Is Mobistealth Cell Phone Monitoring Software Worth Using?



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  • Affordable price
  • Good quality
  • Easy installation
  • Location Tracing function without GPS


  • Lack of features, available in the other apps

mobistealth-reviewsHave you ever worried about your children and what takes them so long to get home from school? Have you ever suspected your employees in disclosing confidential information? Mobile phone monitoring software can help you in these situations. Spy apps can give you an opportunity to protect your children, family, and business. Mobistealth is one of best spy apps which differs qualitatively in comparison with its competitors.

Competitive Advantages of Mobistealth

  • Using Mobistealth you can check the data from any device with the Internet access and anytime;
  • With the help of this software, you can monitor children all day long, even when they are away from you. The app works in 24/7 mode;
  • Mobistealth can’t be tampered by your children;
  • You can use this software to monitor all companies owned devices;
  • The software works in the stealth mode so you will not be detected;
  • Pay affordable prices (from $0.50 per one day);
  • The app doesn’t require rooting of Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices. There is also no need for jailbreaking iOS devices.

How To Use Mobistealth?

mobistealth-2In fact, like many other surveillance apps Mobistealth is easy to use. Its interface is user-friendly and installation process is simple. First of all, you should:

  • Register your personal online account;
  • Download MobiStealth’s installation file;
  • Install the software on the target cell phone or computer;
  • Check all tracked data with the help of your personal online account. You can do it from any device whenever you want.

Mobistealth spy software works without someone’s help, so you don’t need to have physical access to the target phone after the installation. The app records all data that goes through the target device and upload it to your personal online panel.

Features of Mobistealth

mobile-spy-appThis phone surveillance app provides a full list of spying features which ensure high-quality and comprehensive monitoring of the target phone. You will have access to all data that goes through the operating system of the device. It means that all secrets in phone calls, chats, SMS will be in full view. Using Mobistealth you can spy on:

  • Phone calls – track all incoming and outgoing phone calls. There is also a feature which enables you to record all phone calls. They will be recorded and uploaded to your personal panel so you will know everything about the content of the calls, interlocutors, and duration of the calls. You can listen to phone calls from any phone, computer or tablet at any time you want;
  • SMS messages – with spy app you will have free access to SMS messages which were sent or received using target phone. You will know everything about senders, receivers of the messages, about the exact time and date of messages;
  • Emails and Gmail Accounts – the software makes it possible to spy on received and sent emails. It is important that unread emails will be available as well. All details such as senders, recipients, the time and date logs will be available. All activities of Gmail accounts will be in full view too;
  • Messengers – use monitoring software and spy on chats and conversations on different messengers. With Mobistealth you can monitor WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Yahoo Chat, MSN Chat, Blackberry Messenger, etc;
  • Media Files – Mobistealth monitoring software gives an opportunity to check photos, pictures, video files remotely;
  • Applications – use surveillance software and get an access to all applications on the target phone and used by its owner. You will have an ability to filter them and forbid inappropriate content;
  • Web browser history – Mobistealth spy software makes it possible to monitor Internet browser history. All web pages that were visited using the target phone will be tracked;
  • Contacts – use this app for monitoring the address book of the target cell phone and track such details as names, numbers, email addresses;
  • Calendar – if you use Mobistealth spy software, it will be easy for you to monitor events, appointments, notes stored on the target phone
  • GPS Location – with the help of Mobistealth spy software you can get current and historical GPS location of the target device.
  • Record Phone Surroundings – use Mobistealth monitoring application and you will have an opportunity to activate the microphone of the target device and record its surroundings. Recordings will be uploaded to your personal panel;
  • Keylogging and ScreenShots – use Mobistealth monitoring application and log keystrokes easily with its help. Ability to take screenshots will be available as well.

Who Can Use Mobistealth Monitoring Software?

mobistealth-sreenMobistealth spy software is perfect for parental control and monitoring employees. The app will be especially useful for parents and business owners and meets all their needs. If you need to monitor devices of your significant other, this app will not suit you. But there are many other apps for this purpose, like, mSpy, Couple Tracker, etc.

Monitoring Kids

You can use Mobistealth cell phone surveillance software in order to protect children from numerous online threats that can occur when they use cell phones and computers. With the help of monitoring software, you can be aware of all texts, phone calls, photos, videos, online activities of your children and take actions if you notice something suspicious.

Monitoring Employees

Use Mobistealth spy software for business purposes and you will be able to earn more profits. With its help, you can enhance employee performance and reduce wasted resources and personal cell phone use. In the final result, you can get more revenue.

Mobistealth’s Pricing Policy

mobistealth-compatabilityMobistealth offers different pricing plans. You can buy 3, 6 or 12-month subscription. Naturally, the monthly price for 12-month subscription is the lowest. The plans also differ in their features. The company offers software for monitoring Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices. All these versions of the app have different prices.

Android Spy Software Monthly Payment Will Be:

  • $16.66 – for PRO plan (3-months subscription);
  • $26.66 – for Pro-X (3-months subscription);

Blackberry Monitoring Software Monthly Payment Will Be:

  • $13.33 – for Lite subscription plan (3-month subscription);
  • $26.66 – for Pro plan.

Monthly Payment for iOS Spy Software Will Be:

  • $33.33 – for Premium plan;
  • $40 – for Premium Plus package.

So, Mobistealth spy software is known as affordable but reliable and comprehensive cell phone spy app. It can be used by parents and employers for monitoring kids and employees. It is easy to use and not expensive, so it will be great for concerned mothers and owners of small business.

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