Reasons to Select Mobile Spy for Your Phone

m-spyMonitoring software has taken a serious position in the market due to many reasons. We live in a world of technologies that give us plenty of possibilities and unlimited access to information. It is so simple to stay in touch with friends and relatives that live miles away from you. In two clicks you can also find whatever you need on the Internet. Nevertheless, unlimited possibilities in certain areas of life and work also require certain control. Spying programs such Mobile Spy provides invisible control and monitoring of mobile devices.

Three Main Reason to Install Mobile Spy on the Phone

mobile-spy-demoThere are many reasons why people use monitoring software, but there are three main factors that influence the decision to control someone phone activity:

  1. Cheating spouse. People who experience difficulties in relationships usually suspect their husbands/ wives in infidelity. They feel suspicious about each phone call or Facebook message. In certain cases, monitoring apps help save marriages and prove that husband or wife is not cheating.
  2. Employees’ activity control. Small business and big companies feel necessity to monitor activities of their employees. Some companies simply ban usage of social media and various messengers. Other companies prefer to leave them unbanned but keep an eye on how much time staff spends time online.  It is not a single case when an employee misuses corporate phones for personal use or spend too much time on the Internet.
  3. Installing monitoring programs is not only one of the ways to control the activity of employees. It is also a good tool to protect your business from information leakage. You never know for sure what information is shared online with other people.
  4. Parental control. Uncontrolled access to the Net present specific dangers to kids. Parents who want to protect their children from bad influence frequently install spying software that allows them to have full control of computers and phones.

Legal Aspects of Using Mobile Spy

Legality of using spying software depends on countries and local legislation. In certain countries, monitoring programs are prohibited, but the list of such countries is really short. Using spy apps to monitor underage children is not an abuse of any laws. The same refers to installing software of phones that belong to the company and not a private person. However, when using Mobile Spy for monitoring a spouse, you should counsel legal specialist.

Benefits of Using Mobile Spy

mobile-spy-mainOne of the main benefits of using Mobile Spy is that the program is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. To make sure that your phone is compatible with the app, visit Mobile Spy website, Compatibility page. It is worth mentioning that some features might differ due to technical differences of OS.

  • Call control. With Mobile Spy you can monitor outgoing and incoming calls of the target phone. Information on data and phone number are available in Control Panel.
  • Message monitoring. Do you want to know what kind of messages your kid is sending and to whom?  Mobile Spy gives insight into all messages including, SMS and MMS.
  • iMessage/ PIN Messages. Specific features might be different due to OS differences. iMessage monitoring is available only for iPhones and iPads. You will be able to see the content of such messages just like regular text messages.

Blackberry also offers its users opportunity to control Blackberry PIN messages that are available only for Blackberry. You can save and view all conversations in an online control panel indeed.

  • Social media activity. This feature allows you to track social media activity of your employees or family member. You will know how much time they spend online, with whom they chat as well as about what. It is a good way to protect people and prevent bad things happening.
  • E-mail. Monitor cell phone e-mail activity with Mobile Spy to make sure that your stuff is not sending commercial information to competitors and protect your business. The following feature allows seeing the content of e-mails, recipient, attachments, subject, and date.
  • Multimedia. Mobile Spy provides access to the multimedia gallery of the phone where you can view photos, watch videos or listen to recordings. In such a way, you can find out more about the user of the phone and his/her interests.
  • Keylogger. All users of monitoring software adore keylogger feature as it saves the history of all keystrokes. You can check what your child has been searching on the Internet or sent, even if the message has been deleted. No secrets with Mobile Spy!
  • GPS tracker. Sometimes it is extremely helpful to have track location of the target phone to see where the user is. This feature allows you to define the safe and unsafe zone, and when the user crosses unsafe zone, you receive a corresponding notification. GPS tracker gives detailed information on the movement of your kids and employee. You will know whether your kid is missing school and whether the employee is really out of office for business meeting.
  • Phonebook and Calendar. Do you want to know what phone numbers have been added to the phone recently? No problems as Mobile Spy has access to phonebook of the phone. Get to know more about who your kid is contacting with. Calendar control will give you more details about plans of your kid for weekends. He/she still might be planning to visit the party that you are against.
  • Notification. Receive notifications when target phone is out of the safe zone or profanity language is used. You can use certain settings and receive an alert when they are not corrupted.

How to Purchase Mobile Spy

To clarify, you are recommended to avoid purchasing the app from unauthorized websites and buy app at the official website. In Purchase section, you will find detailed information the program installation, settings, and usage advice. Once you have decided which package you need, you can make a payment and start enjoying all the benefits of Mobile Spy.

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