SurePoint is a Reliable Phone Spy for Everyone

SurePoint Spy reviewThere are lots of skeptical thoughts about cell phone spy apps. But with every new day, these opinions are blown away by those great spy apps that can be found online. All those people got scared once thinking that their confidentiality is under risk and someone will know about they are spying on their spouse, for example. But the truth is that if you are using reliable cell phone monitoring software, all risks are minimal or absent at all. No one will know about your spying games if you are using such great cell phone monitors as mSpy, TheOneSpy, iSpyoo or SpyEra as all these programs have a special stealth mode in their spy arsenal.The same thing is about our today’s object under the microscope – SurePoint.

This software is not as popular as those we mentioned before, but it confidently reaches the top and has more and more fans all over the globe. In this article, we are going to talk about its advantages, weak and strong sides, features, and all those points that make it so special. The level of its performance is actually very high, and you will easily see it after the first day of using the software on your own mobile device or a target mobile device. Don’t think that this software has nothing to offer as its functions list is loaded with some helpful points. So, if you need something powerful and reasonably-priced to spy on a mobile phone, SurePoint is to your service.

SurePoint Functionality

SurePoint Spy reviewThe monitor software we are talking today is very simple and easy to use. Even those cell phones users who have never been using such software before will find it interesting and easy. First of all, it is because of its user-friendly interface which will surprise you right from the start. The start means the installation of the monitoring program on a target mobile device. The entire process is very simple, and you just need to grab a target phone for a few minutes. Usually, the installation process takes about two or three minutes, but the time depends on your target phone’s memory or its operating system. But after the installation is done it means you can put a target phone on its place and never touch it before. Yes, you do not need to take a target phone every time to update the software or set some new options.

After the installation, you should enter your personal account on the official SurePoint website. You are doing it via a web browser, and it means you can do it with any device that has a connection to the internet. It can be a cell phone, tablet or a computer. No matter where you are and what operating system your device is powered with. The target phone may be on another side of the planet, but you still will be available to monitor it with no delays. The only thing that matters is the internet connection. It is essential both for your device and the target cell device. But do not be afraid to lose monitoring process without the internet. All logs will be immediately sent to you after the target gadget or your device connects to the internet again.

SurePoint Spy Features

There are lots of various features available these days with spy applications. But SurePoint got the best of them without any inappropriate extras and without losing anything important. Here are few main functions available with this cool spy app:

Calls and Messages

The simplest and most obvious option, but still so important for any spying operation. People communicate with each other by phone calls and text messages all the time. So, if you want to know something about someone, just monitor his calls and messages. It is simple.

GPS Location Tracking

This one is a favorite one of parents and those people who constantly lose their phones in bars, bus stops, and other weird places. With just a few minutes and taps on your phone’s screen, you can easily find out where is the target device at the moment. All GPS tracking is performed in the real time manner.

Social Networks

Modern people have devoted internet users, and social networks are reflections of their lives. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. All these websites are essential for their users and you if you want to know someone’s secrets.

SurePoint Spy review

Multimedia Monitor

Viewing someone’s photos and videos without permission is not just a fun thing to do; it is also an important point of any spying operation. So if you need to find out something very special about a target phone user, you need this function available for sure.

Applications, Calendar, Notes

Besides those games and standard phone applications installed on a target phone, there are also those very important. You as a spy just must have access to such important and often-used programs as calendars and notes.

Online Activity Monitoring

You as a spy need to know everything about the person you are spying on and his or her online activity is an ocean of useful info. Web browser history will be the best thing to monitor if you want to find out something really special.

Remote Camera

It is not the important one, but very interesting and fun. Get access to the target device camera remotely with SurePoint and use it to get some really interesting evidence.


Those people looking for a cheap way to catch a cheating spouse may probably not get the whole point about the spy app we reviewed here. But if you are looking for something top-class and reasonably-priced at the same time (one-time price $69.99), you’ve got to the right place. Learn more about the monitoring software on its official website and take your time while making a final decision.

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