-Forward-screenThe installation of the software takes a couple of minutes. It is very simple and quick. You need to select a product at the official website, make a payment and you will receive an e-mail with purchase information. Download the app, enter license code and the number of the phone you want to monitor, and that is it.

Experienced users, who have already tried other programs, say that Auto Forward is among the best apps. It is simple and efficient at the same time. Do not hesitate to try it and see for yourself.

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Employee Control Opportunities with Ispyoo Software

ispyoo-textingBuilding a business takes a lot of efforts, time and money. Building a successful business also requires a good team and reliable employees. However, plenty of business owners confess that they have a need to monitor their employees. It is easier to control what the staff is doing in the office at computers, but it is much more difficult to spy on mobile phones that belong to the company and are given for a business purpose. It is difficult but not impossible, especially with Ispyoo.
Here is the list of the main popular reasons to monitor employees’ mobile device activity:

  • Employees waste precious time chatting on Facebook instead of working. Too much time on the Internet causes low performance and, thus, bad KPIs of the business.
  • Employers want to make sure their employees do not share sensitive and confidential commercial information with third parties and competitors.
  • Most employees use working mobile devices for personal reasons.
  • Visiting unknown websites is dangerous as some websites have viruses that can seriously damage smartphone or a computer and all the data stored on devices. Monitoring phone activity might prevent all the above-mentioned things.

Is It Legal to Spy on Employees?

The usage of monitoring software has always been a disputable matter. Certain people support, certain people are against. As a matter of fact, there is no law prohibiting installing spying software on phones that belong to the company. However, it is better to search for legal counsel. In certain countries, you might need a written consent of the user of the mobile device – an employee.

Ispyoo – the Right Choice for Your Phone

iSpyoo-monitoringIf you are totally lost among all existing monitoring apps for mobile devices, you should pay attention to Ispyoo – a great tool that will provide efficient spying process on the phones of the staff. Ispyoo is compatible with most common OS – iPhone and Android. Unfortunately, the app cannot be used with Blackberry even though such possibility is being considered by the developers.

Ispyoo has a nice and user-friendly website where you can find answers to any questions in respect to the app. The website was developed in bright and attracting colours, which makes it even more alluring. What is more important is that Ispyoo offers features that provide full control on every activity:

  • Phone calls. Make sure that your employees use corporate mobile devices only to make business calls and not personal. Ispyoo will help you with this task. You can listen to conversations in real time or set up recording settings to make a recording of a call if you do not have the possibility to listen. You can strore all recordings in Control Panel.
  • Social websites. Your employees might be chatting on Facebook even when you are standing over the shoulder. How? Easily – using corporate phones. If you want to know how much time the staff spends online, you will get access to this info with Ispyoo. The program monitors all most popular social media resources and apps – Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. With Ispyoo it is possible not only to see that someone is using, for example, Facebook Messenger but also to see the content of all conversations and dialogues.
  • iMessage. Some of the features might be different due to technical aspects of OS. Thus iMessage control feature is available only for iPhones as only iPhones have iMessenger.
  • Messages. Be aware of all sent and received SMS and their content with Ispyoo. There is also redirect feature that allows you to send SMS to other people on behalf of the monitored mobile device.
  • Monitor. Check which websites have been visited and how many times. If your employees visit suspicious websites that might contain harmful viruses, you will find out before something dab happened. Visiting unchecked websites is dangerous as the user might get a virus that can steal all data on computers and phones, including sensitive business data.
  • E-mail. Busy people use phones to send and get e-mails, which is fine. However, a little control will not be unnecessary as your employees might be sharing confidential information with third parties. With Ispyoo you will know the content of e-mails and other important information and, in such a way, protect your business from information leakage.
  • GPS tracker. This is one of most used features by employees. Ispyoo provides you the possibility to track the movement of target phone and make sure that an employee is away on business or out of office at a business meeting. Ispyoo can track the location of the phone, even when the GPS is not working.
  • Media content. Checking the gallery of the phone from time to time is useful. You will not only get a clear idea of who your employees are and how they use their free time but also become confident that there are no photos of confidential documents.

Start Using Ispyoo Today

iSpyooIspyoo is very simple in usage. To start the process of installation, make sure that your mobile device is meeting all requirements. To read more about the requirements, visit the official website of the program. Note that you should download and purchase the app at the official and authorized website to avoid scam. In Buy Now you will find information on app plans, terms, and plan price. Note that Ispyoo has a demo program with free features available for 48 hours. Once you have made the payment, you can download the software. There are also optional features that you can include upon your desire and order.


