TeenSafe Monitors Your Kid’s Phone Remotely

teensafe-guideWhen we were kids, our parents constantly worried about us when we were not at home on time. Later we got mobile phones, and parents became able to call their kids anywhere and whenever they want. But the newest thing for responsible parents came right from spying movies such as 007. Mobile phone spying application changed our lives forever, and we are going to tell you about one of the best apps on the modern market, TeenSafe.

Its name speaks for itself. TeenSafe is created to make the life of modern parents easier and the life of their kids safer. You can call it as you want, monitor, tracker, logger, spy, bug, etc. This mobile application is a perfect solution for those who want to be aware of every move of their kids, about their browser history to protect them from any inappropriate content. Do you want to know more? Keep reading the whole case below.

Security and privacy

teensafe-privicyFirst of all, you should know that TeenSafe is a product about children, but not for children. So if you are under 18 years old, you can’t use TeenSafe as the company does not sell anything to kids. All the information collected by the app will be available for the phone app user only with no third parties involved in the process. So you can be absolutely calm about any personal data leaking.

All the personal information being monitored and collected by TeenSafe is secure and sacred for the company. When you create an account on the official website of the software, you should provide it with the personal information about you and your kid. The service highly appreciates and respects the trust its users provide it with, and it is clear from the very beginning. You can also read some testimonials from satisfied users of TeenSafe. There are no issues with data safety at all.


icon175x175Modern spying applications have lots of similar options and features. The main deal is about quality and reliability of these features. TeenSafe deals perfectly with all tasks you expect from it. You will get a complete and clear view on the target phone.

The control is performed remotely, and all you need is the Internet connection. Target phone will be monitored even if there is no Wi-Fi. All the logs will be sent to your account after the first phone connection to the Internet.

The main TeenSafe features can be classified as:

  • Text messages

This is a common feature for all the spying applications. But it is useful even these days as kids still use text messaging a lot. You will be able to read SMS, MMS, chats, and e-mails that are received and sent from your kid’s phone.

  • Phone Calls

Another popular feature that is always available even for the simplest monitoring applications. But TeenSafe provides its users with a higher quality of the service and a wider range of information available for the tracking such as number, date, duration, etc.

  • Browser history

To make the Internet safer for your youngest family members, TeenSafe offers a perfect solution for a browser history monitoring. The entire online activity of your children can be tracked by the app and sent to your account.

  • GPS location

It is an absolutely revolutionary feature that spying applications even more useful for parents. Now you are able to check your kid’s location no matter where he or she is at the moment. Kidnapping got one more weapon against it.

  • Apps

There are dozens of various apps on your kid’s phone. Each of them can be easily monitored by TeenSafe.

  • Multimedia

Now you may easily know if your son or daughter shoots only simple selfies or something more. Check out all the photo, video, and audio content on the target phone.

Except these common features TeenSafe also offers few unique options that make this application to stand out.

  • Contacts

All saved contacts on your kid’s phone can be easily monitored.

  • WhatsApp and Kik Messenger

Text Messengers became extremely popular these days. Kids prefer to connect with their friends via such popular programs as WhatsApp and Kik Messenger due to their reliability, popularity, and confidentiality guarantees. TeenSafe is the only way for you to check everything your child is sending and receiving through these text messengers.


teensafeThe main deal about phone spying applications is about invisibility. It may sound too obvious, but not all phone trackers are able to be set to stealth mode. TeenSafe can! The target phone user will never be able to know that he is under your solid and remote control. TeenSafe is invisible even for antivirus applications.

So to start working with this fantastic and very helpful software you should download it from official website (it is highly recommended to go official and to get full version) and download the application. Install it on the target phone and create your personal account with a unique password. The information collected from a target phone will be available in your personal account.

If you have any difficulties with the installation process or overall usage of TeenSafe, you can easily solve any problem with the help of customer support department that is available 24/7. Top-class specialists will answer your questions and assist the entire exploitation of the program. If you have any problems, just contact TeenSafe reps to solve them fast and properly.


Nowadays spying got a little bit different meaning than it was even a few years ago. Today it means safety and awareness. In some cases, such tools as TeenSafe can even save lives. If you are afraid you kid can be kidnapped, install TeenSafe and use its accurate and reliable GPS location tracker.

If you are worried about inappropriate, adult, and violent content your kid can face online, install TeenSafe and use its browser monitoring option. Life is not as simple as it gets, but TeenSafe will make it much clearer and safe for sure.

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The information collected from a target phone will be available in your personal account.

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