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Reasons to Use mSpy

These days monitoring software is getting more and more popular for many reasons. In the world of modern technologies, it is difficult to work and study without laptops and computers, but it is even more difficult to control the flow of information children get access to. You cannot know for sure what your child is doing online. Who she/ he is chatting with or what kind of videos watching. It makes parents use monitoring software that helps control their kids’ activity on the Internet.

If you are a successful businessman, you also know how difficult to monitor work of your employees and how important it can be. Most companies follow democratic policy and do not ban any websites or social networks. As the result, their employees misuse the Internet and spend working hours in an inefficient way. Moreover, there are no guarantees that your staff is loyal to the company and will never share or disclose any confidential information.

Choosing the Right Monitoring Software

mspy_mapIf you have never used monitoring software, it might be difficult for you to select the best among a great variety of apps. Experienced users highly recommend mSpy monitoring app which you can quickly install on your laptop or your phone. It is important to understand that free apps that can be downloaded from the Internet do not provide your devices with solid protection.

That is why mSpy is not a free app. Visit official website – – to find information on the selection of products. You are offered to choose one of three different product sets – Basic, Premium, and Bundle Kit. Each set of the app contains different features sold at a different price. Your choice of a set will greatly depend on where you use mSpy.

Download mSpy

Website of mSpy is very user-friendly and has a comprehensive navigation. The homepage includes information on products, features of the app, FAQ section with an answer to the most popular questions, chat and contact information of customer support team for customers who might have additional questions or simply need help.

The app and its usage are completely legal. It can be used to monitor the activity of underage kids and devices that belong to the company. If you are planning to use tracking software for any other purpose, you are advised to talk to legal counsel to avoid legal issues.

mSpy – the Best Monitoring Tool for Your Computer

mSpyIt does not matter much whether you are planning to install mSpy at home or in the office. After installation, the app works on a background. You can keep the icon on the desktop of a device and let the user know that he/she is being monitored or keep it hidden. The software features allow you to track what is happening on your laptop or office computer when you are not around.

  • Screenshots.

    The app takes screenshots of computer desktop and allows you to see exactly what the user has been doing and when. Even if your kid is hiding something, you will find out about it.

  • Keylogger. This function is incredibly useful as it presents you with information about every keystroke typed by your child or an employee. The history is kept even if the user has tried to delete it. In such a way you can make sure that your kid is safe when making friends online. If you are a business owner, this function will give you insight on whether your staff is working or spend time chatting online.
  • Activity.

    It might be a good idea to limit usage of the computer by your child, but it is difficult to check when your child starts and ends sessions. Luckily, mSpy has a function that shows how much time has been spent using a computer. Now you can supervise the process even remotely.

  • Usage and installation of applications.

    Most companies use only licensed apps and prohibit usage of any other software. It results in the necessity to control employees to prevent downloading and installation of other programs. Moreover, software downloads from the Internet for free can be harmful for your computer. mSpy generates information on all apps. It also provides info on which programs and for how long has been used. Now you will know whether your kid is doing a home assignment or playing games.

Compatible with Most Popular OS

logo_v5_m_3dOne of the main reasons users prefer to use mSpy on mobile phones is that it is compatible with most popular operational systems – iPhone and Android. It does not matter whether your kid uses iPhone or Samsung. Install the app to control the activity of your child’s phone. Note that mSpy can be used for jailbroken and non-jailbroken phones. Be attentive not to buy mSpy without jailbreak, if you need one.

  • Manage calls. If your company corporate mobile services for its employees, you should install monitoring app to prevent misuse of corporate cell phones. mSpy gets information on all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Messages and emails. With mSpy there is no need to worry that sensitive information can be sent via SMS or email as you can track it down. You will be able to read emails and check attachments that you send. Moreover, you can filter them by address, content, heading, etc.
  • Track location. All parents become nervous when they cannot reach their children via phone. Set up mSpy on the phone of your son. And you will always know where he is and when he skips school.

Download mSpy

mSpy is a great monitoring solution for home and work. The app is compatible with most devices; it works regardless of where you live, what cellular carrier or the Internet provider you use. Do not hesitate to buy mSpy and take advantage of its functions today!

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