Ispyoo is the program with recent and advanced features. Users of the app love it because it is one of the most powerful programs as it covers all areas. It has received numerous comments and feedback. Make a purchase today and enjoy its features too!

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Reasons to Select Mobile Spy for Your Phone

m-spyMonitoring software has taken a serious position in the market due to many reasons. We live in a world of technologies that give us plenty of possibilities and unlimited access to information. It is so simple to stay in touch with friends and relatives that live miles away from you. In two clicks you can also find whatever you need on the Internet. Nevertheless, unlimited possibilities in certain areas of life and work also require certain control. Spying programs such Mobile Spy provides invisible control and monitoring of mobile devices.

Three Main Reason to Install Mobile Spy on the Phone

mobile-spy-demoThere are many reasons why people use monitoring software, but there are three main factors that influence the decision to control someone phone activity:

  1. Cheating spouse. People who experience difficulties in relationships usually suspect their husbands/ wives in infidelity. They feel suspicious about each phone call or Facebook message. In certain cases, monitoring apps help save marriages and prove that husband or wife is not cheating.
  2. Employees’ activity control. Small business and big companies feel necessity to monitor activities of their employees. Some companies simply ban usage of social media and various messengers. Other companies prefer to leave them unbanned but keep an eye on how much time staff spends time online.  It is not a single case when an employee misuses corporate phones for personal use or spend too much time on the Internet.
  3. Installing monitoring programs is not only one of the ways to control the activity of employees. It is also a good tool to protect your business from information leakage. You never know for sure what information is shared online with other people.
  4. Parental control. Uncontrolled access to the Net present specific dangers to kids. Parents who want to protect their children from bad influence frequently install spying software that allows them to have full control of computers and phones.

Legal Aspects of Using Mobile Spy

Legality of using spying software depends on countries and local legislation. In certain countries, monitoring programs are prohibited, but the list of such countries is really short. Using spy apps to monitor underage children is not an abuse of any laws. The same refers to installing software of phones that belong to the company and not a private person. However, when using Mobile Spy for monitoring a spouse, you should counsel legal specialist.

Benefits of Using Mobile Spy

mobile-spy-mainOne of the main benefits of using Mobile Spy is that the program is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. To make sure that your phone is compatible with the app, visit Mobile Spy website, Compatibility page. It is worth mentioning that some features might differ due to technical differences of OS.

  • Call control. With Mobile Spy you can monitor outgoing and incoming calls of the target phone. Information on data and phone number are available in Control Panel.
  • Message monitoring. Do you want to know what kind of messages your kid is sending and to whom?  Mobile Spy gives insight into all messages including, SMS and MMS.
  • iMessage/ PIN Messages. Specific features might be different due to OS differences. iMessage monitoring is available only for iPhones and iPads. You will be able to see the content of such messages just like regular text messages.

Blackberry also offers its users opportunity to control Blackberry PIN messages that are available only for Blackberry. You can save and view all conversations in an online control panel indeed.

  • Social media activity. This feature allows you to track social media activity of your employees or family member. You will know how much time they spend online, with whom they chat as well as about what. It is a good way to protect people and prevent bad things happening.
  • E-mail. Monitor cell phone e-mail activity with Mobile Spy to make sure that your stuff is not sending commercial information to competitors and protect your business. The following feature allows seeing the content of e-mails, recipient, attachments, subject, and date.
  • Multimedia. Mobile Spy provides access to the multimedia gallery of the phone where you can view photos, watch videos or listen to recordings. In such a way, you can find out more about the user of the phone and his/her interests.
  • Keylogger. All users of monitoring software adore keylogger feature as it saves the history of all keystrokes. You can check what your child has been searching on the Internet or sent, even if the message has been deleted. No secrets with Mobile Spy!
  • GPS tracker. Sometimes it is extremely helpful to have track location of the target phone to see where the user is. This feature allows you to define the safe and unsafe zone, and when the user crosses unsafe zone, you receive a corresponding notification. GPS tracker gives detailed information on the movement of your kids and employee. You will know whether your kid is missing school and whether the employee is really out of office for business meeting.
  • Phonebook and Calendar. Do you want to know what phone numbers have been added to the phone recently? No problems as Mobile Spy has access to phonebook of the phone. Get to know more about who your kid is contacting with. Calendar control will give you more details about plans of your kid for weekends. He/she still might be planning to visit the party that you are against.
  • Notification. Receive notifications when target phone is out of the safe zone or profanity language is used. You can use certain settings and receive an alert when they are not corrupted.

