Keylogger with GPS Tracking: iKeyMonitor is the Perfect Monitoring Solution

parentalModern society depends on the Internet. And it is not a secret that more children with every new day become victims of online bullies and inappropriate content. There is an easy and simple solution called a keylogger. And we have one of the best keyloggers reviewed in this article. iKeyMonitor is the perfect solution for parents, jealous partners, and even employers. No matter what tasks you want to solve with iKeyMonitor, it will deal with it for sure. But first, let’s talk more about keyloggers and their purposes.

Keylogger Definition

keyloggersSo, what is a keylogger? Keylogger is a type of software to be installed on your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. In one word, every modern device with an operating system in it can be provided with a keylogger.

It will track all the actions on the target device with a simple keystrokes recording. But modern keyloggers such as iKeyMonitor have evolved into far more interesting programs that can protect, inform, and even save lives!

The main purpose of a keylogger is to function as a keystroke logger and a spying tool. Modern keylogger programs may also deal with lots of other tasks such as screenshot taking, voice recording, and blocking inappropriate content. A few years ago such features were just a dream and no one could say exactly when they will become real. iKeyMonitor is one of those keyloggers with a creative development team that always take off the most innovative points in the industry, so iKeyMonitor got its updates very fast.

With iKeyMonitor, you will get the access to all the information on the target mobile device. You will be able to read messages and emails with no need to even hold the device in your hands. All you need to do is just to install it on the target phone and then create your personal account on the official website of iKeyMonitor to control all the keylogger actions and reports remotely from any part of the world. If you have no access to the internet, this keylogger will send you a report as soon as it connects to the web.

iKeyMonitor Usage

ikeymonitorThis software is a typical keylogger application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and of course Android. The main advantage of iKeyMonitor is its complete invisibility. It means this software can’t be detected by the owner of the target phone even with some special apps like antivirus. This option should not be taken for granted. There are not so many keyloggers with such high-quality stealth mode available. Once you have installed iKeyMonitor it starts logging all the activity of the device and sends you reports.

These reports can be sent to your email or personal account in different types. You will have remote access to the browsing history, calls, and even messages from top-class messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. Besides, you may also get the info about the multimedia content of the target device. If your kid likes selfies, you will have an opportunity to control them with no need to take his or her phone into your hands.

Also, there is one more helpful option that can even save a life of your family member or friend. It is about GPS location tracking. This feature is one of the most popular among parent who is afraid of kidnapping. iKeyMonitor has such an option. Its GPS tracker works perfectly and accurately. So it will be easy to find your kid or even a stolen phone when this keylogger is installed.

iKeyMonitor can:


  • Invisible Monitoring

Every time the target phone starts, iKeyMonitor will be launched automatically. All the settings will be available as they were set before. You can easily check them online remotely. This keylogger is impossible to be detected by even antivirus software.

  • Calls and Messages

These two points are one of the most important for any keylogger to monitor iKeyMonitor dealt with them perfectly. Any messages such as SMS, MMS, and even chats via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber are available for your view. You may also view the entire calls history with details such as date, duration, number, etc.

  • GPS Location

As we said before, iKeyMonitor can save lives, and this is due to its built-in GPS location tracker. Any time your kid is not at home, you can easily track his or her location in just a few clicks. Also, this feature is extremely helpful in case your phone was stolen.

  • App Blocker

iKeyMonitor can control all the applications on the target phone. If there are any apps that should not be available for your kid, you can easily block them with few simple clicks. Games, calendars, settings, etc.

  • Passwords

If you want to know someone’s password, for example, for his Facebook account, you can easily do it with the help of this cool keylogger. iKeyMonitor will easily track all the keystrokes while a person will enter his password via the monitored device.

  • Logs Via Email

There are few main ways for iKeyMonitor to send logs and via email is one of the most popular. It is easy to view logs on your email than anywhere else.

  • Voice Messages

Besides simple text iKeyMonitor can also record voice messages! This feature is the latest word in keylogger industry, and it is available on the highest level of performance and quality.


So, if you have decided to install this keylogger on the target phone, you will not be disappointed. iKeyMonitor allows its user to have a rich access to messages, apps, and multimedia. You can see all the details of the message and monitor it just remotely from your account. And do not forget about GPS tracking option that would be extremely helpful for your kids’ protection. We recommend iKeyMonitor and wish you get it as soon as it is possible.

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