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Is Mobistealth Cell Phone Monitoring Software Worth Using?

mobistealth-reviewsHave you ever worried about your children and what takes them so long to get home from school? Have you ever suspected your employees in disclosing confidential information? Mobile phone monitoring software can help you in these situations. Spy apps can give you an opportunity to protect your children, family, and business. Mobistealth is one of best spy apps which differs qualitatively in comparison with its competitors.

Competitive Advantages of Mobistealth

  • Using Mobistealth you can check the data from any device with the Internet access and anytime;
  • With the help of this software, you can monitor children all day long, even when they are away from you. The app works in 24/7 mode;
  • Mobistealth can’t be tampered by your children;
  • You can use this software to monitor all companies owned devices;
  • The software works in the stealth mode so you will not be detected;
  • Pay affordable prices (from $0.50 per one day);
  • The app doesn’t require rooting of Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices. There is also no need for jailbreaking iOS devices.

How To Use Mobistealth?

mobistealth-2In fact, like many other surveillance apps Mobistealth is easy to use. Its interface is user-friendly and installation process is simple. First of all, you should:

  • Register your personal online account;
  • Download MobiStealth’s installation file;
  • Install the software on the target cell phone or computer;
  • Check all tracked data with the help of your personal online account. You can do it from any device whenever you want.

Mobistealth spy software works without someone’s help, so you don’t need to have physical access to the target phone after the installation. The app records all data that goes through the target device and upload it to your personal online panel.

Features of Mobistealth

mobile-spy-appThis phone surveillance app provides a full list of spying features which ensure high-quality and comprehensive monitoring of the target phone. You will have access to all data that goes through the operating system of the device. It means that all secrets in phone calls, chats, SMS will be in full view. Using Mobistealth you can spy on:

  • Phone calls – track all incoming and outgoing phone calls. There is also a feature which enables you to record all phone calls. They will be recorded and uploaded to your personal panel so you will know everything about the content of the calls, interlocutors, and duration of the calls. You can listen to phone calls from any phone, computer or tablet at any time you want;
  • SMS messages – with spy app you will have free access to SMS messages which were sent or received using target phone. You will know everything about senders, receivers of the messages, about the exact time and date of messages;
  • Emails and Gmail Accounts – the software makes it possible to spy on received and sent emails. It is important that unread emails will be available as well. All details such as senders, recipients, the time and date logs will be available. All activities of Gmail accounts will be in full view too;
  • Messengers – use monitoring software and spy on chats and conversations on different messengers. With Mobistealth you can monitor WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Yahoo Chat, MSN Chat, Blackberry Messenger, etc;
  • Media Files – Mobistealth monitoring software gives an opportunity to check photos, pictures, video files remotely;
  • Applications – use surveillance software and get an access to all applications on the target phone and used by its owner. You will have an ability to filter them and forbid inappropriate content;
  • Web browser history – Mobistealth spy software makes it possible to monitor Internet browser history. All web pages that were visited using the target phone will be tracked;
  • Contacts – use this app for monitoring the address book of the target cell phone and track such details as names, numbers, email addresses;
  • Calendar – if you use Mobistealth spy software, it will be easy for you to monitor events, appointments, notes stored on the target phone
  • GPS Location – with the help of Mobistealth spy software you can get current and historical GPS location of the target device.
  • Record Phone Surroundings – use Mobistealth monitoring application and you will have an opportunity to activate the microphone of the target device and record its surroundings. Recordings will be uploaded to your personal panel;
  • Keylogging and ScreenShots – use Mobistealth monitoring application and log keystrokes easily with its help. Ability to take screenshots will be available as well.

Who Can Use Mobistealth Monitoring Software?

mobistealth-sreenMobistealth spy software is perfect for parental control and monitoring employees. The app will be especially useful for parents and business owners and meets all their needs. If you need to monitor devices of your significant other, this app will not suit you. But there are many other apps for this purpose, like, mSpy, Couple Tracker, etc.

Monitoring Kids

You can use Mobistealth cell phone surveillance software in order to protect children from numerous online threats that can occur when they use cell phones and computers. With the help of monitoring software, you can be aware of all texts, phone calls, photos, videos, online activities of your children and take actions if you notice something suspicious.

Monitoring Employees

Use Mobistealth spy software for business purposes and you will be able to earn more profits. With its help, you can enhance employee performance and reduce wasted resources and personal cell phone use. In the final result, you can get more revenue.

Mobistealth’s Pricing Policy

mobistealth-compatabilityMobistealth offers different pricing plans. You can buy 3, 6 or 12-month subscription. Naturally, the monthly price for 12-month subscription is the lowest. The plans also differ in their features. The company offers software for monitoring Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices. All these versions of the app have different prices.

