TheTruthSpy. Reputable Application for Phone Monitoring

thetruthspyIf you are the one who considers that personal relations should be based on trust, you may disagree with the necessity of the spying apps. But we hope that our review will change your opinion, and you will discover new useful options of the phone trackers. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, people lie each other. Kids do not tell the truth to their parents about the way they spend a free time. Employees want to have a good salary without moving a finger. Besides, it is a well-known fact that spouses frequently cheat each other. To prevent the consequences of all these events, you should use achievements of our modern world. Spy apps are a good way out!

In this review, we are going to describe one of the best spy apps for monitoring people, TheTruthSpy. What to expect from this application? What features are really useful? We will try to find the answers to all these questions.

How to Download TheTruthSpy and Some Peculiarities of Installation Process

thetruthspyIn fact, if you consider that to use spyware products, you need to have a university degree, you are mistaken. Applications for controlling the phone activity of others are very easy in use. If you wish to start spying right now, find access to the target device, download the program and install it. Several clicks and TheTruthSpy is installed! This app for the people control fits numerous purposes: personal or business ones. Remote control becomes affordable with the using of spy programs.

You can’t install the app remotely. To do this, you need physical access to the target mobile device. Before download the application and control the phone activity, you need to purchase the subscription. Your next step is to open the web page on the target phone and enter your code, which will let you download the app. After that, you set the required options, and TheTruthSpy starts to control the device.

Besides, having downloaded the app, you can choose either hide or unhide option. It means that you have a choice: whether to control the device secretly or not. If you choose the unhide option, the subject of your interest will never know that you control him.

TheTruthSpy will start to provide you with reports in 15 minutes after installation. Besides, the target phone must be connected to the Internet.  Only upon this condition, you will be able to get the control logs on time.

Features of TheTruthSpy

spy-softTheTruthSpy is endowed with a plethora of useful features that will meet the requirements of all types of users. Below, you may find the most powerful options for the application for kids, employees or spouses’ control.

  • Track the location of the subject of your interest. This feature is extremely useful to control your children. It allows you to get any place details like latitude or the time or date when a particular person visited a specific location.
  • Track sent and received SMS messages. Now the target phone’s SMS inbox is spread out before you.
  • Control incoming or outgoing calls. You can also record each call. All these recordings will be available to you on the online control panel.
  • Listen to phone surroundings on the online mode. If you are not sure that your kids are in safety, this option will help you find out the truth.
  • Track Internet browsing history. TheTruthSpy allows you to control each website your kid, spouse or employee visit at the moment. In case you consider that the subject of your interest reviews forbidden sites, you can block them remotely.
  • Control the content of messages shared via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype or BBM. Very often people use at least one of these applications to chat with each other. So, you can easily control it.
  • Keylogger. This option lets you see all words or letters that were typed on the target phone.
  • View the contact history. With the help of TheTruthSpy, you can easily get access to the phone book entries of the monitored person.
  • Control panel. In other words, it is your bench board, allowing you to control the target phone. You can access it being anywhere in the world. Nothing but a stable Internet connection is required.
  • Record applications, installed by the user. You can easily view all programs that were installed by the owner of the phone and see the name and installation date.

As you see, TheTruthSpy has plenty of powerful and useful options. With this software product for spying, you will know everything about the target individual.

Why Should You Choose TheTruthSpy app?

mobile-spyIn fact, if you spend some time browsing the web in search of a reliable application to control the phone of another person, you will be shocked by choice. However, TheTruthSpy definitely is among leaders.

TheTruthSpy can run invisibly. It is the 100% undetectable application, and the object of your interest will never guess that he is being monitored. Having installed the app, it collects all information you need and lets you know about all phone activities. So, if you wish to spy secretly, TheTruthSpy offers you this opportunity.

Another benefit is its pricing policy. TheTruthSpy offers several billing plans, allowing users to choose the one, which complies with their demands. Depending on your spying purposes, you can choose either the standard billing plan (its cost is $17 per month) or the gold billing plan (its price is $23 per month). The gold billing plan gives you access to all features offered by the application. In any case, its price is not sky high as compared to other spyware products, providing the same set of features.


With TheTruthSpy, you will always know that your kids are protected, your employees really work, and your spouse doesn’t cheat you. It is the best application for monitoring phones, developed by a reputable manufacturer. With this phone monitoring software, you will never know what failures in operation are. Besides, if you wish to spy secretly, the owner of a target phone will never guess that something is wrong.


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