PhoneSheriff. Decent Tool for Monitoring the Phone Activity of Kids

Phonesheriff review

Important Note: Retina-X Studios is closing its most popular spy application projects regarding unclear circumstances. Be clear to avoid installing and using PhoneSheriff as it is also on the list of deactivated products. In case you have already been registered with PhoneSheriff, consider contacting its developer Retina-X Studios for a refund. Also, consider using mSpy or FlexiSPY instead your disabled product.


To choose a reputable and cross-functional phone monitoring application for parental control may seem to be a headache for some users. The modern technological market is overwhelmed with such propositions. For that reason, it is so difficult to make the right choice. The prime objective of our review is to check the functionality of PhoneSheriff, a phone tracking app which holds itself out as the best parental control software. We will check whether such product can comply with demands of the most demanding customers and try to find some negative aspects.

PhoneSheriff. The Core Audience of This Software Product

In sober fact, PhoneSheriff was created with friendliness in mind. The developers realize that the major part of parents are tech savvy and have neither time nor desire to get into the details of the app usage. For that reason, they developed the application which will meet the spying goals of parents.

These days, even the smallest kids have smartphones. It is the best method to stay in touch with your children. Nevertheless, through the use of mobile phones children can easily access lots of inappropriate information. They may visit prohibited websites online or even get in touch with dangerous people. That is why phone tracking applications like PhoneSheriff can be a way out. They can help parents to check their kids on an ongoing basis.

Definitely, with the help of PhoneSheriff, you can track any person, but if to believe the data published on the official website, the software is for parents.

Pricing Policy

Choosing PhoneSheriff, you will not be made to spend hours searching for the most efficient billing plan. In the case of this particular product, you will pay only $89 per year. Having purchased the app once, you will deprive yourself of worries concerning the necessity to prolong the subscription each month. As compared to similar spyware products like Flexispy or mSpy, the price is not high.

How to Use PhoneSheriff?

Phonesheriff reviewThe function principle is the same as all other phone spy programs have. To see PhoneSheriff in use, you need to do the following:

  • Pay for the program license;
  • Download it from the official website;
  • Install PhoneSheriff on the device of your children;
  • Log in your web account;
  • View all reports regarding the phone activities of your children.

As you see, there is no need to learn the detailed instructions on how to use PhoneSheriff. Everything is quite simple. Besides, it is compatible with Android, Blackberry, and iOS-powered devices.

What Must Be Improved?

Phonesheriff reviewNevertheless, there are some aspects that must be improved by the developers of this program for phone monitoring. The experienced customers complain that PhoneSheriff has some disadvantages that mar the general impression from its use.

The first one is a complex installation procedure. As a rule, the user can install PhoneSheriff only from the second or third try. The app glitches and can’t be installed from the first try. Furthermore, you can purchase the product from the official website only. You will not see it in the App Store or Google Play Market.

One more negative issue is related to blocking URLs. This procedure is cumbersome. Parents also can’t check how much time their kids use one or another phone application. This information is not available. Besides, the phone tracking application doesn’t monitor social networking sites.

Still, if your overarching aim is to control your child stealthily, PhoneSheriff is not for you. The current version of this program doesn’t run in a stealth mode. For that reason, you should notify the target person that you are going to keep tabs on him. Otherwise, your loved one will see the icon of the installed app on the device and will be disappointed.

Overview of the Main Features Offered by PhoneSheriff

Phonesheriff reviewThis spyware product has many useful features. The list of the most important ones is presented below:

  • To keep tabs on calls. The details of incoming and outgoing calls will spread before your eyes. You can check the phone numbers and the duration of each call.
  • To monitor text messages. The content of each text message (including email activity) sent from or received by the target device is viewable. Even if your loved one wants to delete some messages, you can also view them.
  • To check the GPS location. If your children are not at home, but you wish to know where they are at the moment, this option will help you to determine their location on the map.
  • To control WhatsApp messages. This option of the phone spy app appeared not so long ago, and the users of the current version can check it in use. Nevertheless, PhoneSheriff doesn’t monitor other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Viber.
  • Filtering features. These options allow you to create time restrictions, custom or website filtering and application blocking.
  • Remote control. Lock or unlock the phone remotely.
  • Apps monitoring. Check which apps the user has installed on the target phone.
  • View browsing history. With this feature, you will easily check what websites your offspring view at loose hours.
  • Check iMessages. The users of iPhones will benefit from this option because it allows them to check all chat conversations.
  • Multimedia files. You will receive video and photo logs that include all needed information about the number and content of all received and saved files.

As you see, the features are quite impressive, but the fact that PhoneSheriff doesn’t monitor the social networking sites mars the opinion about the functionality of this spyware product.

In case, you have some questions, related to the installation procedure or pricing policy; you can send them to the PhoneSheriff support team. Customers can get the answers within 1-2 days.


We cannot say that PhoneSheriff is the best application for keeping tabs on mobile devices because of the lack of some options. Nevertheless, there are plenty of customers who are satisfied with its work. Before you take a decision to use this particular program, think about your spying goals. For example, if you know that you children use social networking sites, PhoneSheriff will not give you access to them.

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