Android Spy Software Monthly Payment Will Be:

  • $16.66 – for PRO plan (3-months subscription);
  • $26.66 – for Pro-X (3-months subscription);

Blackberry Monitoring Software Monthly Payment Will Be:

  • $13.33 – for Lite subscription plan (3-month subscription);
  • $26.66 – for Pro plan.

Monthly Payment for iOS Spy Software Will Be:

  • $33.33 – for Premium plan;
  • $40 – for Premium Plus package.

So, Mobistealth spy software is known as affordable but reliable and comprehensive cell phone spy app. It can be used by parents and employers for monitoring kids and employees. It is easy to use and not expensive, so it will be great for concerned mothers and owners of small business.

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TheTruthSpy. Reputable Application for Phone Monitoring

thetruthspyIf you are the one who considers that personal relations should be based on trust, you may disagree with the necessity of the spying apps. But we hope that our review will change your opinion, and you will discover new useful options of the phone trackers. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, people lie each other. Kids do not tell the truth to their parents about the way they spend a free time. Employees want to have a good salary without moving a finger. Besides, it is a well-known fact that spouses frequently cheat each other. To prevent the consequences of all these events, you should use achievements of our modern world. Spy apps are a good way out!

In this review, we are going to describe one of the best spy apps for monitoring people, TheTruthSpy. What to expect from this application? What features are really useful? We will try to find the answers to all these questions.

How to Download TheTruthSpy and Some Peculiarities of Installation Process

thetruthspyIn fact, if you consider that to use spyware products, you need to have a university degree, you are mistaken. Applications for controlling the phone activity of others are very easy in use. If you wish to start spying right now, find access to the target device, download the program and install it. Several clicks and TheTruthSpy is installed! This app for the people control fits numerous purposes: personal or business ones. Remote control becomes affordable with the using of spy programs.

You can’t install the app remotely. To do this, you need physical access to the target mobile device. Before download the application and control the phone activity, you need to purchase the subscription. Your next step is to open the web page on the target phone and enter your code, which will let you download the app. After that, you set the required options, and TheTruthSpy starts to control the device.

Besides, having downloaded the app, you can choose either hide or unhide option. It means that you have a choice: whether to control the device secretly or not. If you choose the unhide option, the subject of your interest will never know that you control him.

TheTruthSpy will start to provide you with reports in 15 minutes after installation. Besides, the target phone must be connected to the Internet.  Only upon this condition, you will be able to get the control logs on time.

Features of TheTruthSpy

spy-softTheTruthSpy is endowed with a plethora of useful features that will meet the requirements of all types of users. Below, you may find the most powerful options for the application for kids, employees or spouses’ control.

  • Track the location of the subject of your interest. This feature is extremely useful to control your children. It allows you to get any place details like latitude or the time or date when a particular person visited a specific location.
  • Track sent and received SMS messages. Now the target phone’s SMS inbox is spread out before you.
  • Control incoming or outgoing calls. You can also record each call. All these recordings will be available to you on the online control panel.
  • Listen to phone surroundings on the online mode. If you are not sure that your kids are in safety, this option will help you find out the truth.
  • Track Internet browsing history. TheTruthSpy allows you to control each website your kid, spouse or employee visit at the moment. In case you consider that the subject of your interest reviews forbidden sites, you can block them remotely.
  • Control the content of messages shared via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Skype or BBM. Very often people use at least one of these applications to chat with each other. So, you can easily control it.
  • Keylogger. This option lets you see all words or letters that were typed on the target phone.
  • View the contact history. With the help of TheTruthSpy, you can easily get access to the phone book entries of the monitored person.
  • Control panel. In other words, it is your bench board, allowing you to control the target phone. You can access it being anywhere in the world. Nothing but a stable Internet connection is required.
  • Record applications, installed by the user. You can easily view all programs that were installed by the owner of the phone and see the name and installation date.

As you see, TheTruthSpy has plenty of powerful and useful options. With this software product for spying, you will know everything about the target individual.

Why Should You Choose TheTruthSpy app?

mobile-spyIn fact, if you spend some time browsing the web in search of a reliable application to control the phone of another person, you will be shocked by choice. However, TheTruthSpy definitely is among leaders.

TheTruthSpy can run invisibly. It is the 100% undetectable application, and the object of your interest will never guess that he is being monitored. Having installed the app, it collects all information you need and lets you know about all phone activities. So, if you wish to spy secretly, TheTruthSpy offers you this opportunity.

Another benefit is its pricing policy. TheTruthSpy offers several billing plans, allowing users to choose the one, which complies with their demands. Depending on your spying purposes, you can choose either the standard billing plan (its cost is $17 per month) or the gold billing plan (its price is $23 per month). The gold billing plan gives you access to all features offered by the application. In any case, its price is not sky high as compared to other spyware products, providing the same set of features.


