Mobile trackers for Spying on Facebook


How to use surveillance apps to spy on Facebook

spy facebookSurveillance apps are the best way to track somebody’s cell phone. These apps are user-friendly and don’t require special knowledge and skills. Many of them are compatible with all operating systems: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian. There are many different types of phone trackers. Their functionality and distinguishing peculiarities depend on the features of their use. But there are functions that are the same for all apps like a backbone. They are:

  • Monitoring text messages, conversations, and MMS;
  • Monitoring Facebook chats, posts and other social media activity and internet browser history;
  • Spying on emails and chats on messengers (WhatsApp, Viber);
  • Tracking outgoing and incoming calls;
  • Tracking GPS location;
  • Ability to view phone contacts, Facebook friends, etc.

These apps are easy to install and to use. The installation procedure and the way of monitoring are common for many applications. To use the surveillance app you should:

  • Download spy app to the target phone or tablet;
  • Run the downloaded installation file on the device which you want to monitor;
  • Create your personal account online
  • Log into your personal account and track all activities of the target phone such as calls, Facebook chats in real time or at any other convenient time.

Install Facebook Spy App

The app works in stealth mode and uploads all information to the panel on your personal account.

What are the Best Facebook Spy Apps?

A great number of modern spy applications are available in the market today. Here are the most popular phone trackers for Spying on Facebook:

  • MSpy – is the leader in the sphere of monitoring solutions. May be used for spying on Facebook;
  • FlexiSpy – is another great software application which can be used on an Android phone to track the information that goes through the device.
  • Highster Mobile – is a reliable spy app which works on both Android and iOS devices. It’s perfect for parental control. The app is perpetual; that assumes one-time purchase option.
  • MobiStealth – is a powerful multifunctional cell phone and computer monitoring software which provides access to all necessary information on the target phone.

Spheres of using spy apps

ways_to_spy_on_facebookSurveillance apps can solve many problems in different spheres of your life. You may use spy applications for:

  • Control your kid’s activity on Facebook and other social networks;
  • Monitor your spouse’s phone or tablet;
  • Spying on employees’ online activities.

Parental Control

parental-control-appsWith the development of modern software many things that can threaten our children moved from offline to online life. Our children communicate with their friends using Facebook, share photos, videos, stories, thoughts, etc. Sharing personal information on Facebook can cause the situation when someone uses this data for fraudulent purposes. For example, your kid can chat on Facebook with a user who may have criminal intentions. Taking into account the age and inexperience of the child it is clear he is unable to identify dangers and cope with the problems that can appear on Facebook and other social networks.


That’s why parents should know how to control the online activities of their children in order to protect them. Parents can do this with the help of numerous spy applications that are available on the market and can be applied for spying on Facebook. They are easy to use and quite affordable. You only need to download and install the app to the target phone and create your personal account online. After this, all tracked information will be uploaded to your account.

Spying on spouses

shutterstock_442889305-710x434Sometimes our significant others can be overly secretive. They can hide something in their phones, tablets, and accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Surely, it may seem strange and suspicious. With the help of spy apps, we can find out whether our beloved are honest with us or not. Once you have installed the spy app to the phone that you want to monitor you can forget about your doubts. The app will track information on calls, visited websites, messages, Facebook chats, tweets, photos and videos that are stored on the phone. You will also have access to GPS location of the target phone, and you even will be able to activate the microphone and to listen to the phone’s surroundings.

Monitoring of employees’ activities

employees spyIf you are a business owner or a TOP manager of a company you can worry about the safety of important financial and business information. Your employees may disclose information using Facebook or other social networks. This may lead to the financial, reputation and other risks.  With the help of surveillance applications, the employer can spy on phones, tablets of his employees and their accounts on Facebook. This can prevent the disclosure of information. And you can be sure that your company information is secure. One more reason to spy on the phones and Facebook of employees is to ensure that they are working as they are expected to. It should be noted that he should remember that all people have the rights to privacy so he should warn employees about monitoring their phones and Facebook profiles.

So there are so many situations in our lives when spy applications can become real helpers or even saviors. Using phone surveillance apps you will be able to read all sent or received messages, Facebook chats, view all videos and images, track calls, check browser history, contacts, Facebook friends, etc. Spy apps work in stealth regime, so the owner of the target phone will not find out that someone is spying on him. All these can help you to get rid of doubts, worries and make your life easier.

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