Easy Spy Software Complete Review. The Great Opportunity to Track Mobile Phones of Other People

easy spy reviewAre you a mother of active teens? Is it important for you to know where your children are? Are you a person that always loses mobile phones? Are you a jealous man or woman? Do you want to control your staff members? If you’ve faced at least with one of these issues, our review will be useful and beneficial.

Easy Spy is an app for a cell phone or another portable device that lets you control actions of your relatives, friends or other people. The tracking tool will find your lost phone or let you watch the browser history of your child’s phone, for instance.

If you are an employer, and it is important for you to check the quality of work in your office, you may easily do it with such phone tracker. You need to remember that Easy Spy app operates in a stealth mode so that no one will detect the spyware in a cell phone. In fact, it will make the monitoring process comfortable and efficient.

What Is the Full Power of Easy Spy?

easy spy review

  • GPS monitoring. The most common using of Easy Spy is its GPS tracking system. The spy app can accurately determine the coordinates of the target person and reveal the lies in some cases. For example, your employee said that he is ill, but instead of staying at home, he traveled to Miami Beach for vacation. Maybe, your daughter said that she would stay with her best friend, but her actual phone location is the loudest party in the city. So, with the help of Easy Spy, you may find out the truth. Moreover, even if you’ve lost your mobile phone or somebody stole it, you can easily find your phone or lock it remotely.
  • Check Web browser. Using of such spy software for the phone monitoring gives you plenty of possibilities. One of them is to watch websites that were visited from the target phone. It is crucial for parents to monitor which URLs their children visit. Some content on the Internet can cause a harmful impact on kids. Probably, you are a husband, and you search for a present for your wife. In this case, you may use Easy Spy to find out the history of browser requests on your dear woman’s phone.
  • Control text messages. Moreover, the spy app provides the communication monitoring. Such capability is very useful for companies that develop new products. For example, a project director can control emails and various chatting programs of his employees to prevent the transfer of confidential data via cell phones. With the help of the spying program, you will easily find a traitor and save a large sum of money. Also, you can control IMessages on IPhone and IPad and receive the comprehensive logs and all needed data about the person you spy on.
  • Complete call logs. This spy app will help you to be aware of whether your secretary uses office cell phone for personal or working purposes. You will be aware of all contacts saved on the target mobile phone. It even includes some extra information about the time and duration of each phone call. So, you will get full access to the call history of your spouse.
  • Multimedia files checking. It’s very useful for those parents who want to know with whom their kids spend time. You’ll get access to pictures and videos that your child watches.
  • Social networks tracking. The spyware gives you the ability to spy on popular social network websites, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. You can read sent and received messages, view Twitter posts and so on. It can help parents to find out something new about their children.

Some Extra Functions of Easy Spy

Use Easy Spy like a bug. You may turn your mobile phone into a spying device because it can record different calls or listen to the surroundings of the phone. You have the opportunity to monitor what your spouse or soul mate is doing at midnight.

Make pictures remotely. Easy Spy can control a camera and take pictures of the target phone owner. You will have access to your personal online control panel and move there all needed information about the mobile phone you spy on. The panel allows you to get access to all needed information and make some program settings. You will get known about all extra activities of the target cell phone anytime you need.

Compatibility and installation

easy spy reviewEasy Spy app is available on Android and iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. It works well all over the world. The install process is simple and clear. After purchasing the license for Easy Spy, you will get the email with download link and all need data about your personal account, such as login and password. To complete the setup process, you must type the phone number you wish to spy on. If you have some issues with this software or the overall spying process, you may write to the customer support, and they will help you to solve it. Easy Spy has a remote uninstaller, so you may clean up all your actions without using the tracked cell phone. You can do it from anywhere. All you need is the Internet connection.

Does Easy Spy Have Some Drawbacks?

You need to remember laws of your country or state. You can’t make the invasion into privacy. Also, you may find out something that will change your life. Some companies offer spying software that provides more advanced options for a convenient spy. You may check other reviews of popular apps like Flexispy or iKey Monitor to make the final decision of purchasing.

What Is Easy Spy Price?

Easy Spy costs 29.99$ per month. If you need an extra guarantee or live support via the phone, you should pay more. It is not the lowest price for such set of features, but you may cancel it anytime you want.

Final Thoughts

Easy Spy will help you to be more confident in your family and friends. Moreover, it can give you a power of controlling employees’ work. It will provide you with lots of details of somebody’s life, and it will be very hard to deny the truth. The application will turn your mobile phone into the “database of truth.” It is convenient and has a user-friendly interface.

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