With TheTruthSpy, you will always know that your kids are protected, your employees really work, and your spouse doesn’t cheat you. It is the best application for monitoring phones, developed by a reputable manufacturer. With this phone monitoring software, you will never know what failures in operation are. Besides, if you wish to spy secretly, the owner of a target phone will never guess that something is wrong.


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SpyBubble. Excellent App for Tracking People

spybubbleModern technologies give us numerous opportunities and options. Unfortunately, sometimes we have a lack of control, and it causes issues in our everyday life. To be more confident and control various spheres of life, you may use spy apps. It is useful software that gives you plenty of benefits. This review is aimed at describing how tracking apps can help you to solve various issues, and how SpyBubble can simplify your life.

Why Should You Spy on Mobile Phones?

spybubbleIf you are the one who wants to track somebody’s phone, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Living in the epoch of modern technologies, it is a sin not to make use of these achievements. Furthermore, all these secret games became easier due to phone monitoring software. You may find out any information about all subjects of your interest by dint of the phone monitoring app.

If you consider spying to be not fair regarding the target individual, you are mistaken. We have no right to criticize people who just want to control their kids. We cannot judge people who wish to control their partners and spouses. Furthermore, employers who are obliged to manage a big staff remotely must use the benefits of spying applications. As far as mobile phones are the only things people always take with them, spying software products are the best tools for doing this.

Doing the online research, you probably stumble upon many posts about the benefits and drawbacks of such programs. This review will definitely be useful for those who wish to install a spyware app onto the phone of the other person. So, let’s find out what SpyBubble can offer to us!

How to Download SpyBubble phone tracker?

SpyBubble is easy to install. All customers can download the phone tracker from the official website of the product without extra efforts. It stands to mention that SpyBubble can fill the needs of the most demanding users. The procedure of installation takes only five minutes and no more. To do this, you should take the phone of the person you are interested in and download the app. Nothing but the Internet connection is required. With this software product, you will receive the total control over your kids, staff or partners.

After download of the program, you will be able to track your kids, who live far away. Besides, sometimes our parents or grandparents need help with their mobile devices. SpyBubble will provide you with the remote control over their devices. You will have a chance to help them cope with some difficulties remotely.

List of Features SpyBubble Offers

spybubble-reviewSpyBubble software is endowed with some useful features that will fill the needs of all customer categories. Below, we’ve published the list of options provided by the phone tracker.

  • Call monitoring. This option enables you to monitor the duration and time of calls. Besides, you can find out the details of each call. It is the most significant feature of any spyware product.
  • Monitoring of IM. Though now people use different chat programs like Viber or Facebook Messenger more often than standard text messages, this option is also useful.
  • Website monitoring. If your kids, spouses or employees spend too much time chatting on social networks or viewing prohibited sites, you can easily limit their access due to SpyBubble phone tracker.
  • Alerts on prohibited actions. You can determine some restricted areas on the mobile device, and in case the target person applies unwanted activities, the application notifies you about it by sending you alerts.
  • Email check. Business owners frequently use emails as the primary communication tool for their employees. This software product lets you control each email on the target cell phone.
  • SMS commands. This feature allows you to track the device remotely. You can easily delete information from the target phone with the help of special SMS commands.
  • GPS tracker. This option doesn’t require additional explanations. With the Internet connection, you will control each step of the target person. With SpyBubble, you won’t be worried about the safety of your kids.

These are the major features offered by SpyBubble. However, some other options also have to be mentioned. You will definitely have access to reviewing all calendar notes and contacts written by the user of the phone. It is a typical situation when kids or employees abuse your confidence and instead of working or doing homework play games or surf around the Internet. With the control option, you can easily block some applications remotely. With this feature, you will know what they do and make them work.

Benefits of SpyBubble App

spybubbleYou may definitely wonder, why SpyBubble? The modern software market offers a plethora of spyware applications that are not distinct from each other. However, SpyBubble has a number of benefits.

First of all, this application comprises all tracking needs of the most demanding customers. Easy to use Control Panel will help you to check all activities of the target phone. Though, nowadays there are many useful devices your kids still are in danger. Very often children are involved in such terrible activities as smoking, drugs or even bullying. Furthermore, you can’t be with your child the whole day. For that reason, you may use SpyBubble and control his or her mobile phone. If you can’t be with the dearest people all day long, you have the opportunity to secure them with the help of the spying application.

SpyBubble software is compatible with Android, iOS, and Blackberry cell phones. It means that the phone model of the subject of your interest makes no matter. You can buy the subscription and do not care about the compatibility. The price is not too high and is affordable to every user.


