What You Need to Know About Auto Forward

autofoward-spy-appToday spying on computers and mobile devices is easy as a piece of cake as there are many applications and programs. Auto Forward is another tool that makes monitoring on Apple and Android devices much easier. The software is relatively new but has already received many positive comments and feedback from users. It is compatible with both operating systems and is also applied as data recovery tool. Around ten years ago it was impossible to retrieve data from the phone, but now you can do it in two minutes. So how does it work?  This review is dedicated to Auto Forward description telling about its features and benefits. Take a couple of minutes to look through this review to see for yourself whether the program meets your needs.

  • Compatibility. As it has been already mentioned, the app is compatible with Apple and Android operating systems and, thus, is used on iPhone, Samsung, HTC and many other devices. Good news for Apple users as the soft does not require any jailbreak. Unlike most packages, which need jailbreak of a device before installation, you can quickly install Auto Forward for only 69,99$.
  • Website. It is worth mentioning that the Auto Forward has a user-friendly website which contains detailed information about the products, compatibility, installation process, and even comments and reviews. The navigation is clear and simple, and it is easy to find whatever you are looking for.
  • Reports. Collected information is kept and presented in a structured way in via reports, which you can find in control panel. You can access control panel from computer or mobile phone any time. All you need is a good and continuous internet.
  • Customer Support. If you happen to have a question or you simply need help with selecting a product or payment, you should contact an expert from Customer Support team, and he/she will gladly help you. Customer Support expert can be reached by phone or e-mail 24 hours.
  • Product price. The software has a fixed price – 69, 99$. There are no hidden fees or extra payments. You pay once and get the right to apply the app on a lifetime basis. All further upgrades come absolutely It is important to upgrade the software on a regular basis to make it compatible with the device you are targeting. When there is a new upgrade, you receive a special notification.
  • Payment methods. All payments are safe and protected. Therefore, there is no need to be worried about any personal data disclosure. Clients can pay for the product via PayPal system or cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discovers, etc.

Main Features and Benefits

autofowardAuto Forward is a tool you can use not only for spying purposes, but also for keeping your information always available no matter what might happen to your phone. Considering the fact that the software is applied on different operating systems, certain features might differ.

  • Tracking calls. Do you want to know who your partner has been talking to for so long? No problem! The program tracks all phone calls and, if necessary, records them for you to listen to later. It is a good feature as you might not always have an internet connection.
  • Messages. Access and read messaged received, sent or even deleted. Teenagers might become secretive with time, and this function gives an insight into their life. An excellent tool to keep up with your children without informing them. Note that this feature might be a bit different and includes extra for iPhones as they have iMessage feature.
  • Social media monitoring. Find out what is going on social media and apps such as Skype, Viber, Telegram, Facebook, etc. A good way to get a deeper insight into the private life of your kids or activity of employees. It does not come as a surprise because many people use computers and cell phones at work to chat online.
  • Extracting e-mails. E-mails might contain personal and business information which must not be disclosed to third people, or has a high value. Losing or breaking phone results in data loss, which you could prevent if you are applying Auto Forward. You can safely store any information, and, thus, retrieve it within several minutes.
  • Location of any mobile device is quickly detected with GPS tracker, which you can activate remotely using spying software.
  • Multimedia files. This feature allows you to see photos and videos stored on a device. Multimedia files tell you a lot about the user’s hobbies and interest as well as places he/ she has been too.
  • Internet history. It might be a wise idea to control a little bit Internet activity of your children. Unlimited and uncontrolled access to the Net has its drawbacks. You never know for sure what websites do they visit.
  • Remote camera control. You can remotely take pictures to see where the target phone is. All actions are taken in silent mode and cannot be detected. This is a good way to make sure that your kid is really at school or partner – at work.

How to Install Auto Forward?

Auto-Forward-screenThe installation of the software takes a couple of minutes. It is very simple and quick. You need to select a product at the official website, make a payment and you will receive an e-mail with purchase information. Download the app, enter license code and the number of the phone you want to monitor, and that is it.

Experienced users, who have already tried other programs, say that Auto Forward is among the best apps. It is simple and efficient at the same time. Do not hesitate to try it and see for yourself.

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