Employee Control Opportunities with Ispyoo Software

ispyoo-textingBuilding a business takes a lot of efforts, time and money. Building a successful business also requires a good team and reliable employees. However, plenty of business owners confess that they have a need to monitor their employees. It is easier to control what the staff is doing in the office at computers, but it is much more difficult to spy on mobile phones that belong to the company and are given for a business purpose. It is difficult but not impossible, especially with Ispyoo.
Here is the list of the main popular reasons to monitor employees’ mobile device activity:

  • Employees waste precious time chatting on Facebook instead of working. Too much time on the Internet causes low performance and, thus, bad KPIs of the business.
  • Employers want to make sure their employees do not share sensitive and confidential commercial information with third parties and competitors.
  • Most employees use working mobile devices for personal reasons.
  • Visiting unknown websites is dangerous as some websites have viruses that can seriously damage smartphone or a computer and all the data stored on devices. Monitoring phone activity might prevent all the above-mentioned things.

Is It Legal to Spy on Employees?

The usage of monitoring software has always been a disputable matter. Certain people support, certain people are against. As a matter of fact, there is no law prohibiting installing spying software on phones that belong to the company. However, it is better to search for legal counsel. In certain countries, you might need a written consent of the user of the mobile device – an employee.

Ispyoo – the Right Choice for Your Phone

iSpyoo-monitoringIf you are totally lost among all existing monitoring apps for mobile devices, you should pay attention to Ispyoo – a great tool that will provide efficient spying process on the phones of the staff. Ispyoo is compatible with most common OS – iPhone and Android. Unfortunately, the app cannot be used with Blackberry even though such possibility is being considered by the developers.

Ispyoo has a nice and user-friendly website where you can find answers to any questions in respect to the app. The website was developed in bright and attracting colours, which makes it even more alluring. What is more important is that Ispyoo offers features that provide full control on every activity:

  • Phone calls. Make sure that your employees use corporate mobile devices only to make business calls and not personal. Ispyoo will help you with this task. You can listen to conversations in real time or set up recording settings to make a recording of a call if you do not have the possibility to listen. You can strore all recordings in Control Panel.
  • Social websites. Your employees might be chatting on Facebook even when you are standing over the shoulder. How? Easily – using corporate phones. If you want to know how much time the staff spends online, you will get access to this info with Ispyoo. The program monitors all most popular social media resources and apps – Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. With Ispyoo it is possible not only to see that someone is using, for example, Facebook Messenger but also to see the content of all conversations and dialogues.
  • iMessage. Some of the features might be different due to technical aspects of OS. Thus iMessage control feature is available only for iPhones as only iPhones have iMessenger.
  • Messages. Be aware of all sent and received SMS and their content with Ispyoo. There is also redirect feature that allows you to send SMS to other people on behalf of the monitored mobile device.
  • Monitor. Check which websites have been visited and how many times. If your employees visit suspicious websites that might contain harmful viruses, you will find out before something dab happened. Visiting unchecked websites is dangerous as the user might get a virus that can steal all data on computers and phones, including sensitive business data.
  • E-mail. Busy people use phones to send and get e-mails, which is fine. However, a little control will not be unnecessary as your employees might be sharing confidential information with third parties. With Ispyoo you will know the content of e-mails and other important information and, in such a way, protect your business from information leakage.
  • GPS tracker. This is one of most used features by employees. Ispyoo provides you the possibility to track the movement of target phone and make sure that an employee is away on business or out of office at a business meeting. Ispyoo can track the location of the phone, even when the GPS is not working.
  • Media content. Checking the gallery of the phone from time to time is useful. You will not only get a clear idea of who your employees are and how they use their free time but also become confident that there are no photos of confidential documents.

Start Using Ispyoo Today

iSpyooIspyoo is very simple in usage. To start the process of installation, make sure that your mobile device is meeting all requirements. To read more about the requirements, visit the official website of the program. Note that you should download and purchase the app at the official and authorized website to avoid scam. In Buy Now you will find information on app plans, terms, and plan price. Note that Ispyoo has a demo program with free features available for 48 hours. Once you have made the payment, you can download the software. There are also optional features that you can include upon your desire and order.


Ispyoo is the program with recent and advanced features. Users of the app love it because it is one of the most powerful programs as it covers all areas. It has received numerous comments and feedback. Make a purchase today and enjoy its features too!

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