SpyBubble is the application for tracking mobile phones of the modern generation. It is suitable for various purposes regardless of their type. You can use it either for business or personal aims. So, if you search for a cross-functional application for spying, stop racking your brains over the problem like “which one to choose.” It is the high possibility that you’ve finally found it.

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XNSPY – The Best Cell Phone Monitoring App

xnspy-iphoneWe can’t be with our beloved and kids around the clock. But we worry about them. We think about who our significant others are chatting with on their messengers? Who our kids are talking to? Why are they not at home yet? We take care of their safety. And we want to know everything that is happening to them. We can not forbid our children to use phones and tablets, but we can use special software to monitor their phone activities in order to protect them.

If you are a business owner or a manager, you can also worry about your company’s safety. Your employees can use the confidential information for criminal purposes and disclose business and finance information of your company to your competitors. In this case, you can use spy apps to ensure the safety of your company.

What Should You Know About XNSPY

rastreador-gps-movil-padresXNSPY is a well-known mobile phone spy software. It can help you to monitor your child’s phone activity in online and offline mode without any difficulties and at any time. Just install the application, and you will have access to all the data from your computer, tablet or your cell phone.

Using XNSPY you have an ability to track all data that go through the operating system of someone’s cell phone or tablet. Thanks to surveillance applications, you can be sure in the safety of your professional and personal life. XNSPY works in the stealth mode so it completely undetectable and you can monitor someone’s phone without them knowing. But if you want to track devices of your children who have reached the age of 18 or employees you should remember about the right to privacy. It would be better to warn them about your monitoring.

Features Of XNSPY

xnspy-658x439XNSPY is one of the leading spyware which can provide a real-time monitoring. It is known as one of the best tracking applications, and it is literally perfect for parental control and monitoring employees. The main features of XNSPY are the next:

  • Monitoring and recording phone calls. XNSPY will be able to track all incoming and outgoing calls. Using the app you will be able to monitor call logs remotely and in the stealth mode. The user of the target phone will not be aware that you know everything;
  • Viewing an address book. You will be able to see phone numbers, names, emails and other details in the address book of the target phone;
  • SMS and MMS messages monitoring. With XNSPY it’s quite easy to track SMS messages. The copies of all received, sent and even deleted SMS messages will be uploaded to your personal account, and you will view them at any time you want;
  • Spying on multimedia files. Track photos, videos, audio files shared via target phone or stored in the memory of the device;
  • Tracking appointments, reminders, notifications. XNSPY provides the feature of complete access to the calendar, notes and scheduled appointments;
  • Social media and messengers monitoring.  This monitoring app can help you to spy on activities on social networks and messengers. You сan view chats, conversations, and profiles on iMessages, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Skype, Linkedin, etc. All sent and received messages, posts, comments, photos, other files which were shared, sent or received using social media accounts will in a full view;
  • Tracking GPS location of the user of the target phone. This surveillance app enables you to track the current GPS location of the target tablet or cell phone. You can get the data immediately at your request. You can also see the history of GPS locations;
  • Spying on browser history and emails. The spy app makes it possible to monitor browser history, names, and URLs of favorite sites, bookmarks, emails.

Incontestable Proof That XNSPY Is Worth Using


 100%  Stealth Mode

XNSPY is the app that works in the stealth mode, and it is completely undetectable. Using this monitoring app, you can be sure that the owner of the target phone will never find it. After the installation, the app hides at the background of the operating system, and it is almost impossible to notice it. So XNSPY mobile monitoring is 100% invisible. It will not be displayed in the list of installed apps as well.

100% Secure Satisfaction Guaranteed

XNSPY does not leave its subscribers with the app alone. The policy of the company claims that the customer’s satisfaction is more important that anything else. The developers guarantee 100% positive mobile spy app experience. And customers’ reviews have proved this.

24/7 Live Chat

XNSPY provides exceptional customer support for their subscribers. Customer support team work 24/7 to help you with all your problems and issues that can appear when you use the surveillance application. You can ask the question at any time of the day, and you will get professional advice and assistance.

How To Install XNSPY

xnspyXNSPY is a mobile monitoring app that is easy to install and easy to use. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Notice, that you need to have physical access to the device which you want to monitor, but only once. After the installation, you can monitor any device without touching it. The installation process takes only a few minutes, and after that, you can start monitoring phones and tablets immediately. It is important that for proper work of all features iOS jailbreaking and Android rooting are required.

Follow the next steps to install XNSPY:

  • Download the app;
  • Open the System folder, find the installation file;
  • Run the installation file;
  • Register your personal account online;
  • Enter the Activation Code of the app which you can get via email.

The review has shown that XNSPY is safe and extremely reliable monitoring application with many innovative features. It provides a complete monitoring package as well as affordable prices and several possible payment options. It is easy with a user-friendly interface. XNSPY provides around the clock customer support so you can be sure you will get help when you need. Choose XNSPY for effective children and employee monitoring.

