SpyEra is the Perfect Choice for You to Spy

spyera-pc-bigRecently people get more into spy software than before. SpyEra is one of those programs that offer a high-quality performance along with a bunch of original features. Along with such hits as XNSPY, SpyBubble, Mobistealth, and mSpy SpyEra gained popularity very quickly remains one of the most successful applications on the market these days.

This software is a perfect parental control solution and at the same time works perfectly as a business purpose app. If you have lots of corporate gadgets that should be used properly, you can control them easily with this software. So let’s look closer on it and check out its advantages and weak sides.

SpyEra Performance

There are lots of various SpyEra reviews online. Most of them are positive and mark its perfect performance. Developed by Hong Kong based company, SpyEra remains one of the leaders of sales all over the world. While it is simple working software that has no big differences in options along with other spying software, it can impress you with its reliability, high quality, and generous offers.

The list of its features is very long, and it means that every customer can find something for himself no matter why he decided to use monitoring software. SpyEra perfectly works with all the most popular phone and tablet operating systems. Apple devices, Android, Blackberry and Symbian powered gadgets will deal with this software with no problems and performance issues.

SpyEra Features

spyera-reviewsHere is the place to talk about features of this powerful software. There are lots of them. Among some typical spy options such as text messages monitoring and calls logging, you can find something really unique. Here are the most interesting and important of them:

Real-time call listening – SpyEra deals with calls in every possible way. Besides logging calls and their details such as date, number, and duration, this software also provides its user with a unique ability to listen to every incoming or outgoing call. While a target phone is receiving a phone call, you get your special SMS notification on your own gadget. This feature is a great point for an effective parental control.

Surroundings listening and recording – a real spy feature, right? If you want to turn a target phone into a real spy bug, just install SpyEra on it. It is as simple as it gets. The software enables target phone microphone to record and transmits all the sounds that are happening around. Just get a fake call on the target device and turn on the microphone for surrounding recording or listening. The quality of received sound signal depends on the target phone’s microphone.

Multimedia content copying – as modern users take tons of photos with every new day, it can be a great opportunity to know something new about the target phone user you are spying on. With the help of this software, you may easily view and copy any content that is housed on the mobile device.

Phone calls live recording – besides simple listening to incoming and outgoing calls, you get an opportunity to record them. This is a great opportunity for you to get evidence in case you are fighting with a cheating spouse or an employee who sends your corporate secrets to your competitors.

GPS location tracking – this feature is not new to us as we saw it in various applications these days. But there is one thing that makes SpyEra GPS tracker different. It is very accurate and fast. So you will be able to get an entire route of the target phone and quickly check the location of your stolen device. Also, it is a great feature for those who afraid their kids to be kidnapped.

All text messages monitoring – modern phone user sends and receives hundreds of text messages in different ways. It can be a typical SMS, business email, friendly chat with one of those popular applications as WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. SpyEra is the software that can deal with all of them. Even chat software that is a tough task for other software to monitor, SpyEra has permanent access to them and provides you with accurate logs about all the messages that were sent.

All applications access – there are lots of various applications installed on the modern smartphones and tablets. Some of them may be really important and interesting to be monitored. SpyEra gives you such an opportunity. You can control all the software including such default ones as calendar, notes, and notifications.

Browser, calls, messages, location history monitoring – will provide you with all the necessary logs about all the actions on the target phone. Any action that was made on the device you are spying on will be accurately logged with all the necessary details.


spyera-compatabilitySpyEra, as we said before, is one of the most popular and reliable apps nowadays. Some users find it a little bit too expensive, but there are lots of unique features that make such price a reasonable one. Another weak side of the software is its customer support department. There is no online chat. This option is a must for any reputable service provider, and we hope SpyEra will solve this problem soon.

But what really matters for the software is about its features and quality of performance. Both points are very solid and have not many competitors on the modern market. If you are looking for reliable spy software with a perfect stealth mode, SpyEra will impress and satisfy you for sure. If you are a businessman and your corporate devices need to be protected and monitored, choose SpyEra with no doubts. If you are a parent who tries to protect his kid from online and real-life dangers, get this software installed on your child’s phone as soon as it is possible.

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