Why Choose TheOneSpy Phone Monitoring App

TheOneSpy-businessIt might come as a surprise, but spying programs are getting more and more popular these days. If you wonder why you first need to understand who are interested in installing monitoring apps most. In fact, there are three groups of people, who use spying apps to monitor computer and mobile devices – parents, jealous spouses, and employers.

Parents are always worried about their children and always do their best to protect their kids where they can. Today’s world presents plenty of opportunities for young generation but also presents certain dangerous. You will probably agree that it difficult to monitor information your kid gets access to on the Internet and at the same time you cannot ban your child from using computer or phone.

Jealous spouses might install monitoring software to make sure that their husbands or wives are not cheating on them. As a matter of fact, spying apps have frequently found evidence proving infidelity of a partner.

Employers install spying software simply because they need to monitor the performance of their employees and protect their business. They want to make sure that stuff does not disclose confidential information to anyone online and uses computer and phones for business purposes.

TheOneSpy – choosing the best application for phones

TheOneSpy-buggingTheOneSpy is said to be one of the best spying apps for phones considering its range of products, features, pricing and compatibility. TheOneSpy has a user-friendly interface and can be used on several mobile phones. Moreover, the program can be used with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The only one disadvantage of the following program that it is used only for mobile phones, and cannot be installed on computers.

  • Calls monitoring. TheOneSPy is a program that has all most needed features among which you find call monitoring feature. With this function, you will be able to listen to all live conversations on the target In case you have missed a phone call, you can listen to a recording. TheOneSpy also saves call history.
  • Phone bugging. This is not a new feature even though it sounds like something new. TheOneSpy gives the opportunity to monitor the user of the phone with the help of camera and microphone. The program records sound in the background, while the camera can take pictures of the location It is a great chance to get the idea where target phone is.
  • GPS tracker. If you are worried about the location of your kid or you are not sure that your employee is really away on business, you can use GPS tracking feature of TheOneSpy to define the location of the phone. With TheOneSpy you will receive detailed information about the location of the target phone. Moreover, you can set additional settings to monitor the movement of the device – define safe and restricted areas to monitor efficiently. When crossing borders of the safe zone and going to restricted zone, you will receive the alert notification informing about that.
  • Keylogger. Mobile devices have substituted traditional computers in many ways. Children use phones to get in touch with friends, search something online or send e-mail. Let’s be honest – you want to know what your kid is searching on the Internet and die to know who he/she is talking on Facebook. Keylogger is a feature that allows you to save keystrokes of the phone and provides info on typed text.
  • Social media and instant messengers. Social media has always been a weak point for employers and parent Parents are concerned about new friends their children meet online and employers suffer from employees who waste time on social media websites instead of working. TheOneSpy is a simple but efficient solution. With TheOneSpy you get the opportunity to monitor chats of target phone user on Facebook, Viber, Skype and many other messengers. TheOneSPy ensures access to contacts, complete conversations, including video conversations, friend list and even saved multimedia.
  • Controlling multimedia content. When it comes to multimedia, parents become especially anxious as they want to monitor everything, know more about their children and how they spend their free time. With TheOneSpy you will receive a chance as the app give access to all stored photos and videos of the phone. This feature will give a deep insight into interests of your kids and the way they spend time with friends.
  • Screenshots. Making screenshots is the extremely useful feature when it comes to monitoring employees because screenshots might become good evidence proving that employees are not using their phones in a proper way.
  • Controlling e-mails. If you need to send an-email, you do not have to use the computer as you can do it using the mobile That means that you also need to be able to monitor e-mail accounts used on target phones. Luckily with TheOneSpy, this is not a challenge. The app gives access to e-mails, its content and detailed information, including subject, attachments, and addresses. In such away, you will be able to monitor and protect your company from information leakage, and, if it happens, you will easily find out the guilty person.
  • Other phone activities. TheOneSpy monitors other phones activities too. For instance, you can check phonebook and see whether new contacts have been added, or monitor calendar of the phone to see whether your kid is planning to participate in any suspicious event.

How to start using TheOneSpy

theonespyIt is very easy to start using TheOneSpy. You are recommended to visit the official website of the application to read detailed information on products and pricing. All products can be purchased at the official website for a reasonable price.

Once you have decided which product will meet your requirements, you need to make a payment. After making payment for the product, you are able to download TheOneSpy. Install application and enjoy its features!

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