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Keylogger with GPS Tracking: iKeyMonitor is the Perfect Monitoring Solution

parentalModern society depends on the Internet. And it is not a secret that more children with every new day become victims of online bullies and inappropriate content. There is an easy and simple solution called a keylogger. And we have one of the best keyloggers reviewed in this article. iKeyMonitor is the perfect solution for parents, jealous partners, and even employers. No matter what tasks you want to solve with iKeyMonitor, it will deal with it for sure. But first, let’s talk more about keyloggers and their purposes.

Keylogger Definition

keyloggersSo, what is a keylogger? Keylogger is a type of software to be installed on your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. In one word, every modern device with an operating system in it can be provided with a keylogger.

It will track all the actions on the target device with a simple keystrokes recording. But modern keyloggers such as iKeyMonitor have evolved into far more interesting programs that can protect, inform, and even save lives!

The main purpose of a keylogger is to function as a keystroke logger and a spying tool. Modern keylogger programs may also deal with lots of other tasks such as screenshot taking, voice recording, and blocking inappropriate content. A few years ago such features were just a dream and no one could say exactly when they will become real. iKeyMonitor is one of those keyloggers with a creative development team that always take off the most innovative points in the industry, so iKeyMonitor got its updates very fast.

With iKeyMonitor, you will get the access to all the information on the target mobile device. You will be able to read messages and emails with no need to even hold the device in your hands. All you need to do is just to install it on the target phone and then create your personal account on the official website of iKeyMonitor to control all the keylogger actions and reports remotely from any part of the world. If you have no access to the internet, this keylogger will send you a report as soon as it connects to the web.

iKeyMonitor Usage

ikeymonitorThis software is a typical keylogger application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and of course Android. The main advantage of iKeyMonitor is its complete invisibility. It means this software can’t be detected by the owner of the target phone even with some special apps like antivirus. This option should not be taken for granted. There are not so many keyloggers with such high-quality stealth mode available. Once you have installed iKeyMonitor it starts logging all the activity of the device and sends you reports.

These reports can be sent to your email or personal account in different types. You will have remote access to the browsing history, calls, and even messages from top-class messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. Besides, you may also get the info about the multimedia content of the target device. If your kid likes selfies, you will have an opportunity to control them with no need to take his or her phone into your hands.

Also, there is one more helpful option that can even save a life of your family member or friend. It is about GPS location tracking. This feature is one of the most popular among parent who is afraid of kidnapping. iKeyMonitor has such an option. Its GPS tracker works perfectly and accurately. So it will be easy to find your kid or even a stolen phone when this keylogger is installed.

iKeyMonitor can:


  • Invisible Monitoring

Every time the target phone starts, iKeyMonitor will be launched automatically. All the settings will be available as they were set before. You can easily check them online remotely. This keylogger is impossible to be detected by even antivirus software.

  • Calls and Messages

These two points are one of the most important for any keylogger to monitor iKeyMonitor dealt with them perfectly. Any messages such as SMS, MMS, and even chats via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber are available for your view. You may also view the entire calls history with details such as date, duration, number, etc.

  • GPS Location

As we said before, iKeyMonitor can save lives, and this is due to its built-in GPS location tracker. Any time your kid is not at home, you can easily track his or her location in just a few clicks. Also, this feature is extremely helpful in case your phone was stolen.

  • App Blocker

iKeyMonitor can control all the applications on the target phone. If there are any apps that should not be available for your kid, you can easily block them with few simple clicks. Games, calendars, settings, etc.

  • Passwords

If you want to know someone’s password, for example, for his Facebook account, you can easily do it with the help of this cool keylogger. iKeyMonitor will easily track all the keystrokes while a person will enter his password via the monitored device.

  • Logs Via Email

There are few main ways for iKeyMonitor to send logs and via email is one of the most popular. It is easy to view logs on your email than anywhere else.

  • Voice Messages

Besides simple text iKeyMonitor can also record voice messages! This feature is the latest word in keylogger industry, and it is available on the highest level of performance and quality.


So, if you have decided to install this keylogger on the target phone, you will not be disappointed. iKeyMonitor allows its user to have a rich access to messages, apps, and multimedia. You can see all the details of the message and monitor it just remotely from your account. And do not forget about GPS tracking option that would be extremely helpful for your kids’ protection. We recommend iKeyMonitor and wish you get it as soon as it is possible.

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TeenSafe Monitors Your Kid’s Phone Remotely

teensafe-guideWhen we were kids, our parents constantly worried about us when we were not at home on time. Later we got mobile phones, and parents became able to call their kids anywhere and whenever they want. But the newest thing for responsible parents came right from spying movies such as 007. Mobile phone spying application changed our lives forever, and we are going to tell you about one of the best apps on the modern market, TeenSafe.