How to Purchase Mobile Spy

To clarify, you are recommended to avoid purchasing the app from unauthorized websites and buy app at the official website. In Purchase section, you will find detailed information the program installation, settings, and usage advice. Once you have decided which package you need, you can make a payment and start enjoying all the benefits of Mobile Spy.

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Why Choose TheOneSpy Phone Monitoring App

TheOneSpy-businessIt might come as a surprise, but spying programs are getting more and more popular these days. If you wonder why you first need to understand who are interested in installing monitoring apps most. In fact, there are three groups of people, who use spying apps to monitor computer and mobile devices – parents, jealous spouses, and employers.

Parents are always worried about their children and always do their best to protect their kids where they can. Today’s world presents plenty of opportunities for young generation but also presents certain dangerous. You will probably agree that it difficult to monitor information your kid gets access to on the Internet and at the same time you cannot ban your child from using computer or phone.

Jealous spouses might install monitoring software to make sure that their husbands or wives are not cheating on them. As a matter of fact, spying apps have frequently found evidence proving infidelity of a partner.

Employers install spying software simply because they need to monitor the performance of their employees and protect their business. They want to make sure that stuff does not disclose confidential information to anyone online and uses computer and phones for business purposes.

TheOneSpy – choosing the best application for phones

TheOneSpy-buggingTheOneSpy is said to be one of the best spying apps for phones considering its range of products, features, pricing and compatibility. TheOneSpy has a user-friendly interface and can be used on several mobile phones. Moreover, the program can be used with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The only one disadvantage of the following program that it is used only for mobile phones, and cannot be installed on computers.

  • Calls monitoring. TheOneSPy is a program that has all most needed features among which you find call monitoring feature. With this function, you will be able to listen to all live conversations on the target In case you have missed a phone call, you can listen to a recording. TheOneSpy also saves call history.
  • Phone bugging. This is not a new feature even though it sounds like something new. TheOneSpy gives the opportunity to monitor the user of the phone with the help of camera and microphone. The program records sound in the background, while the camera can take pictures of the location It is a great chance to get the idea where target phone is.
  • GPS tracker. If you are worried about the location of your kid or you are not sure that your employee is really away on business, you can use GPS tracking feature of TheOneSpy to define the location of the phone. With TheOneSpy you will receive detailed information about the location of the target phone. Moreover, you can set additional settings to monitor the movement of the device – define safe and restricted areas to monitor efficiently. When crossing borders of the safe zone and going to restricted zone, you will receive the alert notification informing about that.
  • Keylogger. Mobile devices have substituted traditional computers in many ways. Children use phones to get in touch with friends, search something online or send e-mail. Let’s be honest – you want to know what your kid is searching on the Internet and die to know who he/she is talking on Facebook. Keylogger is a feature that allows you to save keystrokes of the phone and provides info on typed text.
  • Social media and instant messengers. Social media has always been a weak point for employers and parent Parents are concerned about new friends their children meet online and employers suffer from employees who waste time on social media websites instead of working. TheOneSpy is a simple but efficient solution. With TheOneSpy you get the opportunity to monitor chats of target phone user on Facebook, Viber, Skype and many other messengers. TheOneSPy ensures access to contacts, complete conversations, including video conversations, friend list and even saved multimedia.
  • Controlling multimedia content. When it comes to multimedia, parents become especially anxious as they want to monitor everything, know more about their children and how they spend their free time. With TheOneSpy you will receive a chance as the app give access to all stored photos and videos of the phone. This feature will give a deep insight into interests of your kids and the way they spend time with friends.
  • Screenshots. Making screenshots is the extremely useful feature when it comes to monitoring employees because screenshots might become good evidence proving that employees are not using their phones in a proper way.
  • Controlling e-mails. If you need to send an-email, you do not have to use the computer as you can do it using the mobile That means that you also need to be able to monitor e-mail accounts used on target phones. Luckily with TheOneSpy, this is not a challenge. The app gives access to e-mails, its content and detailed information, including subject, attachments, and addresses. In such away, you will be able to monitor and protect your company from information leakage, and, if it happens, you will easily find out the guilty person.
  • Other phone activities. TheOneSpy monitors other phones activities too. For instance, you can check phonebook and see whether new contacts have been added, or monitor calendar of the phone to see whether your kid is planning to participate in any suspicious event.

