How to get someones text messages and send them to another phone?

how to get someones text messages sent to your phone“I have just discovered that the company I work for has been monitoring my text messages!  How can they do this without having access to my phone?”


Increasingly, employers implement apps and software that allows them to hack company-owned devices, to monitor integrity and productivity in the workplace.  There have been known cases where employees have violated moral and legal boundaries using company-owned technology, thereby placing the company at legal and reputational risk. Understandably, employers require the consent of their employees to monitor activities, and hack e-mail and social media messages on these devices.  You will no doubt find this in your employment contract.

While some users see justification in monitoring the messages and mobile phone activities of minors for their own protection, the decision to hack someone else’s phone remains highly contentious.  However, use in the context of a company is widely accepted as justified.

There is a wide scope of technology available to enable you to hack another phone without even touching the target phone.  This is achieved by enlisting the services of a software spy platform.  There are some highly advanced services that can be purchased for a once-off fee.  Some have a monthly subscription, and users looking to hack a phone should make an informed choice.  It is highly recommended that users choose a service that has free support for help during the set-up process, as well as any technical issues that may arise.

After set-up users will receive access to phone, its all incoming and outgoing messages, e-mails, social media interactions, photos and other messenger platforms.  So it is wise to be aware of what you say when you use mobile technology, especially when it belongs to the company you work for.

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