Its name speaks for itself. TeenSafe is created to make the life of modern parents easier and the life of their kids safer. You can call it as you want, monitor, tracker, logger, spy, bug, etc. This mobile application is a perfect solution for those who want to be aware of every move of their kids, about their browser history to protect them from any inappropriate content. Do you want to know more? Keep reading the whole case below.

Security and privacy

teensafe-privicyFirst of all, you should know that TeenSafe is a product about children, but not for children. So if you are under 18 years old, you can’t use TeenSafe as the company does not sell anything to kids. All the information collected by the app will be available for the phone app user only with no third parties involved in the process. So you can be absolutely calm about any personal data leaking.

All the personal information being monitored and collected by TeenSafe is secure and sacred for the company. When you create an account on the official website of the software, you should provide it with the personal information about you and your kid. The service highly appreciates and respects the trust its users provide it with, and it is clear from the very beginning. You can also read some testimonials from satisfied users of TeenSafe. There are no issues with data safety at all.


icon175x175Modern spying applications have lots of similar options and features. The main deal is about quality and reliability of these features. TeenSafe deals perfectly with all tasks you expect from it. You will get a complete and clear view on the target phone.

The control is performed remotely, and all you need is the Internet connection. Target phone will be monitored even if there is no Wi-Fi. All the logs will be sent to your account after the first phone connection to the Internet.

The main TeenSafe features can be classified as:

  • Text messages

This is a common feature for all the spying applications. But it is useful even these days as kids still use text messaging a lot. You will be able to read SMS, MMS, chats, and e-mails that are received and sent from your kid’s phone.

  • Phone Calls

Another popular feature that is always available even for the simplest monitoring applications. But TeenSafe provides its users with a higher quality of the service and a wider range of information available for the tracking such as number, date, duration, etc.

  • Browser history

To make the Internet safer for your youngest family members, TeenSafe offers a perfect solution for a browser history monitoring. The entire online activity of your children can be tracked by the app and sent to your account.

  • GPS location

It is an absolutely revolutionary feature that spying applications even more useful for parents. Now you are able to check your kid’s location no matter where he or she is at the moment. Kidnapping got one more weapon against it.

  • Apps

There are dozens of various apps on your kid’s phone. Each of them can be easily monitored by TeenSafe.

  • Multimedia

Now you may easily know if your son or daughter shoots only simple selfies or something more. Check out all the photo, video, and audio content on the target phone.

Except these common features TeenSafe also offers few unique options that make this application to stand out.

  • Contacts

All saved contacts on your kid’s phone can be easily monitored.

  • WhatsApp and Kik Messenger

Text Messengers became extremely popular these days. Kids prefer to connect with their friends via such popular programs as WhatsApp and Kik Messenger due to their reliability, popularity, and confidentiality guarantees. TeenSafe is the only way for you to check everything your child is sending and receiving through these text messengers.


teensafeThe main deal about phone spying applications is about invisibility. It may sound too obvious, but not all phone trackers are able to be set to stealth mode. TeenSafe can! The target phone user will never be able to know that he is under your solid and remote control. TeenSafe is invisible even for antivirus applications.

So to start working with this fantastic and very helpful software you should download it from official website (it is highly recommended to go official and to get full version) and download the application. Install it on the target phone and create your personal account with a unique password. The information collected from a target phone will be available in your personal account.

If you have any difficulties with the installation process or overall usage of TeenSafe, you can easily solve any problem with the help of customer support department that is available 24/7. Top-class specialists will answer your questions and assist the entire exploitation of the program. If you have any problems, just contact TeenSafe reps to solve them fast and properly.


Nowadays spying got a little bit different meaning than it was even a few years ago. Today it means safety and awareness. In some cases, such tools as TeenSafe can even save lives. If you are afraid you kid can be kidnapped, install TeenSafe and use its accurate and reliable GPS location tracker.

If you are worried about inappropriate, adult, and violent content your kid can face online, install TeenSafe and use its browser monitoring option. Life is not as simple as it gets, but TeenSafe will make it much clearer and safe for sure.

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Review of The Family Orbit Locator

unnamedThe Family Orbit locator software is a phone locator application that allows users of the program to track loved ones in real time through the features of the application. The user simply chooses loved ones to track and then sees exactly where that person is located on an interactive map 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Parents who are concerned about the whereabouts of the kids can know immediately where the child is located, that the child is safe, and if the child is adhering to the preset boundaries the parents have established.

