Effective Ways to Spy on WhatsApp: Top Mobile Spy Apps

whatsapp-hackWhatsapp is a popular messaging app which helps to connect users from different part of the world. There is no wonder a lot of spy apps were developed specifically for its users. As you might know, spy tools are applied to reveal the person’s secrets online. In other words, it became easier to spy on any individual once such spying software was founded. It is quite difficult to pick the best spy and control tool for your Whatsapp needs as there is a great choice. Mobile phone users are ready to try both free and paid apps just to learn whether:

  • Their spouse cheats on them
  • Kids lie to them
  • Employees share confidential information with third parties
  • Strangers possess danger
  • Their old parents need immediate help

So, one may say that installing spy apps is not legal. However, it may be maximum unethical. But such tools implemented to support efficient Whatsapp communication may prevent your family members and beloved ones from different risks. Thus, we recommend having a look at the top mobile spy apps that you can buy or download online.


mspy_mapMSpy is, probably, the most popular distant control software. You can easily control your target mobile phone’s Whatsapp activity after purchasing this solution. The given spy tool is compatible with the following types of devices:

  • Android
  • iOS (without jailbreak)
  • Mac OS
  • Windows

On the whole, out of all features, we have mentioned the most advantageous below.

Install WhatsApp Spy

  1.  No need for jailbreak: the discussed app can find your object without any Jailbreaking in a few minutes.
  2.  Keylogging: An opportunity to review all keystrokes typed into a desired mobile phone.
  3.  The app blocks suspicious websites and apps.
  4.  Geo-Fencing makes it simpler to find the lost phone.

Thus, Whatsapp users may be interested in such offer. The price varies from $30 to $480. Discover more information now.

Highster Mobile

highster-mobileThe second well-known spying app enables people to view messages of others on Android mobile phone and tablets. Highster Mobile works not only with Whatsapp: it is also useful for those who prefer Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

The software allows monitoring and penetrating into all aspects of the target mobile phone. Social media monitoring is hard to imagine without the support of application like this. Be ready to give away $70 to be able to track every incoming/outgoing Whatsapp message. You should be aware that 10% of the conversations may be missed. Anyway, there is always a risk that your ‘victim’ may bust you for setting up and applying spy software.




It is another serious tool for those who need to manage the time of their close people. You will receive all important details from the mobile phone or another device of your child, boss, spouse, or friend.

SpyBubble makes it possible to enjoy such functions as:

  • monitoring any sort of messages
  • viewing photos and videos from the camera
  • reading e-mails
  • watching after WhatsApp and iMessage activity
  • reporting entire browser history

For almost $50, you can obtain the spy app with recently added Whatsapp function which works excellently according to numerous reviews.

Besides, it covers a variety of devices:

  • Symbian
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile


teensafe1As you can guess from its name, the spy app is designed to watch after kids. Whatsapp is a very popular messaging system among teens, so their parents can learn a lot from it. It’s not that easy to spy on children as they are technologically advanced. But TeenSafe might be a great solution.

You may download this one quickly and pay just $14.95 per month. Its developers also offer a 7-day free trial. The given control app was recognized for its:

  • Reliability
  • Convenience
  • Five-star user support

By reading entire message history, one may prevent families from a break-up or other fatal consequences. Desperate parents or elder brothers/sisters who wish to follow their kids will be satisfied. Feature list claims that every user will be able to view each incoming/outgoing text message as well as monitor Instagram, WhatsApp, and other online activities. Keep your children safe!


flexispy app reviewIf you need detailed instructions on how to monitor any mobile phone, you may find more information online. Now, let’s move to another perfect spy tool which allows monitoring Whatsapp activity. Except for the ability to track your target object’s location, FlexiSpy guarantees to discover the truth through observing all Whatsapp messages and chats. You’ll see every like or comment as well.

This spying tool is mostly recommended for advanced computer or mobile phone users who are willing to pay $149-$349 in order to receive the following features:

  • steal account or device password
  • listen to the private incoming and outgoing calls
  • read any SMS, e-mail, or Whatsapp message
  • record calls on distantly
  • track location
  • monitoring camera

The target device, however, has to be rooted or jailbroken before applying FlexiSpy.


spyera-phoneThere are two basic functions of the given spy app: detect your own mobile phone or watch after somebody’s device. Business people use communication applications like Whatsapp a lot, so they enjoy SpyEra for its monitoring ability. While Whatsapp makes it possible to chat with all employees, SpyEra allows listening to these conversations. Who knows what your colleagues may be saying behind your back?

When the wanted mobile phone is active, the user can see every step taken by the device’s owner. It is a good way to check active chats and see whether all private information stays within the company. Once you have installed this app, you’ll be able to steal the logs of all widely used chatting apps. Whatsapp is just one of them. SpyEra works well on Android and iPad. It comes around for $389, but the results are worth every cent you spend.


mobistealthIf you want a cheaper solution, you might want to have MobiStealth app installed on your mobile phone. It is an excellent option if you are interested in obtaining a full control over one’s phone messages. Add impressive syncing time and other great features to the Whatsapp tracking – and you’ll get an overall picture of this software.
Pay 80$ to enjoy it on your:

  • Symbian
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile

Now then, you know how to spy on one’s Whatsapp activity without being detected. Be really careful when choosing the spy app which is right for you.

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