An Unbiased FlexiSPY Review: A Phone Spy Software for Android Devices


What is FlexiSpy: A Brief Introduction to the Hottest Android Spy App for Mobile Phones

FlexiSpy is a special software application that can be installed on a compatible Android phone to track how the phone is used and the information that is shared through the target device. If one thing is certain, The Android compatible phone spy program is true to its name as it is extremely flexible with the type of spy tools it gives users. First-time users typically question the advantages of such a program. Here are a few pros and cons to consider if you plan to get a spy app for an Android device.


  • FlexiSpy is an easy installation. All you need is access to the target device for a few minutes to start the process. 
  • The app comes with four different programs. You can start with one an upgrade to another later on if you want access to more features.
  • The FlexiSpy software for Android devices allows you to command the program remotely from an online source.
  • The Android compatible phone spy program is capable of sending you real-time notifications and alerts if certain changes occur on the target Android device including a change of SIM card or when the user of the device calls specified contacts that have been listed as restricted.
  • FlexiSpy works in stealth mode when it monitors a device: This means the user never knows the program is on the device.
  • The Android phone app has one of a kind features, like being able to take pictures with the target cell device remotely.


  • Cost: Despite the four versions of the program, the prices can seem a bit hard on the wallet when the lowest price is $68.00 a month.
  • Not every version of the FlexiSpy phone spy program can give you access to every feature the program offers. 

flexispy app reviewThere are four versions of the Android phone monitoring program, all of which offer some innovative spy tools for use in monitoring the device of an underage child or employee while at work. Here are some of the remarkable tracking and recording features the Android tracking resource offers:

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  • The program lets you spy on phone calls

    You can record the calls, view logs of every call. Track VoIP calls on a device with an Android operating system. If you want to listen to the ambient sounds surrounding the phone in real-time, you can do that too. You can record the surroundings in real-time, and the app gives access to a Facetime Spy Cam.

  • The program lets you spy on messages sent and received on a cell phone.

    The Android tracking resource will track SMS message, MMS messages. If there are certain keywords you do not approve of, the app will delete the messages. With FlexiSpy , you can send SMS messages that are fake, and you can read a child or employee’s inbound and outbound emails.

  • Break those impossible passcodes.

    The program will record all passwords. So you can gain access to various material on the target device should the need ever arise. It will capture passwords from third party applications and email alike.

  • FlexiSpy offers GPS location tracking of the phone:

    You can instantly see where the child/employee is with the target phone on a Google Map.

  • FlexiSpy lets you spy on chat messages from a huge array of third party applications. Now you can see what a child/employee is talking about and with him in apps like QQ, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, KiK, Google Hangouts, BBM, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, Skype, LINE, Whatsapp, Yahoo Messenger, Blackberry PIN, iMessage, and more.
  • Track third party application

    FlexiSpy lets you view the target phone’s calendar, notes, installed programs, calendar, and program activity.

  • Multimedia files do not escape the tracking eyes of FlexiSpy. Parents can see videos, photos, and audio files, all from a convenient, user-friendly control panel online.
  • Internet activity is also on the tracking list for FlexiSpy. This Android phone compatible app will point out the bookmarks and the browser history of the device.

FlexiSpy Compatibility: Will the App Work with Your Android Device?

flexi spy app reviewThis Android compatible device ­­will work on devices hosting an operating system ranging from 4.0.3 to 6.0.1. To get all features, it means having to root the Android device.

Bear in mind! You may not be able to get all features if the target device has dual SIM cards.

FlexiSpy Versions: To Root or Not to Root?

When an Android tracking resource suggests a phone be rooted to get all features it means the special software has to be installed on the phone so that the Android device will permit feature access on the device. FlexiSpy offers a premium plan and an extreme plan, both with non-rooted and rooted options.

However, you lose out on a lot of features if you do not root the Android phone you want to track remotely. To enjoy all of the tools FlexiSpy offers completely, it is best to root the Android phone. If you are going to opt to install the program and root the device, you need to root the Android phone first before you install it.

FlexiSpy Premium and Extreme Plans: Which Phone Spy App is Right for You?

If you want FlexiSpy with all the bells and whistles, then you are going to want to opt for the Premium Rooted version. You will ask what is the main difference between the Premium rooted and Basic rooted? The cheaper program does not offer password tracking and third party application tracking.

With the Basic non-rooted version of the program, you lose out on a number of the third party messenger tracking abilities. The ability to live intercept calls in real-time, and the ability to record calls. Some alerts may also prove unavailable.

Rooted and non-rooted versions of the program are the same prices. So you lose features in non-rooted version, but still, pay the cost for the full version of FlexiSpy.

One final note: This app is compatible with Blackberry, Symbian, and iPhone devices as well.

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adeola adebayo

My phone and wife phones are NOT rooted. Efforts to root them failed. What are the features that can be enjoyed on unrooted devices like infiinix hot note and Techno Y2. How can the app be bought in Nigeria with Naira as local currency. Thanks

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