How to hack a cell and prove that your boyfriend is cheating on iPhone?


If you ask yourself how to catch a cheating boyfriend red handed and confirm your doubts regarding his affair with another woman, then there is a perfect solution for you as today app market is full of spy software that is easy to install, operate and compatible with most popular devices like iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

More often nowadays hacking spy software is used to monitor young children, track employees, back up information from the phone, or track cell in case it was stolen. But a lot of young people are using it to monitor their partners’ actions as this app hacks the data from target phone and provides access to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Line chats.


Catch your Boyfriend Cheating with a Cell Spy App

Using any of free available surveillance apps, that is possible to find online, gives you full access to your boyfriend’s phone:

  • The app tracks cell calls as well as their duration. Having access to the list of contacts, you are going to be aware with whom your partner talks and how often;
  • SMS, MMS and iMessage tracking feature provides admittance to message history. It empowers you to view every inbox, sent and deleted messages at targeted phone;
  • GPS trace monitors coordinates of the cell and indicates location;
  • You will have access to the target phone gallery and track photos and videos made by the cell;
  • Moreover, complete control over social network accounts also allows you to hack chats in Facebook, Skype, Twitter;
  • Also, you will view installed apps, calendar events.

It is possible to monitor and hack up to 3 devices at the same time. All you have to do is to install desired software on the target phone . Then login after creating your secure online account.

Having one your boyfriend won’t be able to keep secrets from you as all his activities will be available to your knowledge at any time by hacking his cell.


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Catching a cheater is far less tiresome with the app you mentioned

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