Choose One of the Top-10 Monitoring Apps for Android Phone

oboi-dlya-android2Our team of web designers and developers have collected the reviews of the best monitoring software for Android phone. We have created our own top of the most wanted free and paid applications. Android Spy apps can be used for:

  • Tracking child’s activities
  • Recording surroundings
  • Make shots via target phone camera
  • Reading messages remotely (from Viber to WhatsApp)
  • Controlling social network logs
  • Viewing internet browser history
  • Listening to outgoing and incoming phone calls
  • Stealing any password
  • Finding a lost device by its location

Now that you know your opportunities, you might want to start running one of the monitoring tools described below. Don’t let anyone cheat on you! Prevent the life of your child from various threats!

Top-10 Monitoring Applications for any Android Phone

  1. Night Vision Spy Camera

Children like lying, especially when it comes to their pastime. They can swear that they study for tomorrow’s class with one of their peers. In fact, they might spend this time partying. It is not that hard to get alcohol beverages if you’re under 16-18 these days.

Thus, it would be useful to take pictures of your child’s surrounding with his Android phone to view the photos of the ‘crime scene.’ At least, a parent will be able to stop this madness using special parental monitoring tools.

Night Vision Soy Camera figures as a regular camera, but it was founded for monitoring and spying. You‘ll be able to switch camera and share taken pictures to popular social networks if there is a need. This app is free of charge.

  1. Ear Spy

ear-spyRecording surroundings has never been easier. One more free monitoring software for Android devices makes it possible to work with audio files that include voices and sounds.

There is an opportunity to hear the sound from various premises with the help of phone Bluetooth headset. Users can also use graphics equalizer to tune the incoming signal. This monitoring tool can be found on Google Play (special Android store).

  1. Spy WhatsApp

spy-whatsappThis is a special offer which allows monitoring activities of any Whatsapp users.

As far as kids today prefer using apps like that to communicate easily, this would be a great parental control solution for Android phone.

Parents would be even able to view online status even if it is hidden. Get this one for free!

  1. Hide Calls Automatically

hide-calls-automaticallyUsually, the most precious information is locked in the phone’s outgoing and incoming call section. This software makes it possible to hide the call log about particular phone numbers.

It won’t leave any step on the target Android phone. During the next times, a phone owner will have to enter a special passcode to contact the chosen phone number. Besides, the missed called never appear in the phone call history. This Android tool is also free.

  1. Children Tracker Beta

children-tracker-betaMonitoring your child is still the most popular option among all free Android apps.

This one allows tracking all kid’s activities within 24 hours with the exact location and browsing internet/call histories. Android application contains:

  • Location tracking
  • Phone call logs
  • Text messages tracking
  • All downloads
  • Connected hotspots
  • Ability to hide the app from drawer

Besides, monitoring becomes more effective once you use Geofencing and e-mail reporting on the chosen Android phone.

  1. Famigo

famigoLet’s start our list of paid Android apps with the cheapest monitoring options. This one is considered to be parental control software which comes along with the cheapest subscription: just $1 per month!

Every family will enjoy special features of this Android tool including:

  • Safety lock
  • Extra fun videos
  • Inserted web browser
  • Exciting games (just add a bit to your subscription)

Moreover, if you need the opportunity of monitoring internet browser history and social network activity, you’ll be amazed by so-called Famigo Wowzer, a browser created especially for the youngest children. There is an integrated content filtering inside.

  1. Mobile Spy

mobile-spyChoose between basic version and advanced options. Activity logs are the basic advantage of this monitoring app for Android.

A spying side will receive all notifications, which will be activated once a particular number tries to call your target phone. Installation process might be a bit complex, but the results are worth trying.

It costs $30-50 depending on what Android user wants.

  1. SpyBubble

spybubble-softwareThe major features of this Android monitoring app include:

  • monitoring text messages
  • viewing pictures, video files, and listening to audio files
  • controlling e-mails and social network activities
  • watching after WhatsApp, Viber, and similar communication applications
  • displaying full mobile internet browser history

Just come up with your personal online account. The tool is mostly recommended to aged people who would like to take care of their children no matter how far they are.

The price is $49.95 for the Standard version and $84.90 for the Pro version. Parents and intimate partners can start using this app today.

  1. Highster Mobile

highster-mobileAnother popular monitoring and spying software makes it possible to read all text messages like e-mails and SMS on the target Android phone.

It’s a good solution for those phone users who work with Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and other messaging apps and social networks.

It’s up to you whether you are willing to give away $70 for full incoming and outgoing calls tracking. Remember about the risks associated with the ability of your target object to bust you for setting up and applying spy software.

  1. FlexiSpy

flexispy-box-300x300The app is number one for accurate monitoring of various messaging applications such as Whatsapp. You’ll see every like or comment as well. It is also capable of tracking your target Android object’s location. If you are an advanced Android mobile phone user who is ready to pay $149-$349 in order to save his family or company, the app is right for you.

So far, we have covered the best free and paid Android monitoring phone apps for both parental control and safety of your family or business. If you have any questions left, try to find answers here.

It’s up to you to decide which app (or set of apps) would fit your needs the best!

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