Does free spyware works with every cell?

spywareModern smartphones are capable of amazing things. They store private information and know about their owners more that closest friends. Therefore, some curious individuals are trying to hack the phone to learn our secrets.

In some cases, these actions are justified like tracking employees on their business trips or making sure they don’t sell confidential information; worried parents also hacking children’s devices to keep them safe from negative influence. When your device is missing such spy apps are invaluable as help to identify cell’s exact location. But in most cases, phones are hacked by jealous partners, stalkers and work colleagues who are curious about your life.

Downloading and installing a spyware is an easy task. The only obstacle on your way to hacking a target phone is that you must have physical access to install an app. It is impossible to monitor or hack someone’s cell remotely without installing software. Next step is creating your personal account to receive gathered data.

Some surveillance products are free but have some options that demand paying; another part of spyware has a free trial period or even 48 hours. Spy apps for mobile phones are compatible with BlackBerry, Android and iOS and almost completely undetectable. But before installing one make sure that your device’s type is going to work with the chosen software as control over the target phone will be performed from your cell.

Here are some major options you will obtain while monitoring targeted device:

  • Viewing of social networks’ activities performed from target gadget;
  • Checking sent, inbox and deleted messages or iMessages as well as looking through emails;
  • You will be aware of gadget’s location;
  • Access to all media files from gallery;
  • Looking through the list of contacts, calendar detail and notes, etc.

Spyware will run stealthily in the background and won’t cause any problems to gadget’s owner.

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