How to listen to mobile phone calls?

listen to phone callsIf you wonder what your children or employees are talking about when using their phones, just hack their devices, and you will be able to listen to all incoming and outgoing phone calls. The easiest way to hack someone’s phone is to use spy applications.

What should you know about spy apps?

Spyware (or spy app) is a special kind of the software, which can give you the ability to control all phone and online activities that are carried using the target device.

These applications can work in the stealth mode so you can spy on your children and employees without them knowing. The app hides in the background of the device’s operating system and the target phone owner can’t notic it.

How to start listening to phone calls?

listen to phone callsYou should choose the app which suits you the best, download the installation file of the app from the official website and run it. The installation process is very easy, so you wouldn’t have any problems.

After that, create your personal online account. All the data will be uploaded to your account, and you will be able to log in and to start monitoring the phone calls and track other data from any device which has the Internet connection.

Other features of spy apps

You will be able to listen to the calls, but you will also have the opportunity to use other great features, for example, monitoring:

  • Text messages;
  • GPS location
  • Emails;
  • Calendar events;
  • Media files,
  • Chats and conversations on social media, etc.

What spy app to choose?

It is a matter of your own preferences and the necessary functions. You can choose free spy apps and get the common list of monitoring features. Or you can pay the affordable price and get additional services with paid spying apps. The most popular spy apps are XNSPY monitoring app, TeenSafe which can monitor your child’s phone remotely, Highster mobile app which works on both Android and iPhone devices.

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