How to start using TheOneSpy

theonespyIt is very easy to start using TheOneSpy. You are recommended to visit the official website of the application to read detailed information on products and pricing. All products can be purchased at the official website for a reasonable price.

Once you have decided which product will meet your requirements, you need to make a payment. After making payment for the product, you are able to download TheOneSpy. Install application and enjoy its features!

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SpyEra is the Perfect Choice for You to Spy

spyera-pc-bigRecently people get more into spy software than before. SpyEra is one of those programs that offer a high-quality performance along with a bunch of original features. Along with such hits as XNSPY, SpyBubble, Mobistealth, and mSpy SpyEra gained popularity very quickly remains one of the most successful applications on the market these days.

This software is a perfect parental control solution and at the same time works perfectly as a business purpose app. If you have lots of corporate gadgets that should be used properly, you can control them easily with this software. So let’s look closer on it and check out its advantages and weak sides.

SpyEra Performance

There are lots of various SpyEra reviews online. Most of them are positive and mark its perfect performance. Developed by Hong Kong based company, SpyEra remains one of the leaders of sales all over the world. While it is simple working software that has no big differences in options along with other spying software, it can impress you with its reliability, high quality, and generous offers.

The list of its features is very long, and it means that every customer can find something for himself no matter why he decided to use monitoring software. SpyEra perfectly works with all the most popular phone and tablet operating systems. Apple devices, Android, Blackberry and Symbian powered gadgets will deal with this software with no problems and performance issues.

SpyEra Features

spyera-reviewsHere is the place to talk about features of this powerful software. There are lots of them. Among some typical spy options such as text messages monitoring and calls logging, you can find something really unique. Here are the most interesting and important of them:

Real-time call listening – SpyEra deals with calls in every possible way. Besides logging calls and their details such as date, number, and duration, this software also provides its user with a unique ability to listen to every incoming or outgoing call. While a target phone is receiving a phone call, you get your special SMS notification on your own gadget. This feature is a great point for an effective parental control.

Surroundings listening and recording – a real spy feature, right? If you want to turn a target phone into a real spy bug, just install SpyEra on it. It is as simple as it gets. The software enables target phone microphone to record and transmits all the sounds that are happening around. Just get a fake call on the target device and turn on the microphone for surrounding recording or listening. The quality of received sound signal depends on the target phone’s microphone.

Multimedia content copying – as modern users take tons of photos with every new day, it can be a great opportunity to know something new about the target phone user you are spying on. With the help of this software, you may easily view and copy any content that is housed on the mobile device.

Phone calls live recording – besides simple listening to incoming and outgoing calls, you get an opportunity to record them. This is a great opportunity for you to get evidence in case you are fighting with a cheating spouse or an employee who sends your corporate secrets to your competitors.

GPS location tracking – this feature is not new to us as we saw it in various applications these days. But there is one thing that makes SpyEra GPS tracker different. It is very accurate and fast. So you will be able to get an entire route of the target phone and quickly check the location of your stolen device. Also, it is a great feature for those who afraid their kids to be kidnapped.

All text messages monitoring – modern phone user sends and receives hundreds of text messages in different ways. It can be a typical SMS, business email, friendly chat with one of those popular applications as WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. SpyEra is the software that can deal with all of them. Even chat software that is a tough task for other software to monitor, SpyEra has permanent access to them and provides you with accurate logs about all the messages that were sent.

All applications access – there are lots of various applications installed on the modern smartphones and tablets. Some of them may be really important and interesting to be monitored. SpyEra gives you such an opportunity. You can control all the software including such default ones as calendar, notes, and notifications.

Browser, calls, messages, location history monitoring – will provide you with all the necessary logs about all the actions on the target phone. Any action that was made on the device you are spying on will be accurately logged with all the necessary details.


spyera-compatabilitySpyEra, as we said before, is one of the most popular and reliable apps nowadays. Some users find it a little bit too expensive, but there are lots of unique features that make such price a reasonable one. Another weak side of the software is its customer support department. There is no online chat. This option is a must for any reputable service provider, and we hope SpyEra will solve this problem soon.

But what really matters for the software is about its features and quality of performance. Both points are very solid and have not many competitors on the modern market. If you are looking for reliable spy software with a perfect stealth mode, SpyEra will impress and satisfy you for sure. If you are a businessman and your corporate devices need to be protected and monitored, choose SpyEra with no doubts. If you are a parent who tries to protect his kid from online and real-life dangers, get this software installed on your child’s phone as soon as it is possible.

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