Top 5 Best Remote Keylogger Apps

d6e2164e433b6d00e2b76956662e6c2aIf you have decided to get yourself a spying program, you probably already know how you will use it and for what purpose. Also, you should know well how to use it properly to get the best result that is possible. So here you have the list of top-class keyloggers that work remotely and can deal with multiple spying tasks.

Mobile monitoring systems are quite new technology, but it already has its controversial reputation. The history of this type of software started almost two decades ago as it was one of the most popular tools among cyber criminals. They were stealing passwords and other personal data with the help of simple and undetectable keyloggers.

But nowadays the popularity of keylogger software is constantly growing among normal people that want to protect their children or to be able to find their phone easily when it is stolen or lost. If you do not want to guess things about your kid, partner, or even employee, a keylogger would be the perfect solution for you.

Why is it really useful?

When you become a monitoring program user for Windows, Android, iOS or any other operating system, you will quickly understand how beneficial the software is. First of all, you can use it for your personal purposes on your own smartphone or computer to learn all the details about its activity without your presence. Also, you will easily find your device when it is stolen or lost. Another group of people who loved that type of software a lot are parents.

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These people want to protect their children from dangers they can face on the internet. It is about online bullying, predators, adult and other impropriate content. All stuff can be easily blocked with the help of keylogger. Also, parents can use GPS location tracker to know where their kid is at the moment. And the last case where keyloggers became massively popular is corporate. Often company-owned devices are used by employees for private purposes. The software will easily show the manager of the company all the information about the device activity.
How is it used?

All the keyloggers work with the most popular platforms for PC and smartphones. There is a wide selection of monitor software with such operating systems as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. But you should note that even the best keylogger program should be installed on the target device, so it means you need to get physical access to it at least for once.

After the installation of the software, all the data from the target device will be logged on your email as a text or HTML file. Your account and the interface of the software can be protected with a personal password. The best keylogger will always have a stealth mode that makes it invisible to target users and antivirus programs.

Evaluation points

  • Usability

That point is very important for people who use such software for personal use with no commercial purpose. If the keylogger interface is too hard to understand and deal with, the program is just useless for the average user. So, try to pay attention to every detail of the interface and your feelings while working with the monitor program.

  • Features

Of course, keylogger has the main feature of tracking keystrokes, but these days it is just not enough to call it top-class software. Geo-fencing, GPS tracking, browser history monitoring, screenshots taking, keywords alerts, and anti-theft options are very important points for every modern keylogger to have.

Choosing your keylogger



    This software is absolutely free. But, it has a specific method of monitoring that distinguishes this keylogger from any other software. The main benefit of the application is the ability to monitor up to 200 remote devices along with one local computer. But it also can satisfy you with its tracking capabilities. First of all, this software records all the keystrokes. It means you are able to control all the web searches, visited websites, emails, and any other activity on the target computer. Screenshot and password options are also available for free.


  • mSpy Keylogger

This software is the best choice for those users who want to monitor messages. All the details of every single message on the target phone will be sent to your account. The control of the program performs remotely from your account. And of course, mSpy keylogger has such functions as monitoring the keystrokes, browsing history, notes, SMS, passwords, and any other internet activity. Those parents who want to know where their kids are at the moment, should get this application as it offers high-quality GPS tracking option.


  • Windows Live Family Safety

This software unites a wide selection of tools that will help you to monitor and control your kid’s internet activity. This is the best way to monitor your home computer, for example. This program will block all the doubtful content working with any browser and Windows operating system. Keylogger function is not the only useful here. Some certain websites can be blocked permanently along with certain search requests.


Another great example of a keylogger is Refog. This is software with all the functions that a typical keylogger can provide you with. You will get reports about all the actions the user does on the computer. You can see what he or she types, what software uses, and what websites visits. This software is based on the popular Refog Personal Monitor and Refog Employee Monitor programs. But free version keylogger can be a good monitoring helper too for sure.


There are few editions available with that particular software. But if you need just a simple keystrokes recording function for your personal use, the free version will be just enough for you. The interface of the program is very simple, and the system works with no delays and errors while Revealer software is running. All the settings in the free version would be set correctly right from the start, so you should not be dealing with options after the installation of the software.


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Will it work with non gmail emails and does it log copy and paste form the windows machine?

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If one of my devises where stolen or lost, will the person that found it stolen it can simply uninstall the app or set the device to factory default.?? How can I prevent that?

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