Essentially, this locator software promises peace of mind for parents while allowing children some freedom, all while they are still being monitored to ensure adherence to parental boundaries and to ascertain their personal safety. The application also helps to ensure the safety of children at all times. Thus, the locator software provides parents with greater control and therefore empowers them; they are given a tool to ensure the safety of those they love.

The locator software is a network shared by members that everyone can keep in touch with, share photos with, and the locator application lets everyone know exactly where all other network members are located at all times.
family app

What are the Features of the Phone Locator Family Orbit Program?

The features of the phone locator program are rather impressive. They prove informative to parents by providing real-time information by simply tracking phones through existing satellites and cell towers. These features allow the parents to locate other members immediately, no matter where they stop or stay, and to make sure they are where they are supposed to be at that time.


  • The phone locator program has the ability to provide a full location history and keeps a log of the child’s locations so a parent can actually know every stop a child makes between home and various destinations.
  • The application allows parents to test the veracity of a child to ensure the child tells the truth about their whereabouts.
  • Parents can easily monitor a child who is away from home with the phone locator program from a distance and ease any anxiety they may have about where the child is spending time; a parent can be secure in knowing they have an extra set of digital eyes on a child.
  • For parents who have teen drivers, the over speed alert feature in the program is much appreciated and loved. With this feature, parents can find out when a child is driving past the speed limit and therefore can ensure that they track child safety driving practices. Should a child go over speed limit somewhere, it is at that time a parent receives notification via mobile phone from the phone locator application. By being notified, the phone locator application allows the parents to take proper disciplinary action to ensure the safety of their driving teens.
  • The phone locator program also allows parents to track the address book on a device. This means a parent can track the people a child is contacting and who they are interacting with via the mobile phone device. Simultaneously, the parents are assured that the child is not abusing the cell phone privilege. In the same vein, parents can monitor the child calendar events.
  • The phone locator program with Family Orbit also allows you to track the data the child is using and this helps you budget the bandwidth and your monthly bill. The feature ensures that your premium does not get out of control.
  • The phone locator program allows you to set up virtual Geofences. The Geofences that you create are boundaries for your children and should they cross them you are immediately notified.
  • An exceptional feature of the program is the panic alert, which allows a child to indicate they are in an emergency situation and in need of immediate assistance. A single tap of a button sets off the panic alert to all members of the network with information about the location of the person who is in need of assistance.
  • The pickup feature of phone locator app is another cool option that allows a child to find out what loved ones are nearby if they need to be picked up from a location. This feature makes carpooling and pickups far more convenient.
  • Chat solutions are part of the phone locator program that allows each member the family to send one-on-one messages to each other or families can engage in group messaging. Clearly, the phone locator software serves to bring families closer and helps to keep loved ones connected.
  • The phone locator app allows you to start a free account where you can track three lines. A premium account allows you to track up to 10 lines.


  • Certain features only work on Android operating devices.

Family Orbit Compatibility: Will the Phone Locator Program Work for You?


Family Orbit is compatible with Android devices provided they have the operating system of 4.0 or greater. The application is also compatible with Apple devices provided it is fitted with the iOS 7.0 or above. Location services have to be enabled in order for the program to work on any device.

The phone must have an Internet connection in order to track the device or access to Wi-Fi must be enabled. Otherwise, mobile data is necessary for the family tracking software to work.

Additional Phone Locator Perks

The Family Orbit program uses very little battery power so it puts little strain on a device. When not in use, the family locator program goes directly into sleep mode so it will not drain the battery. When it is necessary to use it, the application will automatically wake up.

Children and parents are given different rights in the account to assess specific information. This is done to prevent tampering of the program. Children will be given the ability to send parents check-ins, send out panic alerts, and to send out pickup requests. Kids can also send family photos, message family members, view any geo-fence notifications that have been established, and can identify the current location of their parents with the application.

What a child account is incapable of doing is turning off any of the photo monitoring that comes with the application, and they cannot turn off any contacts monitoring. Kids cannot see the photos of other family members, the address book belonging to other family members or the location history of any other family member. Kids are not capable of deleting their account, establishing speed alerts, or setting up virtual Geofences.

When using the Family Orbit phone locator program, parents have a lot more rights than children because they manage the application. Parents handle privacy and exclusive rights to the settings on the family account. Parents have the options of going invisible and ceasing any sharing with family members on a temporary basis and they have full control of the child account. Parents get access to a dashboard that allows them to control many of the features of the Family Orbit program.

Cost of the Family Orbit Family Locator Phone Program

family-orbitAt this time, there are two family phone plans for payment of the family locator phone program. The basic plan is free and allows for you to track up to three members. The application allows for tracking on a real-time map, request pickups, panic alerts, check ins and you can set up to three geo-fences of virtual areas.

Parents can also set speeding alerts, view device information, monitor third-party applications on an Android operated phone only, and view photo albums with up to 100 MB of space for pictures.

