Review of The Family Orbit Locator

unnamedThe Family Orbit locator software is a phone locator application that allows users of the program to track loved ones in real time through the features of the application. The user simply chooses loved ones to track and then sees exactly where that person is located on an interactive map 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Parents who are concerned about the whereabouts of the kids can know immediately where the child is located, that the child is safe, and if the child is adhering to the preset boundaries the parents have established.

Essentially, this locator software promises peace of mind for parents while allowing children some freedom, all while they are still being monitored to ensure adherence to parental boundaries and to ascertain their personal safety. The application also helps to ensure the safety of children at all times. Thus, the locator software provides parents with greater control and therefore empowers them; they are given a tool to ensure the safety of those they love.

The locator software is a network shared by members that everyone can keep in touch with, share photos with, and the locator application lets everyone know exactly where all other network members are located at all times.
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What are the Features of the Phone Locator Family Orbit Program?

The features of the phone locator program are rather impressive. They prove informative to parents by providing real-time information by simply tracking phones through existing satellites and cell towers. These features allow the parents to locate other members immediately, no matter where they stop or stay, and to make sure they are where they are supposed to be at that time.


  • The phone locator program has the ability to provide a full location history and keeps a log of the child’s locations so a parent can actually know every stop a child makes between home and various destinations.
  • The application allows parents to test the veracity of a child to ensure the child tells the truth about their whereabouts.
  • Parents can easily monitor a child who is away from home with the phone locator program from a distance and ease any anxiety they may have about where the child is spending time; a parent can be secure in knowing they have an extra set of digital eyes on a child.
  • For parents who have teen drivers, the over speed alert feature in the program is much appreciated and loved. With this feature, parents can find out when a child is driving past the speed limit and therefore can ensure that they track child safety driving practices. Should a child go over speed limit somewhere, it is at that time a parent receives notification via mobile phone from the phone locator application. By being notified, the phone locator application allows the parents to take proper disciplinary action to ensure the safety of their driving teens.
  • The phone locator program also allows parents to track the address book on a device. This means a parent can track the people a child is contacting and who they are interacting with via the mobile phone device. Simultaneously, the parents are assured that the child is not abusing the cell phone privilege. In the same vein, parents can monitor the child calendar events.
  • The phone locator program with Family Orbit also allows you to track the data the child is using and this helps you budget the bandwidth and your monthly bill. The feature ensures that your premium does not get out of control.
  • The phone locator program allows you to set up virtual Geofences. The Geofences that you create are boundaries for your children and should they cross them you are immediately notified.
  • An exceptional feature of the program is the panic alert, which allows a child to indicate they are in an emergency situation and in need of immediate assistance. A single tap of a button sets off the panic alert to all members of the network with information about the location of the person who is in need of assistance.
  • The pickup feature of phone locator app is another cool option that allows a child to find out what loved ones are nearby if they need to be picked up from a location. This feature makes carpooling and pickups far more convenient.
  • Chat solutions are part of the phone locator program that allows each member the family to send one-on-one messages to each other or families can engage in group messaging. Clearly, the phone locator software serves to bring families closer and helps to keep loved ones connected.
  • The phone locator app allows you to start a free account where you can track three lines. A premium account allows you to track up to 10 lines.


  • Certain features only work on Android operating devices.

Family Orbit Compatibility: Will the Phone Locator Program Work for You?


Family Orbit is compatible with Android devices provided they have the operating system of 4.0 or greater. The application is also compatible with Apple devices provided it is fitted with the iOS 7.0 or above. Location services have to be enabled in order for the program to work on any device.

The phone must have an Internet connection in order to track the device or access to Wi-Fi must be enabled. Otherwise, mobile data is necessary for the family tracking software to work.

Additional Phone Locator Perks

The Family Orbit program uses very little battery power so it puts little strain on a device. When not in use, the family locator program goes directly into sleep mode so it will not drain the battery. When it is necessary to use it, the application will automatically wake up.

Children and parents are given different rights in the account to assess specific information. This is done to prevent tampering of the program. Children will be given the ability to send parents check-ins, send out panic alerts, and to send out pickup requests. Kids can also send family photos, message family members, view any geo-fence notifications that have been established, and can identify the current location of their parents with the application.

What a child account is incapable of doing is turning off any of the photo monitoring that comes with the application, and they cannot turn off any contacts monitoring. Kids cannot see the photos of other family members, the address book belonging to other family members or the location history of any other family member. Kids are not capable of deleting their account, establishing speed alerts, or setting up virtual Geofences.

When using the Family Orbit phone locator program, parents have a lot more rights than children because they manage the application. Parents handle privacy and exclusive rights to the settings on the family account. Parents have the options of going invisible and ceasing any sharing with family members on a temporary basis and they have full control of the child account. Parents get access to a dashboard that allows them to control many of the features of the Family Orbit program.

Cost of the Family Orbit Family Locator Phone Program

family-orbitAt this time, there are two family phone plans for payment of the family locator phone program. The basic plan is free and allows for you to track up to three members. The application allows for tracking on a real-time map, request pickups, panic alerts, check ins and you can set up to three geo-fences of virtual areas.

Parents can also set speeding alerts, view device information, monitor third-party applications on an Android operated phone only, and view photo albums with up to 100 MB of space for pictures.

With the premium family plan parents can open, there is a low cost of $4.95 per month, you can track up to 10 family members. The premium plan includes everything you get in the basic plan along with the ability to monitor photos that children click on, and to monitor contacts and a child’s calendar.

You can view the data bandwidth usage of a cell device and you can monitor text messages and phone calls on Android operated devices only. The premium plan supplies you with 30 days of location history and 5 GB of cloud space for photographs and sharing.

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