Highster Mobile Phone Spy App Review


Why Are Parents Turning to a Product Like Highster Mobile Phone Software?

Peace of mind… it is something every parent craves when worried about a child and what child might be doing without the parent’s knowledge. Kids are inexperienced and lack the insight and foresight to see how some of their behaviors might put them in a dangerous situation; this is particularly true with the child is abusing the right to use a cell phone.

Today, with technology changing and evolving at the speed of light, it is imperative that the modern parent becomes technology-savvy and that they make use of resources that can help prevent a child from inadvertently stepping into a harmful situation.

The Internet is not a safe place for kids, but many teens access it every day. While it is a great source for seeking out information and it brings people together with the greatest of ease, the Internet is also a place where it is all too easy to find predatory behavior and bullying.

The Highster mobile application is something that works on both Android and iPhone devices and it serves as a tool parents can add to their existing arsenal of resources they put to use in keeping a child safe from harm.

Peace of mind….it’s what a program like Highster mobile phone spy delivers.

It is hard not to be impressed when one views all that the Highster Mobile Phone software program can do in the way of stealth surveillance. The program promises a full suite of remarkable features, all of which serve to return full control of a child’s actions. With Highster mobile, parents can relax a bit, knowing they have all the knowledge needed to keep a child out of dangerous situations. Here are just some of the advantages the Highster mobile program delivers:


  • Amazingly easy to use Highster control panel: Every user of the Highster mobile phone software is provided with a free account. The user establishes a User ID and password to gain access to the control panel. Whenever information is tracked on the phone, it uploads to Highster’s It is then sent right to the user’s account for review via a remote computer or laptop. Not even Highster’s staff looks at the material as it is considered for “the user’s eyes only.”
  • Block websites and third party apps: Parents now can control what the child views on the Web from the mobile phone and Highster gives control over third party apps as well. The power goes back into the hands of the parent in terms of controlling the content a child views.
  • Secretive children or kids who don’t like sharing details about their activities with parents can hide little when the Highster mobile phone application is installed onto a target device: A parent can see phone logs, who calls, the duration of the call, the child’s calendar, and the child’s contact list on the cell phone.
  • GPS locating details via the Highster mobile phone control panel: A parent will know if a child is where they say they will be and can track the device within 50 feet of an actual residence or location.
  • Parents can track new, old, and even deleted texts, SMS messages, and emails. The Highster mobile app tracks chat sessions from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The mobile phone spy solution retains photos, videos, and parents can uninstall the app anytime from a remote location.


The Highster mobile phone program, while quite affordable at $29.99 a month, it is still not free, and some parents may find the price a deterrent. The mobile phone app Highster works with Android cell devices and iPhones. There is a non-jail breaking version one can install on a compatible iPhone or iPad tablet, however, the non-jailbreaking option causes the loss of tracking information related to the popular social messenger tools.

The jailbroken version of the program will deliver on all features in the feature list. Likewise, you do not have to root a device with an Android operating system to avail yourself of all features; otherwise, an unrooted device may not track some of the social media messaging options. Highster is an app fully compatible with all cellular providers. The various programs are compatible with different cell phones as well, and you will need the correct operating system to start using the apps.

Introducing the Highster Mobile Phone App Control Panel

highster-mobileThe control panel of the Highster program is impeccably designed. The board is unobtrusive, free of confusion, and easy to navigate. You will find it completely user-friendly. Once you log into the secure area, you will see a column running down the left side of the computer screen: This is the main menu from where you will access all information.

The Dashboard takes up the rest of the screen where you will see several different colored boxes running from left to right. Each box is labeled, and inside the box, you will see a number that indicates how many records or files you have available for review. The menu clearly lists the different information you can access, and you will find some tools for additional controls.

The dashboard presents GPS location tracking details along with a Google Map, and the program can track a target mobile phone within 50 feet of an actual location or address. Next to any GPS information, the user who is monitoring a device can view photos and videos instantly.

The menu clearly separates device logs and communication logs. Under the types of communications logs, the user will discover tracking information on Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and similar programs: Both text and images are logged for review. Beneath the device logs, the user will discover a list of logged information including calls, SMS, Calendar, Email, Contacts, Browser history, GPS logs, and GPS tracking details. You can also handle third-party applications via the Highster mobile phone control panel.


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