With the premium family plan parents can open, there is a low cost of $4.95 per month, you can track up to 10 family members. The premium plan includes everything you get in the basic plan along with the ability to monitor photos that children click on, and to monitor contacts and a child’s calendar.

You can view the data bandwidth usage of a cell device and you can monitor text messages and phone calls on Android operated devices only. The premium plan supplies you with 30 days of location history and 5 GB of cloud space for photographs and sharing.

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Highster Mobile Phone Spy App Review


Why Are Parents Turning to a Product Like Highster Mobile Phone Software?

Peace of mind… it is something every parent craves when worried about a child and what child might be doing without the parent’s knowledge. Kids are inexperienced and lack the insight and foresight to see how some of their behaviors might put them in a dangerous situation; this is particularly true with the child is abusing the right to use a cell phone.

Today, with technology changing and evolving at the speed of light, it is imperative that the modern parent becomes technology-savvy and that they make use of resources that can help prevent a child from inadvertently stepping into a harmful situation.

The Internet is not a safe place for kids, but many teens access it every day. While it is a great source for seeking out information and it brings people together with the greatest of ease, the Internet is also a place where it is all too easy to find predatory behavior and bullying.

The Highster mobile application is something that works on both Android and iPhone devices and it serves as a tool parents can add to their existing arsenal of resources they put to use in keeping a child safe from harm.

Peace of mind….it’s what a program like Highster mobile phone spy delivers.

It is hard not to be impressed when one views all that the Highster Mobile Phone software program can do in the way of stealth surveillance. The program promises a full suite of remarkable features, all of which serve to return full control of a child’s actions. With Highster mobile, parents can relax a bit, knowing they have all the knowledge needed to keep a child out of dangerous situations. Here are just some of the advantages the Highster mobile program delivers:


  • Amazingly easy to use Highster control panel: Every user of the Highster mobile phone software is provided with a free account. The user establishes a User ID and password to gain access to the control panel. Whenever information is tracked on the phone, it uploads to Highster’s It is then sent right to the user’s account for review via a remote computer or laptop. Not even Highster’s staff looks at the material as it is considered for “the user’s eyes only.”
  • Block websites and third party apps: Parents now can control what the child views on the Web from the mobile phone and Highster gives control over third party apps as well. The power goes back into the hands of the parent in terms of controlling the content a child views.
  • Secretive children or kids who don’t like sharing details about their activities with parents can hide little when the Highster mobile phone application is installed onto a target device: A parent can see phone logs, who calls, the duration of the call, the child’s calendar, and the child’s contact list on the cell phone.
  • GPS locating details via the Highster mobile phone control panel: A parent will know if a child is where they say they will be and can track the device within 50 feet of an actual residence or location.
  • Parents can track new, old, and even deleted texts, SMS messages, and emails. The Highster mobile app tracks chat sessions from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The mobile phone spy solution retains photos, videos, and parents can uninstall the app anytime from a remote location.


The Highster mobile phone program, while quite affordable at $29.99 a month, it is still not free, and some parents may find the price a deterrent. The mobile phone app Highster works with Android cell devices and iPhones. There is a non-jail breaking version one can install on a compatible iPhone or iPad tablet, however, the non-jailbreaking option causes the loss of tracking information related to the popular social messenger tools.

The jailbroken version of the program will deliver on all features in the feature list. Likewise, you do not have to root a device with an Android operating system to avail yourself of all features; otherwise, an unrooted device may not track some of the social media messaging options. Highster is an app fully compatible with all cellular providers. The various programs are compatible with different cell phones as well, and you will need the correct operating system to start using the apps.

Introducing the Highster Mobile Phone App Control Panel

highster-mobileThe control panel of the Highster program is impeccably designed. The board is unobtrusive, free of confusion, and easy to navigate. You will find it completely user-friendly. Once you log into the secure area, you will see a column running down the left side of the computer screen: This is the main menu from where you will access all information.

The Dashboard takes up the rest of the screen where you will see several different colored boxes running from left to right. Each box is labeled, and inside the box, you will see a number that indicates how many records or files you have available for review. The menu clearly lists the different information you can access, and you will find some tools for additional controls.

The dashboard presents GPS location tracking details along with a Google Map, and the program can track a target mobile phone within 50 feet of an actual location or address. Next to any GPS information, the user who is monitoring a device can view photos and videos instantly.

The menu clearly separates device logs and communication logs. Under the types of communications logs, the user will discover tracking information on Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and similar programs: Both text and images are logged for review. Beneath the device logs, the user will discover a list of logged information including calls, SMS, Calendar, Email, Contacts, Browser history, GPS logs, and GPS tracking details. You can also handle third-party applications via the Highster mobile phone control panel.


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